Contribute to building the Galileo Website & Brand!

Hi there Lions!!

As most of you know, we are re-building our school’s main website! We will be reorganizing, restructuring, and redesigning the entire website and would like some feedback from you- the Galileo community!

Anyone can take the survey and leave comments about how you think the website should look and what our brand should feel like.

Keep in mind that we are not changing our brand, only REBRANDING. It’ll be the same information with a slightly different design, like when Coca Cola changes the logo graphics on their soda cans.

Our website will focus on:

-Galileo, the philosopher and physicist: our namesake, who studied Earth & the galaxy

-Eppur Si Mouve aka “And yet it moves”: our motto, attributed to Galileo after he was forced to recant his claims that Earth moves around the Sun in 1633 (he ended up being right, as we now know! And yet it moves!)

-Lions: our school mascot, a symbol of strength & power


Here is the link to the Google Form that you can fill out. Please complete the form before October 1st, as we would like to launch our new website (with our fresh brand) as soon as possible. All feedback and answers will be put into consideration before we launch the new site.

Galileo Website Poll:

Thank you and have a great day!