2016-2017 Assembly Special Schedule

Galileo Academy Assembly 2016-17



                                   1°                         8:00am        –      8:50am

                                   2°                         8:55am        –      9:45am

                                   3°                         9:50am        –      10:40am

                      Assembly A or 4°             10:45am      –      11:35am

                      Assembly B or 4°             11:40am      –      12:30pm

Lunch                      12:30pm      –      1:15pm

5°                         1:20pm        –      2:10pm

6°                         2:15pm        –      3:10pm



  • All students must report to their 4th period classroom. All students must be escorted to the auditorium by their 4th period teacher.
  • Teachers should take attendance as usual. All students performing in the assembly should be marked present for their 4th
  • Please see attached diagram for class seating assignments.
  • Students displaying inappropriate behavior will be escorted to the Deans’ Office.