2012 Galileo Web Photo Contest

Are you a photographer?  Or just like taking cool pictures? Enter the Galileo Web 2008 photo contest!

Official Rules:

  • Pictures must be black and white, in JPG format.
  • Dimensions are 380 x 250 pixels, landscape format.
  • No identifiable individuals should be shown.
  • Present a positive image of Galileo that we can all be proud of.

Winners will have their work, and photo credit, featured on the school’s web site.  With over 10,000 views per week, this is a great way to get your skills and talent noticed.  The top three photographers will also win a glass Galileo mug from the ASB.

This contest is open to Galileo students and staff only. Email your entry (with photo file attached) to: photocontest email

Deadline: Thursday, October 30