Opening Day Bell Schedule

Monday, August 21st

Homeroom Teachers will hand out student schedules.

8:00-8:30 — Homeroom

9:35-10:30 — 1st period

10:35-11:30 — 2nd period

11:35-12:30 — 4th period

12:30-1:10 — Lunch

1:15-2:10 — 5th period

2:15-3:10 — 6th period

Beginning Tuesday, August 22nd, Galileo will be on regular bell schedule.



Pep Rallies Coming Up!

Each Friday at the start of Fall semester (when the weather is nice out), there will be a Pep Rally. These Rallies will be for points in the class-of-the-year competition.

Watch this spot for announcements of the games that will take place at upcoming Pep Rallies.

Senior Portraits & School Photos

Galileo Seniors (class of 2018) can have their Senior Portraits taken from August 21st to August 25th, from 3 pm to 8 pm, in the Galileo Auditorium.

Seniors should have received a letter in the summer with a scheduled appointment. If you did not get this letter, or if you need to switch your appointment, see the photographer’s staff after school Monday in the Auditorium. You want to look good in the Yearbook!

School Photos for all other students will be taken on Wednesday and Thursday, August 30th & 31st. You will be taken for photos during your P.E. class, U.S. or 10th and 11th grade Social Studies classes.




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