Pep Rallies/Class of the Year

Friday, September 7th, at lunchtime in the courtyard, is the first Pep Rally for Galileo’s new school year.

Each Pep Rally is part of the Class of the Year competition. Whether we’re playing Musical Chairs or Balloon Race, you’re representing your class. Who will take the early lead? Freshmen? Sophomores? Juniors? Seniors?

There will also be Pep Rallies on subsequent Fridays: 9/14, 9/21. 9/28, 10/5.

Note to Freshmen: If you want to meet more classmates in Galileo’s c/o 2022, and especially if you’re interested in running for student office or being involved with the Freshmen Pep Club, make sure you come to the courtyard and actively participate in the Pep Rallies. You’ll have fun!