Weekly Bulletin – August 20 – 24, 2018



Weekly Bulletin

AUGUST 20 – 24,2018






Monday, August 20, 2018  

Homeroom 8:00 –  8:30

1°                       8:35 –        9:30

2°                       9:35 –       10:30

3°                       10:35 –     11:30

                      11:35 –     12:30

LUNCH               12:30 –        1:10

5°                       1:15 –           2:10

6°                        2:15 –          3:10







To greet hospitably and with courtesy or cordiality;  to accept with pleasure the occurrence or presence of. GALILEO WELCOMES ALL INCOMING 9TH GRADE STUDENTS; ALL NEW AND RETURNING 10TH, 11TH, AND 12TH GRADE STUDENTS, AND ALL NEW FACULTY AS WELL AS ALL RETURNING FACULTY!!  HERE’S TO A GREAT SCHOOL YEAR!!



SCHOOL ACCOUNTANT’S FIRST DAY FOR FALL 2018 SEMESTER:  The first day of school will be on 8/20/18, and the accountant will come on 8/23/18 (Thursday). She is located in one of the offices in Room 206.

**EMAIL ADDRESS FOR BULLETIN NOTICES:  Please email bulletin notices to: grinnelle1@sfusd.edu. The deadline for submitting items for the bulletin is Friday morning by 8:30am. Mrs. Grinnell

SUBSTITUTE SYSTEM:  The Substitute System’s phone number: 415-345-0064.   The on-line system remains the same.  If you have any questions please let me know.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE CONTRIBUTION:  The Social Committee provides breakfast for our days before school, as well as special celebrations throughout the school year, including HALLOWEEN, WINTER BREAK AND VANELTINE’S DAY AND RETIREMENT GIFTS FOR THOSE RETIRING AT THE END OF THE YEAR.  The contribution is $25.00 per year and helps with the costs of these celebrations.  Check or cash is fine. Please see Bettie Grinnell in the Main Office.     Social Committee

PARKING COURTESY:  Please do not block other cars in both the Bay Street and the Polk Street parking lots.  If you have to block a car, do it only for a few minutes and leave your Galileo Parking Hanger in plain sight in your car.  If you do not have a Galileo Parking Hanger, see Bettie Grinnell in the Main Office. ALSO PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NO MORE PARKING ON FRANCISCO STREET BY THE FLAG POLE.  CURRENTLY WE HAVE ALSO BEEN TOLD NOT TO PARK ON THE SIDE OF THE BUILDING ON FRANCISCO STREET AS THIS BREAKS THE LAW OF “NO DRIVING ON SIDEWALKS.”  Further information may be forthcoming.    Mrs. Grinnell


COFFEE AND COOKIES: Support Special Education by purchasing a cup of fresh roasted coffee $1.25 and cookies $.25. Available daily 7:45am all year long in either room 214 or 212. (alternating bi-weekly)

If you would like to use our delivery service please call x3214 or x3212.

Thanks!! Ms. Meghan & Ms.Nobello


TEACHER LOCATOR:  The Current Teacher Locator is now posted on the Galileo Website.  Check the Staff Support Area on the website. This document will be updated as changes occur.


STAFF PHONE DIRECTORY:  The current Staff Phone Directory is now posted on the Galileo website in the Staff Support Area.  There are 2 versions which you can print out–legal size and letter size. This document will be updated as needed.


TEACHER VOICEMAIL:  It is important for parents to contact their students’ teachers.  If you have not set up your email, please see me and I can help facilitate this.  It is important for parents to be able to contact their child’s teachers. It takes 2-3 minutes and we can do it at my desk.


TEACHER EMERGENCY CARDS:  Hi All– It is so important that we have current information on your emergency card about who to contact in an emergency.  With so many new staff this year it has been challenging to reach out to everyone. If I did not give you an emergency card to complete, please see me.  Thanks! Bettie Grinnell





Welcome Assembly – Friday, August 31, 2018 during a double 4°.


Club Day – Friday, August 31, during lunch in the Courtyard.


Spirit Week:  October 9 – 12, 2018.


Song & Yell Contest – Friday, October 12, 2018 during a special    schedule on the Athletic Field.


Homecoming Dance:  Saturday, October 13, 2018.


Pep Rallies:  During lunch in the Courtyard

Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday, Sepbember 28, 2018

Friday, October 5, 2018


Octoberfest Food Festival  Friday,October 19, in the Courtyard


Halloween Costume Contest Wednesday, October 31 in the Courtyard

Harvest Food Festival:  Friday, November 16, in the Courtyard