For an Excused Absence…

Excused absences are only for the following reasons:
  • Doctor / Dentist appointment
  • Quarantine under direction of a county or city health officer
  • Jury Duty (18 year olds)
  • Approved participation in a school co-curricular activity
  • Religious Instruction for NO MORE THAN 4 DAYS PER MONTH, and no more than 60 minutes on a single day once a week.
  • Court Appearance
  • Student is in Juvenile Hall, or other shelter care, or other custodial facilities.
  • Appointments with Attorney, Law Enforcement Officers, and Probation Officers
  • Appointment with Immigration / Passport Office (including translating for parents)
  • Attending Employment or Educational Conference or visiting a College / University
  • Request made in writing by Parent / Guardian and approved in advance by Principal
  • Justifiable personal or family emergency ( i.e. illness of parent / immediate family)
Hanging out with friends/cutting class is NOT excusable.
The absence form can be found at the bottom of the page, at the dean’s/attendance office, and at the counseling office.
Students can fill out the form before absence, or even after they were absent and when they return.
Teachers will still mark students absent when they are absent. Ms. Miranda will go update the attendance to excused when she has the chance. It may take some time to get the attendance updated.