Instagram Freshmen Orientation — #GalileoPurple

Are you a Social Media Influencer? Do you take good photos?

Post your best Galileo Freshmen Orientation 2018 photos to Instagram with hashtag #GalileoPurple. You could win a Jamba Juice Gift Card.

We are looking for active pictures. Photos of people posing for pictures are boring. Show us images of Galileo’s Class of 2022 exploring the school, experiencing the school, and enjoying the school. And if someone has mustard dripping down their chin at the Freshmen Orientation BBQ lunch, that’s probably a fun picture to share!

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Freshmen Orientation 8/17/18

Freshmen Orientation will take place at Galileo on Friday, August 17th, 2018. Freshmen and their families are welcome.

There will be an assembly where the Principal and Counselors will present information about Galileo, followed by tours of the school, and then a barbecue lunch. It will be an opportunity for freshmen to meet other freshmen coming into Galileo, while they also learn where things are located (the gyms, the attendance office, counseling, computer labs, etc.). It’s also a chance for parents to become acquainted with Galileo and familiar with the Galileo staff.