Leadership Team Meeting Minutes – March 22, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:05am.


I.          Budget

–Katie distributed the most current budget sheet.  This consists of input from this group and the SSC.

–The district is adding to the librarian position and the nurse.  We are cutting .5 para position and .2 clerical.  We are moving .4 from the TSA to ELD.  We are cutting .6 from AVID and moving it to English.  English we are cutting .8, offset by .6 AVID and .2 Journalism. College Career/Health—cut .4, move .2 to Social Studies and only 9th graders.  PE is cut 1.4., offset by .4 TSA. We are cutting IT prep.  We are cutting .4 from ELD. Math—no change.  Peer Resource no change. Science—additional sections, no ASB prep, $2K stipend, additional students.  Social Studies add .2 from CC/Health.  VAPA—cut.4 fewer students (A-G). World Language–no change.  Yearbook/Journalism combined class.

–We will be keeping drama.

–3.6 % cut in Certificated classroom positions.

–Katie discussed operating costs.  We have a total operating budget of $142,293.00 for the coming year.  Last year we had $263,105 from the WSF.

–We are getting a 6.9% cut, but only a 3.6 certificated classroom cut.  We have an 8.8% cut in classified positions.

–Ethan asked about PE credit for sports.  Next year students will not get credit.  He also asked about the 138 students that have to take PE because they did not pass the content standards.  Marcus mentioned the administration has discussed having an after school program for these students.

–Ben mentioned that some of these students were involved in academies and other programs and relied on sports credit for PE to complete their requirements.

–Marcus said we are out of compliance with this and we are not supposed to do this.

–Ethan has to test these students and if they do not pass, then they have to take PE.

–Those certificated cuts—teachers are entitled to a 1.0 position in the district.

–Ethan asked about ROTC.  There will be 1 position, and we pay .5.  If outside funding happens, then we may have 2 positions.  Leo is working on his PE credential.  We are planning for 150 students in ROTC.

–Ethan asked about enrollment numbers for ROTC in all grades.  He asked if students are arbitrarily placed in ROTC and then they can opt out.

–Katie said a lot of these numbers will change in the fall.

–Ethan talked about the fact that periods 5 and 6 are heavy in PE and the morning classes are lighter.  We need to balance the classes.  1st period and 6th period classes have the most students.


–Patrick questioned cutting .2 from social studies and cutting 1 .4 from PE.

–Marcus said the PE classes are small.  Ethan said the class size should be 37.  Marcus said 37 is an average number for class sizes.

–Katie said there were cuts all over the place.

–Stan said the members of the SSC refused last night to sign off on the budget.  It was submitted and will have a letter stating objections to being cut this year.  Out of 17 high schools in SF, our funding is 15th.

–Patrick said the letter is currently being drafted and this group will get a copy of it.

–Marcus said this is not an easy process and he thanked everyone for their input and participation.  He thanked Katie for her hard work.  Jonathan Ring and Mele did an excellent job as well.


II.         Vending Machines

–Katie has been approached by a company to put in vending machines at Galileo stocked with healthy foods.  Wallenberg, Mission and Gateway have them.

–We would get money for them—50-50.

–We can decide where the vending machines are placed.

–Last time we had them they were located in ROTC and kids were cutting classes and hanging out there.

–Joseph mentioned the history of having a Coke machine in the Band Room and all the problems that came with it.

–Ray mentioned that vending machines are quicker than leaving campus.

–Marcus felt that if we do it, we should do it ourselves and keep all the money.

–Ben felt the students should initiate the project.


III.       Student Activity Dates

–Katie emailed this to everyone and she got some appreciation.

–Nancy said April 13th is Frisco Day for Seniors re: college.

–ASB assembly will be Thursday 4/12.

–Joseph suggested having a regular 1-6 schedule and having a double 4th or double 6th.

–Michelle suggested the assembly on Monday prior to STAR testing.  STAR testing always starts on a Tuesday.

–Katie asked if we could do the voting during the periods in the afternoon after the morning STAR tests.  Everyone agreed.

–Assembly is Monday April 16th for ASB elections.


IV.        Open House

–Counseling Office has sent information out to prospective students saying it is April 25th.  Incoming 9th graders have been given this date.

–Joseph wanted to have it the same evening as the Spring Concert.

–Registration for incoming 9th graders was arbitrarily moved up a week.  Nancy said the notice from the district was late.

–Joseph would like to coordinate these two events in the future.


V.         Staff Appreciation

–Thursday, May 3rd is the date Gayline is proposing.  It will be the Faculty Meeting time—switched from Wednesday to Thursday.  Wednesday will be for department meetings.


VI.        Master Schedule Update

–Nancy told the group that the counselors are now inputting the information that the teachers have sent.  We should be able to figure out how many sections for each course the week after Spring Break.  They are trying to do some comparison data.

–She mentioned that there will be some blanks in student schedules in the beginning—mostly to show the district we need a lot of help.

–Marcus said we will not double up on science classes to see what we are working with and to show the district the bare bones schedules.

–Nancy said some of the schedules for juniors and seniors would only have 4 classes.  Joseph asked how they could graduate if they could not have a full schedule.

–This is a long process and we will see what the bare bones looks like.  Hopefully the district will release more funds and we can expand.

–9th graders for the fall are registering now until April 13th.  The district has put in 532 9th graders.  That means more money for us as originally we were projected at 450 students.  The counseling office will call those who have not come to register.  They will also do some outreach.  That would mean $4,279.00 per student.  That would mean over $400,000 more money.

–Patrick asked about the demographics.  Tony said 49% Chinese, 25% Latino and all other ethnicities were not higher than 10%.

–The real $$ amount comes after the 10 day count.


–Nancy said there are also upper class students who do not return in the fall.

–Michelle asked about the singleton/doubleton meeting—April 12th is the target date.

–Lauren will take over Nancy’s position in the Counseling Office while Nancy is on maternity leave and Tony will be helping with the Master Schedule.


VII.      Copy Machines in 307

–Denise talked of an experience she had several weeks ago and she talked about a project where someone copied a book—23 originals, 55 copies.

–Please remind your department members to use the Riso for large volumes.

–The Xerox machine in 307 is broken.

–We are trying to keep students out of copy machines.

–Marcus asked about codes for each person.  Joseph mentioned that teachers would give their codes to their students.

–Large printing jobs can be sent to the district office now, but that won’t happen next year.

–Marti mentioned in the past each department head talked to the teachers in their department who make lots of copies.

–Ben suggested that unattended big jobs be seized and brought to the main office for pick-up.


VIII.     School Safety Concerns

–Denise mentioned that we have no School Crossing Signs by our school.  There

Should be on every corner.  We will put in a work order.


IX.        Star Testing Procedures

–Marti wanted to make sure that everybody knows what they are to do as far as picking up, dropping off, etc.  All ducks should be in a row.  Vicki did it for the last 15 years.  She would like to see everything spelled out way ahead of time.

–Tony did the STAR testing for 2 years at Aptos.  The first faculty meeting after Spring Break we will go over the procedures.

–Tony will try to replicate as much as possible what has been done in the past.

–Our usual substitutes will be on hand to help.

–We will use Room 253 for the headquarters.

–The group asked for the bell schedule for STAR test.

–Denise brought up the fact that teachers who are assigned as support should be ready to relive the regular teachers.

–Marti asked to be somewhat free so she can handle the problems with Math department encounters during the testing.

–Kathleen said it is important for teachers to read the directions, as they are different every year.

–Marti suggested an information session just prior to the STAR testing so everyone has all the information.

–Denise said it is important to follow the script that comes with the test.

–Karin talked about the Chinese Immersion schedule.

–Mat suggested the relief schedule be kept within the department.

–Katie suggested that teachers be assigned as a team to give the test and do a 50-50 job.


IX.        Common Formative Assessments

–Marcus said he hoped everyone was almost done with this. April 23rd is the target date.  This will be department time.

–Tony said the most recent CLA’s are now in Data Director.

–Ray talked about the problem when the pre-slugged answer sheets are not ready for the students.


Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.



Leadership Team Meeting Minutes – March 13, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





A note from Principal Blacksher:


The minutes below reflect our leadership team’s grappling with extraordinary budgetary challenges. All of us – administrators and education staff – are acting with transparency and collaboration. At times, conversations can become difficult. Difficult conversations are sometimes necessary and sometimes useful. However, reported only through meeting minutes, misinterpretations and misrepresentations can occur. I urge you to read carefully, react with patience and understanding, and ask for clarification of anything reported in our minutes. We are all in this together. 




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


Nancy reminded the group to turn in spreadsheets by Thursday on where the students chose to go to classes.

–David said he has a separate spreadsheet for each teacher.  Can he put each teacher on a separate sheet?  Nancy said take more time and put them all on one sheet.


Leadership Team


I.          Budget

–Marcus distributed a new budget sheet.  They took supplies away and put in another FTE.  The actual costs are not on the sheet.  The average teacher salary went down and it reflected on this sheet.  We can add back a librarian, no change, the paras, TSA,  and they took out the counselor.

–Avid is cut from 8-5 sections, ELD cut of 1, English cut  2 with one going back in, so a cut of 1, PE, cut of 2, VAPA,

World Language cut .6.  ROTC stays at a .5.

–Patrick asked how the Army will do with 1 ROTC instructor.  Marcus said unless the SSC thinks otherwise, we will do this and probably go back on probation with only 1 instructor.

–Patrick asked if this a proposal or talking points.  Marcus said these are talking points.  The budget is due March 23rd.


A.         English

–Michele mentioned the 24% of seniors ready for college.  She mentioned the API scores—37% comes from English.  She asked why we would cut this important department.

–Marcus said one of our focuses is on literacy and restoring the librarian meets this.

–Michelle mentioned the larger class sizes will have an impact on learning and the scores.

–Patrick said we have many more electives than other high schools.  He discussed the scores.  He mentioned the size of the Math department and the fact that the lower level class sizes are kept small.


–Katie said Science has an average class size that is higher than both English and Math.

–Many of the elective Math classes bring us money with the AP classes.

–Michelle said Science has larger class sizes as students are allowed to double up and this affects the statistics.


Marti said pre-calculus is being offered throughout the district.  Doubling up is not allowed in Math classes for next year. This affects about 40 students. Marti said there are students that need a 4th year Math class.

–David said many of our kids are college bound and it is more challenging today to get into college.  Many students come here for what we have to offer to make a difference in special courses we offer.

–Patrick asked if we could handle the number of students who need Health?  We offer it in 9th now, but some 10th and 11th, next year 11th and 12th will need to take it.  The 12th graders will have to take it on cyber high.

–Patrick asked about clerical staffing.  He asked this of Katie.  She said that given Lauren’s remarks at the last meeting this was not considered.  Cutting an hour per clerical position would be a larger reduction than 6.5%.

–Patrick asked if we could continue to look at this in a dollar amount and then decide how much to reduce clerical and IT support personnel.

–Patrick asked about discretionary funds and Marcus said they are still discretionary.  Patrick said at other schools these booster funds from parents are  put into supplies.


–Michelle said she is not comfortable with the Librarian being part of English. Marcus said literacy is one of our priorities.  Literacy should be taught through all the content areas.  The Librarian will work with all departments.

–Kathleen asked if all the teachers from Newcomer have been placed. Marcus was not sure.


–Joseph felt that classroom teachers put in more hours than the counselors.  He said that teachers work on the weekends.  Counselors justified Bounmy for helping them with all the various tasks.  Perhaps the counselors should stay after school to do this work and come in on the weekends.


–Lauren said counselors do not take a prep, they work on the weekends.  Lauren said she stays until 4, 4:30 or 5 and she takes work home for letters of recommendations.


–Stan said the district’s idea about this budget is divisive for the school.  Why can’t we tell the district we won’t accept this and ask them to use their reserve? He said we would tell the district it is unreasonable to take a 7.5% cut when the district has a big pool of money.

–Marcus said he must turn in a budget by March 23rd.


–Patrick said that we need to have our strength of community.  He feels the rainy day fund will be released.  We should cut to the bone on supplies—0 like GWHS has done for the last several years.  The budget will come back to us.

–Patrick said he supports what Bounmy does but we are fat on secretarial staff.  Lincoln has the same amount of clerical as we do.  Washington has the same amount of clerical as Galileo and they have more students.  Patrick would like to see the cuts across the board.


Ethan said PE has 137 students who did not pass the Physical Fitness Exam and they must take PE all 4 years.  We are the only school in the district that gives PE credit for athletics—this is to make sure class sizes are lower.  Now the PE department will not sign off on this. He mentioned ROTC and now it is an elective class while PE is Core curriculum.  Only PE credits can be given for ROTC if the instructor has a PE credential.  He sees class sizes of 55 with only 4 PE teachers.

He also mentioned 9th and 10th grade curriculum for PE.  Will the 9th and 10th grade classes be combined?


–Marcus said if his figures were right, we might have to add 2 more PE teachers to make sure all students are covered.

–Patrick said we should leave it like it is and then we are OK in the fall.  Ethan is worried that teachers we want would be consolidated and would go elsewhere and not want to come back if more money comes our way.


–Michelle wanted to know about electives in English.  She also asked if they could forgo the electives to reduce class sizes.


–Kathleen is worried about losing competent teachers and picking up teachers who do not speak English well.


Ethan said the administration has done an outstanding job of hiring new teachers that are a good fit for the culture and climate of the school.  He mentioned the test scores, and he also mentioned the Superintendent’s Zone.  We have raised our API scores.  Why are we not being protected?  He felt we should be projected and this should be put to the Central Office.


Karin asked what would happen if we submit a budget that is not balanced.  We have never done it.  Marcus said we have to turning a balanced budget and we cannot protect anyone. We can have a priority list if we get more funds.


–Denise talked about a similar situation that happened last year, although not with as many cuts. We want to teach and to teach well.  Marcus said the administrators do advocate as well.


–Lauren said with AVID they take from the academic middle—2.5-3.3 students.  AVID ups the AP funds with their students.  AA, AI and Pacific Islander are higher percentage in AVID then the general population.


Joseph wanted to know about the cuts—are these based on seniority?  He said VPA has a 1-year requirement.  PE has a 2-year requirement.  How can we meet the requirements with the same number of sections?

–Michelle said if we cut AVID, we should be looking for professional development for English teachers to include those methodologies in their English classes.


Next steps:  UBC meeting after school today, SSC meeting tomorrow.  Marcus is not sure what to do with the PE situation.


–Patrick asked for another version of the “Talking Points” with a change in PE by the end of the day.  The administration said,” Yes.”


–Jessica suggested taking names off comments from the minutes.

–Patrick suggested a header from Marcus at the top of the minutes saying these are challenging times.


Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.


Leadership Team Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


Leadership Team


I.            Budget


–Marcus said we would give everyone 4 minutes to provide their feedback.  Everyone will be on a timer.  Then we will send Bettie’s notes to the SSC so they can read this.

–Ethan asked for the process.  The Leadership Team’s feedback will be given to the SSC.  Ethan asked if the Leadership Tem would make a presentation to the SSC.  Marcus said the SSC will get the information from these notes.

–Patrick asked if we were taking a vote on our information.  Marcus and Katie indicated they have the budget sheets and the feedback from this Leadership Team meeting.

–Patrick asked if the administration was endorsing this proposal.  The answer is no.  Marcus said they listed all the scenarios on the budget sheets.

–Patrick asked if the Yearbook and Journalism classes would go to after school activities.

–Tony said they cut everything except what students need to graduate—A-G requirements.

–Ben asked if there are some items we could all agree on prior to each department’s thoughts.

–Time reduced to 3 minutes per department.


A.  Math

–Re: counselors—since parents were not aware of this—we have managed without them, so let’s continue this way.  Re:  Journalism and Yearbook—let’s do after school.  Re:  ROTC—if we discontinued this program, could we put them into PE.  Marti said she doesn’t know enough about the politics.


B.  Lauren

–Para—to take away a para would be detrimental to the Counseling Office.; His duties include:  textbook collection/data; testing prep for AP, STAR, EAP, CELDT, CAHSEE (5XS), and all make-up tests.  He does all the cum folders, speaks 3 languages (Cantonese, Lao, Thai), answers the phone, fixes the copy machines does photocopying, helps with registration for incoming families and reclassifications for ELD.  Testing cannot continue in the counseling office if he is cut.  He is willing to take on more duties.

–Counseling cannot make a decision on cutting a para for a college counselor.

–AVID—why is this  program being cut when it is the only program to support students meet the A-G requirements.

–95% of AVID seniors graduate A-G and go to a 4-year college.  50% of senior class goes to a 4-year college .

–AVID 9 does not cost the school additional funds, as they would be taking Health Ed and College and Career. Now they do it on cyber high.  She can cut AVID 10 to one section.

–Lauren’s Case loads would be redesigned if AVID is cut.


C.  World Languages

–Denise said they would like to have a teacher for teaching in the classroom rather than an extra counselor.  They are concerned about testing native speakers.  They are concerned about students testing out.  They do not want to lose teachers.



–Wants the para position kept on rather than another counselor.

–He wants to support Ethan and PE and have the military stop dominating the situation.  He feels it is a wash whether we keep an ROTC teacher or a PE teacher.  He feels a fully credentialed PE teacher will be better than a special credential for the ROTC teacher.

–In the budget scenarios he does not like all the notes that say “No Change.”  He feels it should be all across the board.  Marcus said that Janet Schulze said that there will be no cuts in administrators.  Joseph felt that everyone should be cut equally.


E.  PE

–Ethan has always supported to ROTC program.  But, with 2 FTE cuts in PE it does not seem right. PE is a core curriculum course and 2 years are required for graduation.  ROTC is now an elective and PE credits are given in an Independent Study Program.  Sports team players also get Independent Study in PE for playing sports.

–His department said that class size would be increased if the Independent Study program was dropped.

–In 2014 a PE credential will be required for ROTC instructors.  We would be saving a temporary position for just 1 year if we keep ROTC.

–Students who do not pass 5 out of 6 content standards must take another year of PE.  This could affect 100-300 students.


F.  Library/UBC

–Patrick asked if the Asst. Superintendent has signed off on any cuts in administrative positions in our school as well as other schools.

–Given across the board 6.5% board cuts—where are they reflected ion non-classified and non –certificated at Galileo in secretaries and tech support?

–Can we look at the allocations and ratios for non-classroom staffing at other schools?

–Katie said we were strongly encouraged to cut clerical.  We are fat compared to other schools.

–Are there any other monies in the school that can be applied to non=personnel?

–Does the administrative team consider credentialing, i.e. people’s jobs when making cuts?

–The superintendent said the cuts would be even across the board—he would like to see this.

–Patrick asked if there were paras doing work outside their content area.  The answer was Bounmy.  Most paras have classroom duties.  This could be a possible problem situation.

–Patrick asked if the administration looked at credentials of all staff to see what switches could be made.  The answer was no.

–If the Library position goes to .4, the library would be open one period a day with one warehouse prep; probably not open at lunch.


G.            Karin

–Cuts should be all across the board.  This is not the right time to add a counselor.

–Karin said her position was being cut .6 and right now she does a full job.  She also does language support and will not be able to do that from the classroom.  We have over 1000Chinese speaking parents.

–She is for reducing the non-classroom expenses.  She thinks we can replenish supply money in the fall if we get more funds.  She does not want to loose good people.


H.  Social Sciences

— Mat said it is asking too much for reducing department budgets for a 1.0 FTE, not knowing where that position would be.  Not a good idea to deplete the department budget to 0 and preserve 1 FTE.


I.            ELD

–Kathleen discussed the Newcomer Pathway and that we have been working on a very good program. The stakes have changed.  We have had changes of personnel.  Students only get credit for 1 year in English for an ELD class at level 5 or above.  Students are coming in at a lower level now.  60% of those ELL who made the A-G came through our program.

–Cutting Drama is a big blow to the department.  It is difficult.  Our teachers are trained now to work on writing and speaking and it is different than other schools.

–About 500 fewer language students who are tested out will not need World Language.

–Dropping the Arts classes is also a big blow.


J.            English

–Michelle said with cuts, any additions do not make sense.  Adding a counselor is not good.

–Cuts should be equitable and there should be a cut across the board including administrators.

–Eliminating electives is a topic.  Her department does not have the luxury of offering electives.   24% of students are not college ready in English according to the EAP.  We need to have more support classes in English for our school.  The proposal cuts 5sections from English.  Other departments do not have cuts.  Yesterday she pointed out that English is the only subject that requires 4 years.

–She would propose eliminating AVID and have those teachers teach English.

–Cuts in the library would also be cuts in computer lab time.


K.            Ben

–With computer science bumped up to 4 classes, you must consider that a teacher can only have 3preps.  We might build a program that we can’t support with teachers.

–There is a period that is set-aside for Information Technology—we do need to have this support to keep our wireless system up and running.


L.  Science

–David said Science supports not adding a counselor.  Not appropriate. The classroom is already receiving a big hit.

–Yearbook and Journalism should be after school programs.

–Priority should be to maintain our teaching staff.  If we lose current staff, we lose all our training and that is a huge hit.  We do not want to have the giant turn over like other schools have.

–ROTC—he has a hard time supporting this program.  Lots of students love it.  Money is a wash.  Our PE teachers do a lot for the school besides teaching classes—like sponsoring clubs, etc.

–Supplies—we do need a minimum amount. We should run on bare bones next year.  Maybe parents and teachers can add in a little more.  Saving a position should be a big priority.


–Patrick asked if there were any discretionary funds.  Marcus will think about this.


Consensus Items

–We should not add an additional counselor.  Marcus asked if this was true for everyone and it is.

–Move Yearbook and Journalism to an after school program—Marcus said it will be difficult to recruit students.  Michelle said students will want to do this if they want to have a yearbook.

–With Futurama, if 8 students want to do an activity they will fund it.  Joseph said there is a core of students who want to do the program.

–The principal supports keeping ROTC.  The rest of the group did not.

–Patrick said that the cuts should be equitable across the board—6.5%, except for what the district does.

–Marcus said we do need to keep program need in mind.


–Patrick said we should address paras, IT tech and secretaries, and if we make cuts there how much of FTE can we fund?

–Kathleen talked about the lower salaries of the paras and all the slack they pick up at a lower cost.


Marcus asked if everyone felt we should cut Classified 6.5 across the board.  The group said No.

–Ben asked if we should cut a secretary.  David said there should be some way to make the cuts equitable.

–If we approve for Bounmy to stay where he is? Patrick said the contract might be an issue.  Patrick will see if there will be a grievance filed.  He also mentioned grievances in the future such as Health Ed credit for cyber high, and PE credit through Independent Study.

–Marti said absolutely teachers are #1 and running a school involves the cost of doing business.  She said if there is a secretary eliminated, we must think about who is leaving and what skills they have.  Without these supports in place there are problems.


Is it a district wide policy there will be no administrative cuts?

Can monies in the school that are in slush funds or discretionary funds in the school to be used for such things as science equipment?


–If we leave operating costs at the 2%, we can have 1.0 FTE saved.  Everyone agreed.  Journalism and Yearbook are a .4.  Katie will confirm with Futurama about funding those two activities.

–Ethan suggested the administration revise their proposal and bring it back to the group.


We will meet again on Tuesday, March 13th at 4th period.


Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.




Leadership Team Meeting Minutes – March 8, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.  Marcus proposed that we postpone the agenda items and just talk about Budget.  Everyone agreed.  We will have a meeting next week to address the rest of the issues.


Leadership Team


I.          Budget


–Katie distributed information from past years’ budgets.  We will have a deficit next year of over $650,000.

–Katie said the district says we must use 2% for operating expenses.  We have always spent more than 2%.

–Katie distributed a set of possible changes.  The SSC will review this and the principal will make the final decisions.

–Stan asked if there had been discussions with the district as the district has a $55 million reserve.

–Katie said we have to submit a budget by March 23 with the allocation the district has given us.

–Stan asked if there has been discussion with the district about their tremendous reserve.

–Marcus said we need to finish this discussion and then Marcus will go to the district.

–Katie reviewed the document District and School Site Possible Changes document. These are all proposals—room for additions and changes.

–Katie reviewed what the district will pay for next year and some of the changes we would make.  The cost column shows where the savings would be.

–Proposal now is to add a counselor, pay for the nurse and grant a stipend as opposed to a prep.

–Katie explained the Non-Classroom and Classroom changes.  The document showed the average class size and any changes that would occur.  She reviewed the courses and indicated where the cuts would be in sections.

–Top part of the document represents savings of over $70,000 and the bottom portion shows savings of over $581,000.

–Stan asked about Biotech—Katie said it is listed in Science.  Marcus said he and Stan would meet about this.


–Patrick suggested meeting about this again tomorrow during 4°.

–Ben asked the group if this seems like something that has happened before.  Discussion followed about past years and that last year the fact that Scenario B was bad.  The year before that, Joseph indicated that VPA lost 2 positions.  For next year VPA is losing 15% while the rest of the school is losing 7%.

–Marcus said that when cuts happen it is often necessary to go to the minimums.  The VPA graduation requirement is 1 course for one year.

–Graduation requirements are now aligned to the A – G requirements—language, math and science requirements have gone up.  Katie pointed out that the district graduation requirements have changed—not the state’s requirements, but the district’s.

–Patrick asked if we have pushed back to the district about the effects.

–Marcus brought up the remedial courses and how they do not count for graduation.


–Kathleen asked about ROTC.  Marcus gave the history of this area and talked about the fact that we were on probation for the program as we only had one instructor.  Stan mentioned that ROTC pays for one position if we have it.  The Army is now requiring the ROTC teachers to have a PE credential which will take place in several years.

–Those students who double up in AP classes bring the school more money.

–Michelle brought up the issue of larger class sizes.  She is concerned that the advanced classes are the smaller ones and the under served students are in the larger classes.

–Michelle asked about class sizes with AP and Academy classes.

–Nancy said that the English classes for AoHT have 39 students.  AoIT has lots of requests to be in this program.


–Patrick wanted to discuss the Non-Personnel area.  Katie explained that the 2% would cover school-wide supplies, but departments would get nothing to very little.  David said that would impact all of the life science classes with labs.  English would not be able to order novels.

–Patrick asked Joseph about his budget.  Prop H was discussed.

–Ben said he felt the question is will all departments be willing to give up supplies to cover a 1.0 FTE, and if so, what department would have that 1.0 teacher.


–Discussion followed about state adopted textbooks and who pays and what happens when books are lost.  David and Denise told of the textbook inventory checks by the district.


–Marti discussed Math Department finances.  She said they need paper, ink and an Excel program.

–Michelle discussed the benefits of having 2 AVID teachers.

–Ethan asked about the rationale of choosing ROTC over 1.0 FTE in PE.  Marcus said the program is popular, a political issue and financially is a wash over having more sections of PE.

–Patrick asked about class sizes in ROTC.  Nancy said we cannot require students to take ROTC.

–The Army requires 100 students enrolled to continue ROTC.

–Patrick mentioned the union contract and what comes up when teachers are reassigned.  Katie asked about the money.  Patrick said we should look into all of this.

–Patrick congratulated everyone who has worked on this budget.  Katie mentioned that she was sad over this.

–Michelle asked about with the reduction of students, why are we adding a counselor and cutting teachers?

–Nancy said this is a result of continued parent complaints about their students not being able to be seen by a counselor.  This is coming from the students and the parents.

–Nancy said our current enrollment is 2070.

–PTSA and Community Meetings were the source of the parent and student complaints about not being able to see counselors.

–Joseph mentioned some department chairs would resign if the district removed the department head period and offered a stipend; many department chairs might resign.

–Ben said we should rerun this with no AP preps and no Department Head periods.

–Stan said with the superintendent’s zone, we could lose 10 teachers.

–Michelle said many schools run Yearbook and Journalism as after school activities.

–Journalism is in English; Yearbook is an elective that meets a G requirement.

–Patrick said Yearbook/Journalism, PE/ROTC, Counselor and supplies are important issues.

–Katie explained the financial issue of funding for the nurse.

–The Librarian funding would decrease next year.


–Ray felt Peer Resource is an important program here for Special Ed.  Jessica said the PRC classes are small, so maybe combining them into 2 sections would be financially good.


Marcus asked everyone to digest this information and make plans for arguments to the SSC.  We will meet again tomorrow during 4th period.


Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.


2/8/2012 Meeting Attachments

Documents to review:

    BSC ProcessV1:  This document outlines the process by which the BSC/SPSA would be developed on an annual basis. The SSC will review and approve this document at the January SSC meeting

    BSC-Timeline-Shortened: This document outlines the truncated version of the BSC /SPSA development process to used t his year. .  SSC will review and approve this document at the January SSC meeting.

    Self-Reflection Worksheet: This document includes the questions for the BSC/SPSA development process.

    Existing Data Worksheet: This document provides the data available to date.

Hopefully the review and approval of the BSC process documents will not take too much time and we ca n devote most of our time to :

a.    Identify existing data
b.    Identify  gaps in existing data
c.    Select questions for “Self-Reflection” component of BSC development

I would like to propose the following “homework” prior to the meeting:

1.    Review the attached Existing data worksheet.
a.     Mr. Blackshur provide any additional informational information that is available beyond what is included in this document. It would be helpful to provide the information that addresses the high school initiatives that have been implemented and the school is required to report on (e.g: A-G compliance for class of 2014, Algebra, etc) so that we can see if we have met or are close to meeting these standards.

b.    Faculty/staff members of the SSC be prepared to provide an update of other assessment data that is available.

2.    Review the suggested questions in the attached worksheet.. Bring changes/deletions/additions to the January meeting.

Worksheet for “Self-Reflection” questions:

Step 1: Through a self-reflective process, answer the following questions:
Question    Comments
What are we doing now with respect to Core curriculum and school initiatives

What are we doing beyond the core curriculum and school initiatives

What challenges are their in implementing the core curriculum and CLAs

How are we doing based on the data available?  Quantitative vs Qualitative data

What are the weaknesses/strengths of the data we have?
What specifics steps can we take to improve our data gathering?

Step 2: Based on the analysis of above, how well are we meeting our mission of providing equal access to all educational programs and ensure success for all students:

Question    Comments
Who is being left behind?
Why are they being left behind?
What are we doing that facilitates the gap?
What are we doing to reduce the gap?

Step 3: Based on the analysis of above, what will we do the same and what will we do differently to ensure we  are meeting our mission of providing equal access to all educational programs and ensure success for all students:

Question    Comments
How do we build on our strengths?
What will change where we are not succeeding?
How will we measure it?

Summary of Existing Data

Achievement (Assessment Results)
English Language Arts    Math
% Proficient in the district

9th Grade 60%

10th Grade 52%

11th Grade  52%
% Proficient in your school

9th Grade  57%

10th Grade  55%

11th Grade  49%    % Proficient in the district

Algebra  38.7%

Geometry  39.4%

Adv Alg  41.2%    % Proficient in your school

Algebra  32%

Geometry  47.3%

Adv Alg  59.7%
District change from last year +1%    School change from last year -3%    District change from last year +0.3%    School change from last year  -0.8%
Percent proficient in math doesn’t show who is taking a given course (access).
Proficiency in LA declines from 9th to 11th grade
Should Algebra numbers be higher?
LA Proficiency rates decline from 9th to 12th grade.
How is data collected?
Who is the data representative of?
What are the gaps in the data?
What alternative data exists to include in analysis?
What alternative data could be collected?

Growth (Assessment Results)
English Language Arts    Math
Last year’s proficiency rate
9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade
This year’s proficiency rate

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade
49.1%    Last year’s proficiency rate



Adv Alg
46.5%    This year’s proficiency rate



Adv Algebra
Percent change
FBB: 56.3%
BB: 51.0%
Basic: 21.9%    Percent change
FBB: 55.9%
BB: 28.0%
Basic: 28.4%
Large number of students in LA and Math +/- 25 points from proficient.

Behavioral Indicators (e.g. suspension, expulsion, grades, and attendance data)
Attendance    % Attendance last year
Change over time
Suspensions    Number of suspensions
08/09 – 75
09/10 – 61
10/11 – 98    Number of students
08/09 – 2031
09/10 – 2092
10/11 – 2149

Ethnicity    # of Students    # of Suspensions    % of Suspensions    % of School
AA    35    45    46%    5%
L    19    22    23%    10%
C    15    18    18%    60.7%

Suspensions decline by grade level.

Climate Indicators (Satisfaction Surveys)
Questions to Ask: What ratings are highest? What ratings are lowest? Where do you see the greatest difference?

3.19 #21. I have somebody at home who cares about me and supports my learning.
3.15 #24. I like this school and would recommend it to other students.
2.42 #7.   I help make decisions in my school
2.48 #8.  There are always enough books and supplies in the classroom for all the students.

3.28 #33.  I would recommend this school to other parents.
3.27 #34.  Overall, I love my child’s school.
2.52 #23.  I have attended at least one parent-teacher conference about my child.
2.48 #29.  I attend and actively participate in regularly scheduled meetings, events, and adult educational opportunities.

3.31 #15. The school provides high quality extra curricular and/or after school programs. (extended learning opportunities)
3.29 #12. Teachers in this school use multiple assessment practices to measure student progress throughout the year.
2.44 #26. The Board of Education is leading the District in the right direction.
2.50 #25. The Superintendant is leading the District in the right direction.
# of parents responding was 240; was this a representative sample?

Focal Groups (e.g. ethnicity, gender, language proficiency level, grade-level)
English Language Arts    Math
Grade Comparison

(by reading the table horizontally)

Cohort Comparison

(by reading the table diagonally)

ELL and non-ELL students

African American students

Latino students

2/8/2012 Meeting Minutes


Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

1150 Francisco Street, San Francisco, CA  94109

Room 210 at 3:30 P.M.

Location and Time of Meeting


School Site Council Meeting-February 8, 2012

X  Agenda Attached

X  Attendance/sign-in attached

Present:  Marcus Blacksher, Doug Page, Jonathan Ring, Woodraw Smith, Patrick Delaney, Mele Lau-Smith, Claire Siegel, Nicole Torres, Jacky Chau, Karin Lau, Tony Payne

Absent (Excused): Stan DeBella, Clarissa Lee, Anna Mai

X  Minutes of the previous meeting approved


Decision Made/Issues Reviewed

I.  Call to Order

– M. Lau-Smith called the meeting to order at 3:44 pm.  There were nine elected members present; a quorum was established.


II.  Approval of 1/11/2012 Meeting Minutes

– M. Blacksher moved to approve the 1/11/2012 minutes as presented.  J. Ring seconded and the motion was carried unanimously.


III.  New Business

1.  BSC Working Group Updates

– M. Lau-Smith went over her notes from the BSCWG meeting on January 25, 2012.  The attendees were as follows:  M. Blacksher, T. Payne, J. Chau, D. Page, J. Ring, C. Siegel, M. Lau-Smith, P. Delaney.

– The SSC members that were at the BSCWG meeting felt that the meeting wasn’t too long and that it was productive.

– The members decided to have the next BSCWG meeting on Thursday, February 16, which should give the admin ample time to gather data from different sources.  T. Payne will have the student survey results aggregated by then.  G. Tom also reminded the admin that the feedback gathered at the January PTSA meeting could be incorporated.

– M. Blacksher held a discussion about the school priorities at the last leadership team meeting. The team thought that there were too many priorities for the school to work on in such a short time.  They requested that the list be narrowed down to manageable three or four priorities.

– The science department felt that the list of priorities was too broad.  The department teachers didn’t understand why they were asked to discuss it and if they did talk about it, how would their input be used.  W. Smith invited T. Payne to come to one of their meetings, so he could provide guidance on the exercise and answer questions.

– The math department had a different take.  Their main concern was that they would rather use measuring tools that the school had a lot of input instead of using something that was regulated by the district.

– One of the priorities is for the class of 2014 and thereafter to fulfill the A-G requirements when they graduate.  The site council worried how the EL students would be able to accomplish this stipulation.  One member suggested using the current 9th and 10th grades as the baseline to see how on track these students are in meeting it.  T. Payne shared that 60% met the A-G requirements and there was 14% difference between male and female students.

– M. Lau-Smith emphasized that the school should use positive data such as number of students have joined clubs, have done sports, have participated in elections, to enhance the school climate rather than using negative ones like suspension rate.

– Someone questioned how these priorities meshed with the WASC recommendations.  M. Lau-Smith said she would need to review the WASC report to see how the two could be tied together.



2.  March Meeting Date

– At a previous meeting, some SSC members felt that the March meeting might need to be pushed back a week in order to give people extra time to gather input and data.  But that was no longer necessary, so the March meeting will be on the 14th as planned.


3.  SSC Summit

– Annually, the District sponsors the SSC School Planning Summit on a Saturday to:

1.   Share information about Balanced Scorecard/Single Plan for Student Achievement and school site funding allocations; and 2.  Provide members of our school communities with information to assess current program, identify strategies for improvement, align fiscal resources, engage partners, and chart course of actions.

– This year the event will be held on Saturday, February 12 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm at Everett Middle School.  The following members have agreed to attend:  M. Blacksher, Mele Lau-Smith, T. Payne, J. Ring, C. Siegel.



IV.  Old Business

– There were no agenda items under Old Business.



W. Smith moved to adjourn the meeting.  M. Blacksher seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 4:22 pm.


Minutes taken and prepared by Karin Lau

















Page 2



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting – February 23, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:10am.


Leadership Team


I.          Academic Honesty

–Marcus emailed his colleagues and received information from Lincoln and Balboa that he shared with the group.  He asked members to take the information back to their departments for feedback.  He suggested we table this item until the next meeting.


II.         Master Schedule Update

–Nancy said we are done registering students on the Google form. She is waiting for the district to be ready for the district registration.  She hopes to be able to have counselors start this process in the next several days.

–Nancy will need to get information from this group about placements and she will send out a Google dock for this issue.

–Michelle brought up the fact that some teachers feel with some students it is not a good idea for them to register for honors or AP classes.  She asked about the process.  Nancy reviewed the problems we had with this last fall.

–If a teacher does not give approval for an AP or honors class, the counseling office will honor the teacher’s request.  There is a criteria for honors and AP classes and if the students do not meet the criteria, then they should not take those classes.

–David said his department has so many students signing up, that they have to cut students, so they drop the students who do not qualify.

–Marti discussed how the Math department did this last year.

–Marcus mentioned the superintendent’s policy, but if we have criteria, we can honor that.  We also look at each student on an individual basis.

–Nancy will send out information next week.  She would like to have information by March 16th.

–Patrick asked which weeks of the first 6-weeks a student could opt out of honors or AP classes.  Nancy said that they need to go through the 7-step process.

–Nancy said there would not be placement tests for incoming 9th graders in May, as the district changes the information over the summer.  This year we will do the placement tests the first few days of school.


–Patrick asked about the Feb. 6th access to Scheduler.  This always causes a “crunch.”  Nancy said she has to enter the information on Scheduler and it is easier to provide this information to the faculty after it has been entered.

–Ben asked when the new system, Genesis, will be ready.  Nancy said we are supposed to be using it by this time next year.  Nancy said the district has not signed the contract yet.

–Katie said the name has been changed to Synergy.

–Marcus said the budget is due on March 23rd.

–Kathleen said that low-level ELL students should not be taking foreign language.  Nancy said that it can be posted on the transcripts that these students have taken foreign language.

–Denise asked when we will know how many students and how many sections?  She mentioned that we will need to order books.


III.       Budget Update

–Katie said we would take a $659,000 hit next year.  This is reflecting a drop of 147 students.  We are being budgeted at what we are showing now.  2,074 students for next year.  Ethan asked if there is Scenarios A, B and C, and Katie said no.  She also mentioned that schools across the district are looking at the same drops.  We are getting more SCE and AP monies, down in all other categories.

–Marcus said we would be moving fast with the SSC to make decisions.

–Katie asked everyone to hoard supplies, as it will be thinner next year.  She asked everyone to conserve supplies so we can go with a lower operating budget.  The district is mandating that 2% of budgets have to go for operating budget. David would like to know how that compares with our budget this year.

–Ethan asked if it would be SSC, Administration, and Leadership Team making the decisions on cuts.

–Katie said the district will issue many lay-off notices—it will be blanketed.

–Marcus said we will work from our priorities, and then A-G requirements.

–Marcus said we would know by March 23rd if we will have layoffs.

–Patrick said the two priorities are to keep staff and keep lower class sizes.

–Marcus said there are still some protected positions.

–Katie said last year we spent $292,000—on operating budget—that is 3% of our total budget.  Next year we will have $177,513 for operating budget.

–Denise asked about ordering books for next year and what the deadlines will be.

–Joseph asked if the seniors have to pay for their own graduation.  The seniors now have $17.000 and graduation costs around $13,000.


IV.        Hall Sweep Update

–Allison reported on the Hall Sweeps.  We have done 3 of them and we will continue to do this once a day for the next week and then on a random basis.  Everyone who is caught gets detention that day.

–Patrick said this is fantastic.  He mentioned that the security aides have had hours and pay cuts. Please thank the security aides for their hard work with the hall sweeps.

–Denise mentioned the U’s for citizenship grades for tardies, absences, electronics, etc.  She would like to see this enforced as a school policy.

–Joseph would like to have the administration see the attendance issues the parents complain about from the teachers’ perspectives.

–Allison said hall passes now have become a hot commodity as students are grabbing them so they can be in the halls.

–Patrick said we should gather some data—why are students out of class, how many hall passes have been stolen, etc.

–Denise suggested we always ask students why they are out of class in the halls.

–Kathleen suggested a secret code on the back of the pass.

–Marcus said we will discuss this again in a few weeks.


V.         NASA Visit Update

–We now have the name of the astronaut—Captain Daniel W. Bursch.

–Karen sent out 11 invitations to district personnel.  She has heard from 6 that they will be coming.

–Karin has 36 confirmed students and would like to have 9 more.  The students will mingle with the district personnel, the NASA visitors, can win prizes, and other benefits.

–Karin distributed information on the event.

–Marcus said it would be great to include some of the under served students.

–Michelle asked about the date for the Spring Open House.  Marcus said we would table this item.


VI.        Professional Courtesy

–Mathew mentioned an email folks received from one of his department members.  This involved a staff member removing a student from the classroom without acknowledging the teacher, while the class was taking a test.

–We should greet each other as professionals.  This is great for morale.  Remind out department members to say Hi to other adults.

–David said it was easier to meet other teachers when faculty meetings were held in the cafeteria.


–Ben reminded everyone not to give students your passwords.  Do not let students enter grades, etc.


Marcus thanked Jessica, Wellness, and GSA for the LoveFest.  We also got good press from Ms. Franzen’s class at Crissy Field.  Also, thanks to Sgt. Hardee and Rebecca for the BSU assembly.

–Michelle felt that this assembly was invitational, but if it concerns cultural awareness, everyone should go.  It is hard to have mandatory assemblies, but we need to make sure students can go to assemblies concerning their cultures.

–Some suggested that some boring assemblies be eliminated.

–Joseph mentioned the two invitational assemblies he puts on.  He discussed the timing and felt that the last week of a grading period is not a good time for an assembly.

–On March 5th, SFPD will put on a presentation on different careers.  They will target students who are on the cusp of truancy.  Students will be given a pass to the presentation.  These are not chronically truant students.   This will address what students can do with just a high school diploma.

–Requests were made to have this presentation at other than class time.  Allison said she is not able to do the scheduling.


Leadership Team adjourned at 11:15pm.


Department Heads


I.          Policy for Students Returning Books

–Michelle said Allison Wagner is seeing a problem with Cyber High and the materials that are distributed.

–Some felt we have no policy for returning textbooks.

–Joseph felt the real deadline is when they graduate.  He felt that they should be penalized at the end of each school year.

–Patrick suggested we table this until we get a clear handle on the program.

–Denise said her department hands out the cards, if the books are not returned then Connie goes after the students to return the books.

–Michelle mentioned the English department book room usually gets all returned books.


II.         CPT-ELL

–This will be the topic for Wednesday’s meeting.

–Marcus will distribute information.


III.       School Loop/Department Meeting

–Michelle mentioned an email Marcus distributed from a parent.  Much discussion in her department and between department heads followed.

–Michelle asked what Marcus’ response to the parent was.  Marcus said he emailed the individual teachers of the students to email the parent.

–Michelle would like to see what the teachers thought about this and what kind of support they can expect.

–This will be tabled until the next meeting.

–David felt this should be brought up at the next faculty meeting, and Marcus could provide his expectations.

–Marti and Michelle thought mixing with other department members would produce helpful conversations about School Loop—strategies, practices, etc.


IV.        Miscellaneous

–Denise mentioned the startling of the short bell rings for the custodians.  Is there another way of alerting the custodians?

–David saw that the next staff meeting is March 14th, and he thought we might move it up to February 29th, as the following week is not an early release date.

–Mat asked for a quick decision on this as he has a guest speaker scheduled.

–Patrick said he has databases to promote in each department.  Some teachers use these for research projects.  David said these have citable sources.  Patrick will come to department meetings and provide instructions.

–Katie said there was no tardy report with the bell schedule options—passing time 5 minutes or 7 minutes.

–Michelle asked Marcus about Special Ed data.  She mentioned she has heard that some of the regular ed. teachers are not the best match for students coming out of special ed. Teachers are labeled “effective” or “not effective” with working with these students.  She felt some of the language should be changed when asking teachers if they will accept these students.

–Joseph suggested that no class should have more than the percentage of Special Ed students in the school.  He said this is an equity issue.

–David said it is an equity issue for students as well.

–Denise suggested para support in the classroom.


Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.

Leadership Team Meeting Minutes – Febuary 9, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:10am.


Leadership Team


I.            Academic Honesty

–Marcus received a report from Mr. Flisak on cheating.  Marcus asked the group for their input.

–Ben said copying and cheating is the norm.  David Barrios said he gives a “0” on an assignment if he catches a student cheating.

–Delores  Lee said that kids take pictures of homework and post it on Facebook.  Test are also posted on Facebook.

–Ben found students copying right in front of him with homework for another teacher.  He sends students to the Deans’ Office for suspension when he catches cheating.

–Nancy mentioned students attempting to cheat on the CAHSEE yesterday.  Even though the questions are in different order for different versions of the test, Tony said it is possible to match the graphics and copy answers.

–Jessica wanted to know what message students get from Galileo about cheating—messages on walls about zero tolerance?

–Kathleen felt that we need to define cheating.

–Michelle said her teachers cover in the beginning of the year what is and what is not cheating.  Different teachers have different policies, but they state them and the consequences in their syllabus.

–Joseph felt it is hard to start a new policy now, but the group disagreed.

–David talked about an incident last year where the student who was receiving the department award was caught cheating.  It was a difficult situation.  He felt that no student thinks cheating is OK, but that it is easy to get away with.

–Kathleen told of a similar incident.

–Stan said cheating is not acceptable at any time of the year.  He spreads the students out and does as much as he can to make sure they do not cheat.

–Michelle felt teachers are changing the way they are assessing students, especially at the college level.

–Tony mentioned, “When does collaborating become cheating?”

–Ben felt we have to deal with the issue of students wanting to get points for good grades.

–Marcus will call other principals to see what is happening at other schools and we will continue the discussion at the next meeting.

–Joseph talked about artists and musicians modeling their work after their predecessors.


II.            Bell Schedule

–Marcus said we are still working on the spreadsheet for the student survey.  We are looking at A and B and the difference is the amount of passing period minutes.  Tony is still working on the student schedules.

–Joseph asked if there are more students late with a 5-minute passing period, versus a 7-minute passing period. Concrete data will be good.

–Tony talked about information on School Loop about tardies—biggest amount was for first period and then right after lunch.

–Suggestion was made to compare 2nd and 3rd period tardies.


III.            School Loop

–Marcus distributed a packet on School Loop.

–Marcus said he gets lots of interest from the parents about School Loop, particularly the 9th and 10th grade parents, as they are used to it from middle school.

–Marcus told of his experience at the training for School Loop.  The trainer has a student at Galileo and she was disappointed she only hears from one of her son’s teacher on School Loop.

–66% of our teachers completed the survey on School Loop.  Most of those felt comfortable using School Loop.  Tony went through questions on the survey and some of the results.

–Needing training and lack of time were the main reasons teachers were not using School Loop.  The training is from 4-6pm, after the working day.

–25% of parents are registered to use School Loop.  Ray mentioned that we have a minority using School Loop.  Tony said at his former school 90% of the parents were using it and all the teachers were.

–Ben felt that we need to tell parents what is going on with their kids.  Patrick felt we have high school students.  The parent is not holding their hand all the time, but we do need to check on how the students are doing.

–Discussion followed about using School Loop, time it takes to post grades, etc.

–Joseph told of his experiences and he said it is a good communication tool with the students who use it more often than the parents. Joseph felt the trainings should be done in the common planning time, not after school.  4-6pm is his time and there are other activities that he needs to do.  We are professionals and should be treated as such.

–The district is using our building for a district-wide School Loop training, and that is why it is scheduled from 4-6pm.

–David suggested we do in-house training.  Many teachers do not know how to do many of the items on School Loop.

–Stan says School Loop takes time.  He would like the district to do a survey of what times during the day/evening/night the data is input.

–Marcus said we will use School Loop next year in some way.

–Patrick said that School Loop is a contract issue.

–Marcus said if we have School Loop access at school, the principal can put it in the Principal’s Expectations.

–David Barrios brought up the fact that those teachers not contacting parents by School Loop are contacting parents in other ways.


IV.            February 14th Wellness & GSA Event

–Jessica talked about this event.  This concerns sexual health and teen relationships.

–Jessica said she had 2 pregnant students in her office this morning.  This happens often.

–She talked about students in abusive relationships.

–She talked about students working on “coming out” to their parents.

–This event will be highlighted on the district website next week.

–Our ELL students do not know where to get reproductive information.

–There will be 42 workshops this year. She asked the members of this group to sign up.

–Some teachers are giving students extra credit for the noon-time activities.  Please encourage your teachers to participate.

–Joseph said some of his students asked him to officiate at their wedding at the event.  Jessica told him to see Jackie Peters.  She told of the educational games by the marriage booths.

–Price to get married is 50 cents.  Proceeds go to GSA.


V.            Policy for Food Sales

–Mat asked what the school policy is. Marcus said there should not be any food sales on campus.

–Jessica said any candy sales for students are against district policy.

–Food Sales to teachers are OK.


VI.            Rise in Hall Walking

–We are being vigilant to curb this.


VII.            CAHSEE

–Stan said the auditorium was chaos and not well thought out.


Department Head


–Marcus gave kudos to Ray for his efforts to give Special Ed. students the regular tests.

–CST—California Standards Test—what everyone takes.  CMA is a modified assessment.  It is almost as difficult as the CST.  CMA does not count towards the school’s API.

–CAPA is for the severely impaired students.

–State goal is to have no more than 3% of students taking the CMA.


I.            Testing Update

–City College Placement Exam is February 24th for seniors going to City College.  It will be at Galileo from approximately 8am-noon.

–Nancy said last year CCSF gave the SFUSD priority for 2 classes they had to take.  This year our students attending CCSF have to have at least 3 classes that will transfer to a 4 year university.

–The test will be given in the library.  Students sign up for the test.

–Ray would like his students to take the test at the same time.

–CAHSEE—this past one was our census test and counts for the API score.  On both dates we tested 98% of the students we were supposed to test.  We needed to test at least 95%.

–Nancy said it was a little bit chaotic for those students who did not have a place to go when their classrooms were being used.  This is a whole school effort.  She asked for cooperation from all staff and teachers.

–Denise mentioned miscommunication on the second day.  The time of 10:30am was confusing and some students did not finish by that time.  Denise asked about students who did not report to her class until after 11am.  Discussion followed.

–Joseph suggested we plan a fun activity for those students who finish the test by 10:30am.  Kathleen said that some kids might rush through the test to go out and play.

–Michelle asked about the auditorium and how it was used.  Joseph turned the house lights up, as he felt it was too dark inside.

–Those two specific days are the only days we can do the CAHSEE.


–9th Grade Practice CAHSEE

–This year we can decide if we want to give it.  Ray and Kathleen both said, “No.”

–Will having the test improve our passing rate?  Ray said there are no stakes.  Decision made not to give it.


II.            Registration

–Nancy said they should finish on time by Feb. 17th.

–We can enter the information in Scheduler right after that, by the beginning of March.


III.            Academic Literacy Discussion Check-in

–Academic Literacy is a school priority.  First we have to define academic literacy.

–Mat said his department included reading, writing, academic norms—bring materials to class, ask for help, etc.  Know how to act in academic environment.

–Science focused on the standards. Specifics come from the standards.

–Kathleen said her department came up with definitions—and ability to navigate all of their classes.

–Denise said her department mostly talked about AP classes and what is expected of these students.  High literacy is one of the issues.  They do SSR in the target language.

Students who are ELD in their classes do very well.  They learn from the ground up.

–Joseph mentioned his department came up with 40 words that would apply to all his classes and were what the students should know by graduation.  He also liked the academic norms—bring a pencil.

–Standard Literacy in an Academic School, then Department literacy—Tony mentioned this.

–Academic Literacy means different things to different people.

–Ray said in their department said they talked about navigating through a textbook, etc. He mentioned the parts of a textbook.  These things need to be taught.

–Tony will put all this information together.


IV.            Common Formative Assessments & Data Director

–Marcus gave some background information on the usefulness of this information.

–The goal is for every course to have a common assessment and have a common final exam.

–This goal is for next fall.

–One a piece of data is entered for a student, it is linked to the content standards and teachers can watch their students over time.

–Any assessment teachers are now doing can be digitized.  This requires using rubrics.

–Denise said the big task is to get together with the teachers to work this out.

–Tony said it will take time to get this all set up.  What am I teaching, how am I teaching, and do I have a good collaborative relationship with other teachers who are teaching the same course?

–Discussion followed.

–David mentioned that much has been going on this year with data, etc., and there has not been much time to talk about curriculum.

–Denise is not sure how to explain this to her colleagues.  She asked for Tony to come and help her.  She also mentioned Chinese literacy.

–Michelle talked about Common Planning Time.  In the past one hour was Cluster Meetings, and one hour was Department Time.  She said this year they do not have the time to do this.  Marcus said those discussions will happen once we get the CLA and Data Director in place.

–Marcus told about his experience at Thurgood Marshall.

–Tony said he is hearing that teachers want to have more planning time.

–Joseph said we need more staff development.

–Patrick said everyone in the district supports CLA, but Data Director is not mandatory now.  We need to develop the CLAs first and then get to Data Director.


Meeting adjourned at 11;50AM.

1/11/2012 Meeting Minutes


Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

1150 Francisco Street, San Francisco, CA  94109

Room 210 at 3:30 P.M.

Location and Time of Meeting


School Site Council Meeting-January 11, 2012

X  Agenda Attached

X  Attendance/sign-in attached

Present:  Marcus Blacksher, Stan DeBella, Doug Page, Jonathan Ring, Woodraw Smith, Patrick Delaney, Mele Lau-Smith, Claire Siegel, Nicole Torres, Jacky Chau,

Absent (Excused): Clarissa Lee, Anna Mai

X  Minutes of the previous meeting approved


Decision Made/Issues Reviewed

I.  Call to Order

– M. Lau-Smith called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm.  There were ten elected members present; a quorum was established.


II.  Approval of 12/7/2011 Meeting Minutes

– A member moved to approve the 12/7/2011 minutes as presented.  Another member seconded and the motion was carried unanimously.


III.  New Business

1.  DCYF Funding/Youth Vote

– Peter Lauterborn from the City Department of Children, Youth and Families speaks to the SSC.  He provided information to all members explaining the department and its goals. The department has a three-year cycle and is now in the second year.  The plans of actions are to identify needs in the first year, to allot funding in the second year, and to involve non-profits in the plan in the third year.

– The DCYF helps students get involved in civics, be in charge of “Youth Vote”, and place the students on the Board of Education.  The folder contents are a synopsis of the program.  There are 41 programs listed that Galileo students participate in.  Some are based here at Gal and others in the community.  The packet also includes the results of the last “Youth Vote” survey, which gives insight into the students here at Galileo. These surveys are given twice each year-Fall and Spring.  Galileo returned 1400 surveys, which are the highest returned in the district this year. This next survey will include some middle schools and then middle schools will all be included in the surveys.  Peter asks for more involvement from Galileo.

2.  Developing the BSC/Single Plan

– The BSC/SPSA development handouts distributed.  The site council reviewed the BSC/ BSCWG handouts.  Handout is the conceptually approved proposal from last meeting.  Major change, distributed leadership, secondly more talk on BSC working group. Constitution of the WG would be ½ and ½ school staff and community partners, exact numbers are in the handout.  Each group would elect their own members. Page 2 contains the time-line of implementation Sept/Nov.  These dates are past so we need to squeeze them into the second semester. Today we will review and approve the process and start the election of Working Groups.

Handout: Timeline (Pilot Run)

How do people feel about working groups set up? General timeline?

Q: Why are we doing BSCWG verse SSC?

A: More representation.  Give others opportunity to voice opinions without the two year commitment of the SSC.  Get a broader perspective on the school.

Q: Why can’t the SSC do it?


Page 1

A: Can’t do it in a monthly meeting structure.  More meetings of the SSC is a possibility

Q: BSCWG is duplicating SSC?

A: Yes

Q: Could we have extra meetings of the SSC and invite others?

A: Yes, that would work.

General consensus is to set up an Ad HOC committee of the SSC dealing with the budget, which is part of the SSC’s job.

We will change representation to SSC members with invited interested persons.  Interested persons must commit to all four meetings and committee will report to the UBC also (Left off the list of (reportees)

We will set up the working groups first meeting in Sept.  Finish the last BSC and begin forming a new one.

Q: Could the working group get started on Jan 25th?

A: Yes and be finished by the end of April.


Finalized proposal- Vote to approve the amended BSC plan with the proposed changes. Unanimously passed.  Extra meetings in Jan, Feb and March


Questions on the self-reflection portion discussed. Questions can be tweaked at any time. We will use the ones listed as Pilot questions.


Context:  How can we judge how we are doing here at Galileo aside from grades?

A: These questions could help insure that we have another measure of our success and progress toward our goals.

Handout: Galileo Priorities Timeline and Possible priorities.


IV.  Old Business

1.  Update on SSC Student/Teacher Representations

– The site council did not address this agenda item.



A member moved to adjourn the meeting.  Another member seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 4:53 pm.


Minutes taken by Stan DeBella and prepared by Karin Lau

















Page 2



Leadership Team Meeting – January 26, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:10am.


Leadership Team


I.            Priorities Update

–Marcus distributed the Possible Priorities based on our last meeting.  He encouraged input from the group.

–The last 4 were identified in the WASC review, as was the 9th Grade Transition.

–Marcus indicated here were extra SSC meetings.  He talked about the discussion in the SSC meeting.  He said that each and every department needs to identify the needs in Academic Literacy.  What data do you want to attach to each item?  The next SSC meeting will be in 2 weeks.  Please discuss priorities in your department on Feb. 8th.


II.            Registration Update

–Nancy thanked everyone for turning in their course descriptions in a timely manner.  The counselors have started registering students.

–In the Spring of 2013 we will be using Genesis, which is a new program for online registration.

–Teachers sign up with the individual counselors.

–Nancy said registration would finish in 4 weeks.


III.            Computer Lab

–This was a topic at the last UBC meeting.  One thing was Papa has to open the door for all the students.  Don thought the Computer Lab should use the AA2 key.  Everyone agreed.  We will revisit this later in the year.  There is a problem with students being in the lab unsupervised.

–Joseph asked if a teacher would leave the door unlocked.  We can set it up so that they door will also be locked.  Do not let other students in.  Unsupervised students must have a pass from their teacher.

–Kathleen would like to visit the gaming policy.  She felt many students should be studying instead of gaming.

–Ben wondered if some computers are designated “academic use only.”  We do not have a person to supervise this.

–Patrick said the library has been full at lunch time but there are free computers.  We need to let students know they should go to the library.

–Marcus asked Patrick to help him with a policy.


IV.            Bell Schedule

–Patrick said the overwhelming response were A & B.  A is what we have now and B is what we have now with a 7 minute passing.  Many in the room said it is not what they wanted.  Spec. Ed. wants the homeroom back.

–Science & VPA did not like the short Tuesday.  They like the shorter block as well,

–Patrick said maybe what we have is now is the basis for next year’s schedule.

–Many felt the 5-minute passing period was hard for teachers who travel.

–Patrick said the 2 common planning times were the most important part of the schedule.

–Marcus said that the students had a survey yesterday and he will have the results soon.

–Joseph would like to see data concerning how many students were late with 5 minutes vs. 7 minutes.  Some felt that students would be late no matter how long the passing period is.

–Nancy mentioned that the district letters reflect tardies—3 tardies equal an absence.

–Marti said the 5-minute passing period is a rush for everyone.  Tone of the classroom is difference.


V.            CPT Feedback regarding 1/25/12

–The Social Studies Department wants to thank the administration for the unstructured planning time.  Marcus asked what we should call this.

–Michelle asked that this type of information on unstructured planning time be given to the teachers several weeks in advance.

–Marcus asked for a quick vote—David said teacher discretion; Patrick said the chairs of each department could call a meeting; David said discretionary time would still let the chairs call a meeting; Ben felt that the department heads want to know ahead of time when is discretionary time.  Denise suggested calling it department head lead-time.


VI.            Sufficient Lead Time

–Joseph discussed getting confusing messages and not having enough time to change plans.  He mentioned the short notice for the assembly that is scheduled for this Friday.

–It was mentioned that it was on the calendar.  Michelle mentioned that many are not always checking the calendar, particularly as items are added to the calendar all the time.

–Joseph mentioned that when we went to digital, the communication is not as good.

–Ben gave his perspective on the advantages of collaborative leadership.

–Michelle said technology is wonderful, but many teachers cannot sit in front of the computer all the time.  She said that we need to carve out a time to check for updates to the calendar.  It is helpful to get information a week or so in advance.

–David said if something comes up we should be notified in more than one way—calendar, email, bulletin, on G-House TV.  We should use all of our avenues.

–We are moving from a paper to a technology age.

–Joseph suggested checking calendar every day should be a Principal’s Expectation.  Joseph said we need time to do this.  Marcus said the time is a challenge.


–Stan said he is the Environmental Liaison working with Lisa Franzen and he asked for ideas from the group for greening up the school.  Ray liked the program yesterday; Karin said the cafeteria could use some help.  Stan said it would be on a schedule starting with lights, electricity.


Department Head Agenda


I.            Department Head Selections

–Marcus asked everyone to write their new department chair selection on a piece of paper and give it to him.

–The Department Head commitment is for 3 years.


II.            CLA & Common Assessment

–This is a district priority.  This opens on February 21st.

–Marcus has adjusted his goal to the Fall Semester 2012. Every department should have a CLA for every course.  It must be put into Data Director.  See Marcus or Tony if you are having problems.

–Ray explained how it will work in his department.

–Denise shared what is happening in her department.

–Joseph said his project-based learning is hard to input into Data Director.  He said many of his students start at 0.  Marcus said he should compare the data from the end of one year to the next.  Denise discussed the same thing in her department.

–Patrick suggested 2 articles for members to read—one in the NY Times and the other in the SF Chronicle. Patrick felt the CLA is district driven and there are not enough resources and time to do this.

–Joseph discussed testing vs. assessment.  An assessment is produced internally in the classroom.  Marcus gave an example with world languages.

–Marti discussed how her department worked with the CLA.  She said her department would like to add to the CLA with their own assessments.  Marcus said they will be able to add this to Data Director.


III.            Miscellaneous

–Joseph wanted to talk about Powerful Teaching.  He talked about an article in the NY Times about a soccer coach in England.  This interview contained the information that this coach contributed his success to good teachers.  Joseph gave an example from his own schooling and mentioned a specific quote.  He also mentioned a former teacher here—Mel Esqueta and talked about his plays.  Our kids need inspiration and they need to see passion from the teachers.

–Joseph brought in a book about numbers, music, cosmology, and geometry.  He shared some items from the book.  Quadrivium is the name of the book.


–Michelle said Powerful Teaching should be discussed in each department.  Teachers need to share what is invigorating to them.  This is what fuels the fire of the teachers and their students.  We need to be able to do this.

–David feels there is no time to implement changes.  He would like time to innovate changes.

–Everyone thanked Joseph for bringing up this topic.


–Marcus asked everyone to look at the back of the Priority Page—this is from the PTSA meeting.

–Parents want the College Counseling Position restored.  Change the word “replace.”  10 parents and 1 student attended the meeting.

–Joseph asked how many counselors are bilingual—everyone except one.  Many are Chinese speaking, Lily knows Spanish.  Ray said Armando (para) is paid to translate Spanish, and he can be called upon.


–Joseph told of a student who has 2 ethnic backgrounds and the scantron only recalled one answer.  This survey was data driven only and we can put that in the directions.

–Denise said it would be good to get information about the survey ahead of time.

–Marti said we have a teacher in the school who teaches AP Statistics and can compose surveys.


Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.


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