Leadership Team/Department Head Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2015

March 10, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Nancy called the meeting to order at 11:25am.


I.  “For Profit” Nominations

–Lauren distributed information on an organization that she felt was not represented correctly.  These letters go home and she is concerned that students go through the process.  The organization puts one of our teacher’s names on the letter.  Please let your teachers know about these unauthorized letters.  This program costs the student $2,000 – $3,000.


II.  Teacher/Department Budget Priorities

–Kathleen said her department programs were cut $4,000.  Priorities are tutoring program and class sizes.  She also mentioned a possible 7th period study hall.  Parents were in favor of that.


–Stephen Jackson talked about improving classrooms—like smart board in Room 362—from the school budget, not spec. Ed. budget.


Alan—Library—keep a full time librarian.


Mat – Social Studies—would like status quo.

VAPA—Joseph—restore dance, drama, and band.  He wonders about the fact that we have a little more money this year but lots of items on the chopping block.


–Mark B.—sees his position at risk.


–Alicia—World Languages—full time librarian, elective in World Languages. Community building school spirit or money to have activities that will build community spirit.  Offering sign language.  They would like a functioning language lab.


–Math—Doug said they would like to keep the same number of sections, class sizes as they are now.  Math would like to add an additional prep for another teacher to teach AP Stats.


–Science—for David—retain staff school-wide; maintain current class size, larger science budget for operating labs, safety issues maintained.


English—Michelle–# 1 maintain class size we have and slightly lower class sizes in 10th grade regular English.  This is where they have the bulk of D’s and F’s.  #2 priority is to retain the Librarian.  #3 Add electives that are humanity based.  Maintain current budget.

–Lauren for AVID.  3 years ago the program took a 40% cut.  Slowly get back to that point.


–Lauren said for Counseling the EL position is necessary.

–Susan said Wellness is not part of the Galileo budget.


–Ethan for PE is class size.  Maintain what we have now.


Michelle asked why we would add a Science teacher if a current teacher could teach Biotech.  This would cost $92,000 and we only have a $70,000 surplus.  Why is this a priority?

–Michelle about AVID.

–Doug asked what was the rational for the cut list to be generated.

–Alicia said she hated to see electives gone.  These make schools attractive to both students and parents.

–Marc talked about district paying for his benefits and fundraising for his salary.  He talked about what goes on behind the scenes with the academies and pathways.  There is a need for his position.

–Joseph agrees with Doug and Michelle as to why some of these cuts are being discussed.  He mentioned Eugene Wing with Leadership, Karin Lau with the budget, Librarian is necessary, Journalism and Yearbook help to build community and we should not cut them.  He advocates the PTSA position for increased use of School Loop.  More CPT should be planned for this.


–Mat said we should preserve programs and not add programs.

–Alan echoed what has been said.

–Stephen J. echoed Alicia.  Electives are important to the school culture.  We need to make sure there are very good educational opportunities beyond the basics.

–Kathleen mentioned the EL Coordinator prep.  She mentioned the many ELD cuts with new ELD students coming in.  ELD class sizes are larger this year. The Newcomer Counselor should be in the Counseling Office.  This should be separate from Parent Liaison.

–Susan talked about School Loop and what the PTSA says.  It is not a budgetary issue.  She agrees with the needs of electives. She supports a full time Librarian.

–She talked about the Parent Liaison and what they do in other schools.  Now this is with a counselor.  She talked about the Intervention Specialist.

–Lauren asked about the Leadership Class.  Eugene Wing had an ASB Prep, now he has an ASB class.  To manage the students without the prep or the class, it would be hard to make all the arrangements.


–Ethan said we have tough decisions down the line.  We might look at alternatives, rather than eliminating programs.  We can look at these programs that have been around a long time and add to the culture.

–Lisa said she thinks the list comes from the past few years.

–Nancy said these are just possibilities and not all of the items will be cut.  She encouraged everyone to attend tomorrow’s SSC Community meeting.  It will be held in the library after school.


–Michelle mentioned that many feel the need to have more electives.  We should look at electives we have and what could appeal to more students.  Maybe some can be clubs or after school classes.

–Susan mentioned the importance of electives.  We need a Library and choices for students.


III.  Miscellaneous

–Susan mentioned the trip tomorrow to ”The Princess Project.”  Susan can take up to 70 girls.  Please let her know if you know of students who would like to go along.  Priorities should be seniors but other grades can attend.


–Lisa mentioned the change in the yearly calendar.  The talent show is March 27, not March 20th.  It will be a double 4th period schedule.


Meeting adjourned at 12:05pm.



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – March 3, 2015

March 3, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


I.          Debrief about today’s Emergency Evacuation Drill

–We had many subs today and they evacuated but did not know the directions.  We need to get a cheat sheet for evacuations for our daily subs.

–We may need an announcement along with the fire alarm.  Marcus said no matter what evacuate.

–Stephen Jackson asked about the evacuation routes.  Nancy said she feels that some classes have changed routes and the bottlenecks seem less for his evacuation route.

–Susan suggested a half sheet for subs to tell them what to do.  She suggested using all staff, like paras, secretaries and even the accountant on Tuesdays.

–David mentioned different class periods will have different amounts of traffic as we cross the street.

–Marcus saw 2 things—we need to make individual evacuation plans for students in wheel chairs and we need to learn how to use the evacuation chairs.  This should be for every student for every period.

–Lisa mentioned no one would have known where Tammy was and how to evacuate her.  She also suggested bright yellow vests along with the stop signs for those faculty being crossing guards.

–Lauren felt it was very messy on the field.  She said in an actual emergency it would be hard to take attendance.  The students were not getting in lines.  With online attendance it is difficulty to take attendance on the field.

–Stephen Jackson mentioned he and Nurse Kitchell are still in charge of food water and blankets.  They have no idea how much to get.  Marcus asked JROTC to put that plan together.

–Nancy asked who would pay for all these supplies.  How much water?  Portable toilets would be necessary.

–Stephen Emmi mentioned he is part of the field command center but he is not sure what he is supposed to do.  It is important for teachers to go with their students to their assigned line.

–Susan Kitchell said teachers on prep showed up at the command center and helped.  This should be handled at the first PD of the school year.

–Joseph said for attendance on the field—every teacher should have a copy of the class roster and keep it with their emergency supplies then they will have a hard copy.


II.         EL Students’ CELDT Scores

–Kathleen handed out all the CELDT scores for each department.  Kathleen explained the components of the form.


III.       EWI Students

–Marcus said the EWI stands for Early Warning Indicators—identified in middle school with 2 issues—attendance and grades.  3 principals—Balboa, Washington and Galileo are meeting to figure out what we are doing as a school and what we need to do to improve.

–GW has retained 45% of 9th graders who have made it to the 11th grade.  Gal—44% and Balboa statistic was not presented.

–We have gathered these students to talk with them about what is working for them.  They did a videotape and we will see the video at our next meeting.  He distributed a list of the students and this also indicates which students were in the interview.  These students are the success stories and we want to learn from them.  He talked about the questions they put to the students.  Marcus said it was a very good conversation.

–A unifying theme was to be a more serious student in the 9th grade.  Attendance should have been better.  Family structure is important.  They were asked if they have a positive relationship with one adult in the building and most of them said they did.

–Susan asked what are we doing about the parents and how they value/not value higher education.

–Joseph suggested we pay these students to go to class, via a raffle.  Money talks.

–All the students learned to be resiliency.


IV.  Budget/ School Wide Priorities

–Michelle M. asked if we are shifting priorities?  Marcus asked everyone to go back to their departments to ask how the members feel.  He distributed a list of priorities.

–Nancy said we have our SSC Summit on Saturday and we will be discussing this item.

–Marcus said we can improve on CAHSEE.  We should do more next year on this.

–Susan said she would like to do better on Free and Reduced Lunch to capture the students who need to eat.  She also suggested Grab and Go 2 around 10:00am.  She also said we need some incentive to have the students turn in the forms.  She also mentioned that often students come to her for food.

–Kathleen said “Off the Grid” does fundraisers, but this can only be for adults.

–Susan asked about the giant food machine in the hallway by 150.  It is too large for students to pass in an emergency.


–Michelle asked about how the forms from the district were processed and distributed this year.  Susan asked if new students could fill out the form when they enroll, but the forms are not ready at that time.


–Susan asked what the $80,000 extra in our budget means.  Marcus said we are in the beginning stages of planning.

–David asked about some things we lost from last year.  Marcus mentioned we lost an Attendance Office.   ELAC wanted a study skills class during a 7th period.  Marcus said we are working on that right now.


–Lisa talked about request from the PTSA, on Phone System, Web Site, Communication, etc.  We will have to designate some funds to someone to update our web site.


–Marcus asked everyone to check with their departments for their thoughts and ideas.


V.         Miscellaneous

–Susan said next week she is taking 70 girls to the Princess Project to shop for Prom dresses.  Each girl will have a personal shopper who helps her.  They get a free dress and one accessory.

–Joseph said next year’s Prom will be at the Intercontinental Hotel on April 23, 2016.  He also asked for chaperones for the Boat Dance on March 14, 2015.


Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.

Department Heads/Leadership Meeting Minutes – February 24, 2015

February 24, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


I.          Computer Lab

–Michelle M. asked about the hours for the computer lab. Marcus said 7am – 5pm.


II.         Wellness Staff Survey

–Michelle F. mentioned this survey is done every other year.  It is all computerized now. The goal is 80% of the staff should complete this.  There is a raffle for a $15 Safeway card.  She is asking for feedback on the best way to do this.  Lisa suggested completing it in department meetings.  It takes 10 minutes and is due sometime in May.

–Lisa said she could organize the paras to complete it on an early release day.

–Michelle will send out the link to the whole faculty.


III.       Budget

–Marcus said we saw a $700,000 increase in the budget for next year, but due to the raises this increase just covers all of the raises in all of the positions.  The bottom line is an $80,000 increase, not even enough for 1 teaching position.

–Ethan mentioned the cost of district teachers on special assignment totaling about $3 million dollars taking funds away from the students.  These teachers work from the special assignment budget.  Susan indicated these funds are usually taken from grant funds.  She said this is an out of credential teaching funding.  The issue is the way this district spends the money they get from the state.

–Marcus said he is concerned about security aides, Peer Resources and JROTC.

–Nancy said the district is encouraging us to offer an Ethnic Studies class to 9th graders next year.

–Joseph asked what class 9th graders would drop to take this class.  It could be Social Studies or VAPA.


–1975 students is the allocation for the fall.  This will include a decrease in ELLs.  We should have about 388 ELLs next fall.

–Joseph asked how many of the 45 allocated ELLs have arrived.

–Marcus said the good news is we won’t have to do any cutting.  We may have to do some adjusting.  He said we will present this to the SSC at tomorrow’s meeting.


–Susan asked if there has been any talk about closing under enrolled high schools.  Marcus said there is always talk of that, but nothing has happened so far.


IV.        Miscellaneous

–Stephen Emmi said the counseling office will be visiting Social Studies classes next week.

–Marcus congratulated Nancy who received a 3-year contract from the district.

–We also got the word that Stephen Emmi will be voted in at the SSC meeting tomorrow.

–Kathleen mentioned those who just passed the National Boards and we have 10-15 on staff who have passed the National Boards.


Meeting adjourned at 11:42am.


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – February 17, 2015

February 17, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


I.          Department Head Budget Priorities

–Marcus said we would get next year’s budget on Monday.  The PTSA meets tonight for budget priorities.  He will meet with ELAC next week.  These will be the two community meetings.  He will give the budget to the SSC next week.

–Marcus said the budget would be based on a class size of 33.  He is not sure what that means.

–Marcus said we have small class sizes in some areas and this could affect the budget.

–Marcus wants feedback on what the departments need.  What are our priorities?


–Lisa will run the community meeting tonight with the PTSA.  He put up a sheet detailing the items at the meeting.  He explained the agenda.  He explained the requests of the PTSA, current priorities—class size, Academy pathways, electives, co-teaching, and newcomers.  Central Office areas identified:  CAHSEE, Attendance, A-G grad track, Suspensions, G.P.A.  The district wants us to improve in these areas.

–Marcus said we will have to increase the school-wide budget.


–Marcus asked for discussion or other priorities.

–Lauren wanted to add Special Programs to Academies and Pathways—AVID, Chinese Immersion.

–Marcus said he would get some information on how many students are taking more than one class in specific areas.


II.         Co-Teaching Placements 2015/16

–Stephen Jackson talked about feedback from this year.  Some teachers felt that had too many students with IEPs.  In Special Ed, Case Managers will look at each student and their schedules.  Perhaps some of these students do not need co-teachers.  They will analyze all of their students.  They will collect the data, and then present this to the general ed teachers.  He asked if there is anything else his department can do.

–Michelle mentioned that some of her classes have large numbers of students with IEPs and this can be overwhelming for the teachers.

–Susan said there is a special committee working with this issue in union bargaining.

–Registration will be during the first 2 weeks of March.

–February 27th during lunch will be the Academy & Pathway Fair.

–Marcus said if anyone is proposing a course, please let admin know right away.


III.       AP Course Registration

–Mat said this is a good time to recruit for AP classes— via G-House TV, lunchtime.  Mat asked if counselors need a checklist for the courses.  Mat will email this information to Stephen Emmi.  Spreadsheets will be available for department heads to edit.

–Stephen Emmi said students know if they are being recommended for an AP class.

–Kathleen said there were no ELL students in AP language courses at this time.  They should be proficient in English before signing up for AP courses.



IV.        Timely Arrangements for Substitutes

–Please remind your teachers to plan ahead of time for teachers who know they will be absent.  Please contact subs and make arrangements ahead of time.


V.         Computer Cart Sign-up

–Alicia mentioned some teachers had signed up for 10 days straight with the computer cart.  She mentioned the protocol and it does not seem to be the same as the labs.

–Lisa said it should be the same and she will edit the information.

–Alicia asked how many days in a row can a teacher sign up for the computer carts?  Lisa will clarify this.  Doug explained a situation with the math department and the new and old carts.  He also said his department shared the sign up of the cart, but one person signed out the carts for the whole department.

–Lisa talked about testing and the use of the carts and prep for testing.

–Lisa reminded teachers not to send substitutes to the computer lab when they are absent.  Lisa needs to approve reoccurring reservations.

–Marcus asked Lisa to send out an email detailing the reservation policies.


VI.        Senior Awards

–Marcus mentioned our last discussion about the Move-Up Assembly.  We will have a Move-Up Celebration this year and the ASB officers will do the “moving.”  This will turn into a carnival and food fest.

–Senior Awards Dinner—kids who are getting an award will be invited.  It will be in the gym with a catered dinner.  This will recognize academics as well as other awards.  She asked the group to brainstorm awards.

Beating the Odds Award.  LATA and TACT Scholarships, SF Achievers.  Most improved award.  Citizenship Award, Community Service Award (in and outside the Galileo community).

–Doug asked if this should be within departments.  Healthy Choice Award, Newcomer of the Year; Student Performance Award;  Teacher Pop Pole for students;

Marc suggested Most Creative Award Outside the Classroom;  Creativity Award;.


–Joseph said he would miss the ceremony at Move-up with the band and orchestra.  Marcus said this could still happen at the celebration.


VII.      Miscellaneous

–Susan sent an email to students and their parents about immunizations.  The box to put the responses in is in the Counseling Office.  Autodialer will go out today.  Deadline is March 1, 2015.  Susan explained the guidelines.


Meeting adjourned at 12:10pm.


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – February 10, 2015

February 10, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


I.          Emergency Drills

–Nancy said that we need to get back to practicing the drills.  She said we will have one this month.  She asked the group for feedback on the last drills last semester.

–The group preferred the last week of February.

–Michelle asked about the Healthy Kids Survey and when it will be given—either a Tuesday or Friday of the last week of February.

–Alan said there is a tech event that Friday (27th).

–Nancy suggested Monday, February 23, 2015.  This will be a fire drill.


II.         Drink Tap Assembly

–Friday, March 6, 2015.  It will be an invitational assembly using the filling stations.  Encourage your teachers to attend.

–Marcus said we have one in the cafeteria and we may get one more.  Every student who comes will be given the Hetch-Hetchy water bottle.  Friday, March 6th 11:45 am – 112:20pm is the time scheduled.

–Discussion followed about how many bottles we have left and how to distribute them.

–Marcus suggested giving students who attend the assembly a ticket and then they can turn in the ticket for a bottle.

–David asked how often the filter will be replaced.


III.       AP Test Administration & Sign-Up

–Doug mentioned a plan Stephen Emmi was working on and that would be to have all students taking the tests to sign up at the same time and pay at that time.

–He mentioned Washington uses an AP Coordinator (.2) and he was paid for collecting the funds.  Lowell funds a person to do all AP activities.

–Doug says teachers are walking around with lots of money and what happens if someone steals the money?

–Marcus said the money should be turned in to the AP Coordinator.

–David asked what happens if students don’t qualify for a reduced rate, what happens if they don’t sign up for the test? Nancy said she used to handle those cases.  A statement from the parents should qualify a student for the reduced rate.

–Doug told the group how he handles it.

–Marcus said everyone enrolled in the AP courses should take the tests.

–Information is due March 2nd.

–Stephen Emmi clarified the $5 fee and the form they must fill out.  He mentioned we are no longer getting information on free and reduced price lunch.

Classes will visit the counseling office as a group on a pre-arranged date to sign-up and pay.


IV.        Criteria for Selecting Teachers to Assess IWA (Integrated Writing Assessment)

–This is given to 9th graders.  The purpose is to calibrate writing.  Last year all 9th grade English teachers but one went.  This year AP teachers with writing will be the ones to participate in this.  We will go through each department.

–Michelle said this test is the one that looks the most like the Smarter Balance which students take in the 11th grade.  Topics in the test are science, social science, and not necessarily novels.


V.         Feedback from CLRP Presentation

–Marcus asked for feedback from the group.

–Mat asked about a subject like math.

–Doug has not found helpful information from this activity.

–Marcus said one strategy for Math is “Get out of your seat.”  He demonstrated this activity.  We need to address many types of learners.

–Marcus said the next area would be participation points to engage all students.


VI.        Miscellaneous

–Stephen Jackson mentioned an email he sent to the group about “At a Glance Documents.”  He mentioned they are all on Google Drive.  You can view a list of students who have IEPs and can see basic information about the students.  He mentioned the documents will be updated after an IEP.


–Lauren distributed a calendar with Senior Activities in May.  She discussed the events on the calendar.

–Lauren will ask for volunteers to read names at graduation.

–Forms for department honors will be distributed later this week.  Deadline will most likely be mid-March.

–Students nominated for honors will be checked by the Deans’ Office for cheating referrals.


Meeting adjourned at 12:05pm.

Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – January 27, 2015

January 27, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


Leadership Team Agenda


I.          Bell Schedule 2/16 – 2/18/15

–Joseph asked about the bell schedule for the week of 2/16.  Wednesday will be a regular bell schedule.  We need to check with Transportation see if this will work.

End time will be 3:10pm .  We need to see if we can get the busses to come at 3:10 rather than 2:10pm.


II.         Mid-Year School Capacity Activity

–Marcus explained the self-assessment activity.  He distributed it and we will combine what everyone contributes.

This is a rubric and he explained the different sections.  He asked everyone to quickly read the first section.  We skipped to 1.2, 2nd box.  Marcus asked everyone to read this section.

–Good teaching practice means random checking to see that everyone is participating.

–Discussion followed on the SST, SAP, SART, and participation of teachers with perhaps a floating substitute.

–Susan gave her thoughts on the SST, SAP, SART and IEPs.  These are all difficult to schedule.

–Doug felt it is important to have the whole team present at these meetings.


–School Team meetings is the second topic to discuss.  Doug gave his impression on where the school teams are.  Time and training need more development.  Joseph discussed the difference between “always” and “consistently.”  We fall under “consistently.”

–Marcus said we would do several of these discussions at upcoming meetings.


III.       Exit Exam

–Nancy will borrow some teachers this Thursday to train them for the Exit Exam.  She will send an email.


IV.        CAASP Training

–Lisa explained the computer training for the testing.  She divided the group into smaller teams to attempt the math and English parts of the practice tests.  After the teams had time to work with the exercise there was discussion on content, ease of using the program and everyone was encouraged to contribute to the discussion.


V.         Miscellaneous

–Susan told the group that those who announce retirement by Feb. 1st they will get $1,000.

–Those who resign by Feb. 1st will get 3 months of health insurance over the summer.


Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.

Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – January 22, 2015

January 22, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




I.  School Capacities

–Lisa began by telling the group every year we put in a request to EPC on how many students we want to have for the next year.  We take into account returning students, traveling teachers, etc.


–We currently have 1908 students and we are funded at about 1976 students.  We will get 40 newcomers.

–We will not be making decisions today, just getting input.  Do we want to be smaller or larger—this will all affect funding and staffing?


–David Barrios asked about the budget.  Does our budget go up as the district has more money for next year?  He asked if we get more money can we lower the number of students and still get the funding.  Science feels that the most professional thing to strive for is one teacher per classroom.  He would opt for smaller class sizes, so lower enrollment if we are getting more money per student.


–Susan said you lower the number of students, you have fewer faculty and fewer staff.  She said there are changes in different school sites.  She mentioned the new middle school that is being set up differently.  The district is also very fond of administrative costs, so all the funding is not equally distributed.


–Stephen Jackson asked how many teachers we would lose with lower enrollment.  Lisa said 150 students for one teacher per department.


–Doug said there are way too many variables in this equation.  We need to look at specifics, like how many teachers does this involve.  If we are going to lose teachers, then we could probably have more students.  Lisa said it does involve a lot of factors.  Do we want to stay where we are now, grow a little or go down?

–Doug asked if we stay the same would our class sizes go up.  Stephen Emmi said class sizes will grow.


–Joseph said they would like to see VAPA grown by 100 students and bring back band.  He felt there always will be traveling teachers.


–Michelle Moffett did not have a chance to have a conversation with her department to answer the questions.

–Michelle also mentioned bringing in new academies and pathways.  She felt that we need to look at how course offerings will look.


–Mat for Social Sciences said they feel they are at full strength, like their class sizes and do not want to lose anybody.

–Lisa said if we keep 1908 we will have less funding next year.

–Susan said parents are looking for schools that have lots of choices for their children.  The choice comes down to a difficult decision.  If we do no have electives that make high school more enjoyable, we will lose students to other schools.  Traveling will always happen based on our number of classrooms.


–Bai said many parents ask him about class sizes.  More students in the building and higher class sizes are not desirable to prospective parents.  He said some parents would like more VAPA classes.


–Lisa said if we have more students, we get more money.  We also run out of classrooms if we have more students.  We have to look the CORE classes that students need.

–Nancy said we do not know right now how much more money we will have, as the district is changing how they do the WSF.  The district has said the WSF will be conservative next year.


–David said more students do not necessarily mean more electives.  He mentioned several electives in Science, but it is important to recruit students for the electives.  He felt that no staff should be cut.  He would like to see the numbers remain the same or go down by just a few students if the attrition from our staff can accommodate that.


–Doug recalled 3 or 4 years ago that we had 2100 students and everyone seemed to fit.  He mentioned the addition of room 354 as a classroom.  Lisa said some periods have no available classrooms.  He felt giving teachers their own room is a preference question, not a capacity question.


–Michelle Moffett mentioned co-teachers and planning time and the benefits of having their own room for preps.  We may have to revisit CPT and using more for planning.


–Stephen Jackson asked about the space behind room 105 in the “garage” area where autoshop classes met.  He said we should be more aggressive in finding and refitting spaces.  Susan talked about events at GWHS and funding converting rooms that were the shop areas.


–Stephen Emmi and Lisa discussed some building requests from the past that have not happened.


–Lisa asked about our preferences for the total number of newcomer students.  We are funded and budgeted at 150.  We have 128 right now.


–Michelle asked if we can influence the newcomer students number for next year.  Lisa said we are a newcomer pathway school.  She put out numbers on class sizes.

Michelle said Kathleen wants the class sizes small and the students need them small as well.


–Lisa said the information will go to the High School Office today and it will go to the district tomorrow.


Meeting adjourned at 10:30am.

Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – January 20, 2015

January 21, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


Leadership Team Agenda


I.          Communication

–Michelle had 2 questions from her department.  Why not communicate with the 15% of teachers who are not posting on School Loop?  Marcus said the current parents have lots of experience with School Loop and want the teachers to post regularly and often.

–David said there should be a window for responding.  He also suggested that the parents still have the middle school mind set and we need to convert them to high school communication.  We should let the parents know what will be different in high school.

–Marcus suggested all students are different and respond at different rates.  He gave an example of his children.

–Susan asked how many parents are on School Loop.  Stan DeBella said 30%.  Susan wanted to know how many parents actually check daily.  Marcus said he checks on his daughter every day.  She asked about all the parents who are not on School Loop.

–Marcus said as a school we need to make sure parents register for School Loop.  Parent involvement is a big thing.

–Michelle asked about the teachers who are not posting—are they being encouraged to post?  Do we let them know we want them to use School Loop to communicate with parents?  Marcus has spoken to some of them.  Student should know their grades at all times.

–Kathleen said 80% of her department uses School Loop.  Why do we have to post more often because some teachers are not doing it?

–Marcus said we have some high-powered parents with high-powered connections.

–Do we have alternative ways of communicating, like Progress Reports?

–Susan feels there should be something in the welcome to Galileo packet about the importance of students advancing in independence, studying, etc.  Marcus asked for the process at her son’s high school and then asked her to write that process up.

–Joseph mentioned there are things we can do with our students here and then there are district activities.  He said the grievance about forcing teaches to use School Loop is still on the table.  If the administration feels it is important for teachers to post, then they should provide CPT time to post.  Marcus said he could hold faculty meetings after school.  Joseph said only two per month.

–Marcus said he is frustrated that the administration does not have extra time to communicate with the teachers.

–Susan clarified that the expectation for posting has not changed—it is every 3 weeks this year. Next year Marcus would like it to be every 2 weeks. He feels that posting every 2 weeks helps teachers keep up with their grades.


–Michelle put out a general request for more timely communication in response to teachers’ emails with regard to admin.  Marcus said he is more of a face-to-face person and he gets many emails.  Michelle mentioned that they are being asked to use this technology tool as finding people takes more time.


II.         CAHSEE

–Nancy will send out information to all of the teachers this week about logistics, etc.

–Ethan said his teachers requested classrooms for the testing and where we can relocate the athletic activities during the testing. There is a basketball game after the second day of testing.


III.       CLRP Faculty Meeting Preview & Assignments

–Validation of culture as a person, gender wise, nationality.  This is about validating people as individuals.

–Marcus presented an exercise that he used to do.  This has to do with journal writing.  He gave the rules.  Name and date at the top of the paper.  Do not worry about punctuation.  Write to the edge of the paper.  It does not matter what you write about.

-–Participation points were very important in this activity he used in the classroom. Sharing what you write is voluntary. He plans to do this exercise at the next faculty meeting and he will not use the same song.


–Marcus gave the group 5 minutes to finish their writing to the first hole punch in the paper.


–Marcus asked if anyone wanted to share what they wrote.  Joseph went first.  Alicia read.  Stephen Jackson read.  David Barrios read. David Beauvais read. Susan wrote about music and talked about Bob Dylan.


–Marcus asked what just happed?  He said we got a chance to talk and relate and this is a good way to create relationships with students.  He gave a few examples.  Relationships are important.  Discussion followed.


–Marcus said the topic of the next book club is “The Model Minority.”

–Marcus gave an assignment to talk about what you can do to validate culture in our department and content area.


–Marcus would like to have another meeting about School Capacities this week. The meeting will be held this Thursday at the beginning of 4th period.


IV.        School Capacities


Leadership/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – January 13, 2015

January 21, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:25am.


Leadership Team Agenda



I.               CAHSEE


Nancy reports we are working as much as we can to do promotion…letter to parents, working on getting information on the web, posted posters around campus, and class meetings with information

–Nancy out a request to prepare students for the exam in departments/classes.

–Ethan asked about athletic matches and practices.  Wrestling will get moved to an away match on Tuesday, Basketball on Wednesday will be ok.  There are concerns about practices Monday – Wednesday.

–Students will be tested will be 10th grade and 12th grade; Nancy will double check on this.

–Nancy stressed that tables have to specifically be set apart by a certain amount of space.

–Labeling students by grade level they have credits for…use counselor or classes to tell what actual year they are in HS


II.             Detention

–Nancy reported that Lunch Time Detention started yesterday, overall successful.

A few students didn’t show up, there were calls home, and if they don’t show up today they will be suspended.

–Nurse Kitchell requested hall sweeps on 1st floor Polk Street side regularly.

–Ethan asked about the issue regarding students who don’t show getting suspended.  He made the point that punishment shouldn’t be them not attending school (getting suspended).  Is that an appropriate punishment?

–Nancy said the suspensions are a way to show students that we are serious about lunch detentions.

–Marcus asked what the offense would be because we cannot use “K” for willful defiance anymore.

–David Beauvais spoke about the two types of students this might apply to and how it might work.

–Nurse Kitchell agreed with Ethan that perhaps the punishment doesn’t fit the crime…perhaps an in-school suspension.

–Marcus mentioned that in-school suspension requires a certificated staff member.

–David Beauvais is working to enlist parent support; parent meetings will happen before suspension, and then a meeting with the Principal might be the next step.

–Stephen Jackson was also thinking about in-school suspension but understands the cost issue, and he asked what chronic truant rate at school is.

–Discussion that it’s about 10 students wandering the halls.

–Stephen Jackson mentioned using the small size of the group to tailor interventions to each student.

–Doug asked what were the numbers yesterday?

–Nancy: provided the following: 10 on list, 5 attended, 3 not in 4th period, 2 ignored requests to attend.  Can serve 10-15 students.

–Nurse Kitchell expressed concern about all the names on the walkie-talkies and privacy concerns.  Also, she asked what time are you doing first period because Muni is sometimes the reason.  Lastly, what about feeding them?

–Nancy said: 1st period sweep is at 8:30am.  Cafeteria is brining lunch for all students regardless of free/reduced lunch status.

—David Barrios was attempting to address problem of students arriving to class late.   Lauren agreed.


–Alicia thanked Dean’s Office for this.  She knows it takes effort.  Even students knowing about it could make a difference regarding number of tardies.

–Joseph said in his 21st year at Galileo, we have tried lots of different things; he thinks this solution might really work.  Not for the chronic attendance issues but for the slow to class students who still attend and don’t see the urgency in getting to class on time.

–Nancy said that due to all the advertisements, students clearly knew about program.  Hallways were very quiet yesterday.


Meeting adjourned.

Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – January 1, 2015

January 6, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.  He wished everyone Happy New Year.


Leadership Team Agenda


I.          SBAC

–Marcus said we have some high stakes testing coming up.  There have been some changes in who is coordinating the testing.

–Lisa is in charge of this one and Nancy will do CLAs.

–We have to do the CST Life Science.  English and Math will fall under the new testing.


–Lisa discussed a hypothetical schedule.  She will work with department heads and teachers to iron out the details.  The tests will be given during a regular schedule.  English must be given first and Math will follow.  These are computer tests.  The Life Science test is a paper and pencil test.

–English will go through American Lit classes.  Teachers will monitor their own classes.

–Math will be run in Pre-Calculus or Algebra 2 classes.

–English will start on a Friday, then go to Monday.  Each segment is an hour.  There is a classroom activity that will precede this on a Tuesday. These tests will happen in April to not conflict with AP Testing.  English will be April 10 – 16, then a week break and then Math April 24 – 30.  AP testing starts on May 4th.

–There are accommodations for Sped. Ed and ELL students.  She talked about the accommodations.

–Lisa said the administrators will try out the test and then they will do this activity with the Leadership Team.  She distributed a blue print for the test.


II.         CHSEE

–Nancy said this exam will be on Feb. 3rd and 4th.  English will be first, then Math.  It will be a regular bell schedule for both days.  She plans to run the exams in the gyms.  She indicated it will take all 3 gyms.  This test is for 10th graders.  We need attendance and the students to pass the exams.

–We need to use the gyms to be in compliance.  The cafeteria and classrooms are out of compliance.

–Seniors do get the opportunity to take the test as this time.  March testing is for everyone and the May testing is for seniors.

–Nancy asked for ideas to prepare for the tests and get students to come.  She mentioned posters in the halls and G-House TV commercials.  What can we do as teachers to prepare students for the test?

–Michelle discussed talking about how the questions are phrased.  Classroom activities do not often mirror how the questions are phrased.  She said they would do this activity in the “Do Nows.”

–Nancy suggested Test Strategies—like process of elimination on answers.

–Kathleen has test taking strategies in reading and math.  Marcus suggested putting these on a Google doc.


–Lisa identified some students who might be a-risk for the Math portion.

–Lauren asked about the 11th and 12th graders who need prep.  How can they get a hold of the Test Prep math book that is in the bookroom?  We can also make a handout of websites to look at for test prep.

–Lisa suggested giving handouts to those students who will be taking the test.

–David suggested putting it on School Loop.

–Marcus said he would go into Social Studies classes to do workshops on what the test is all about.  We have low scores with Latinos and AAs.


III.       Detention

–Nancy mentioned the Lunch Time Detention to address the behaviors we noticed during the Fall Semester.  She said they were looking for rooms to hold these sessions.

–Susan asked if they were accepting referrals for detention.  Marcus said there are a handful of students who have no consequences and their parents say, “Don’t call me again.”

–Nancy said many students like to leave campus at lunchtime so this is a good consequence.  It will run daily to start to make the students aware.  She indicated it can only accommodate 10-15 students per day.

–Tardiness and defiance are reasons for getting assigned this detention.  Teachers can send information to the Deans’ Office.

–Dave said teachers should put on a referral any interventions they have taken.

–Lauren said we should check on legitimate absences for illnesses before assigning detention.

–Susan said there are times when CPS can help with this.  If the parents do not care, that is Educational Neglect.  Marcus said we will handle each student on an individual basis.

–Doug asked about the directive to not mark suspended students absent.  That is handled with the suspension when it is entered into Synergy.


IV.        Staff Changes

–New staff—Amy Barrios is .6 in English and ELD, Ryan Welch joined us as the College and Career teacher; Bob Novota will teach College & Career during the Band Period.  Hopefully we will return Band in the Fall.


V.         Enrollment

–We are up 10 students to 1916.  We will have 40 Newcomers arriving over the semester.



VI.        Course Changes

–They will take place over the week.


VII.      Master Schedule

–Stephen mentioned the classes that were added, and they are mostly completed.

Some balancing still needs to take place.  We added an American Lit class and a European Lit class for 9th graders.  We also added 2 ELD classes and an Econ class.

–David asked when there would be classroom visits.  Stephen said there is a new training for next year and will have a better idea after the training.


VIII.     UBC Agreements

–Marcus said the biggest concern is for student safety after school.  Some students are here as late as 10PM.  We will shut the building down at 6:00pm starting next Monday.  Everyone must leave.  We will have to be open for meetings.  The Bay Street Gate will be closed and locked at 4:30pm.


–Parking is a serious issue.  We will call DPT if cars are blocking someone in owners will get a ticket.  Susan Kitchell is drafting a letter.  Most of the offenders are chronic offenders.  Once DPT comes they will give tickets to anyone parked illegally.  Susan mentioned alternatives to blocking and where to park.

–Ethan mentioned painting something on the ground to warn parkers.


–Sub Days should come from department budgets or from colleague coverage.  These days the administrators have cannot be used for field trips for clubs, only classes.


IX.        Miscellaneous


–Lisa mentioned evaluations and short forms.  Anyone with Satisfactory or above in the last 6 years is eligible for the short form.


Meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.


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