Leadership Team/Department Head Meeting Minutes – October 30, 2014

October 30, 2014


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 9:55am.


I.          5th Year Seniors


–This was brought up at the previous meeting.  Marcus asked for the issues with these students.

–Alicia said this is in combination with those students who are homeless.  She talked of one student and asked how do we help them graduate.  This student also has a brother in the same situation.

–Lauren asked for the teeth of the issue.  What will happen to attendance and progress, grades, etc.? Has the district set up some guidelines?

–Susan said there must be checkpoints and goals.

–Alicia said she imagines that each case is probably different.  Are they in transitional housing?  Is it hard to get the students to school?

–Susan said Wellness offers services to these students.

–Susan asked about newcomer students who stay beyond age 18.  What are their alternatives for education?


–Marcus suggested tabling this issue and attempt to come up with a policy. He gave some different examples.


II.         Attendance Policies


–Marcus asked for concerns, questions, etc., for online attendance.

–Susan asked what period of the day a student must be present for the school to qualify for the ADA.

–An issue tomorrow might be the Giants parade.  Marcus said it would affect the district, not the school.

–Lauren asked if it was important to have multiple calls home for absences. She said the counselors are getting midday calls to check on students.

–Marcus said he is fielding some of the calls and in 75% of the calls, the student is missing class.  He would like to continue with this and see how it is working.

–Michelle mentioned the need to correct some of the attendance if students are coming late to class.

–Marcus said attendance should be taken after 40 minutes.

–For corrections teachers have to make these changes by midnight.

–David asked for a signal to teachers if they slipped and did not turn in attendance.

–Lisa said there is an email that goes to Marcus with the names of teachers who did not turn in attendance for one or more periods.

–Nancy said Vera will make phone calls to teachers who did not turn in attendance.  Nancy will look into the email alerts.

–Nancy said security will pick up attendance from the substitutes.

–Marcus said yesterday 14 classes were not reported.  We need to try to get to 100%.


III.       Autodialer


–Marcus said there is a phone call at 4:00pm, and there is one during 3rd period.

–There is a report back to the school if the phone numbers of the students are not accurate.  Autodialer goes to the primary phone number.  Let Mr. Emmi know if there are problems with the number.


IV.        Field Trips

–Mark your students absent if they are on a field trip.  Tell your teachers that they must give Vera a list of students who attended the field trip.

–Michelle said an email to Vera would work as well.

–Joseph mentioned 2 types of students who do not go on field trips—those who are absent and those who did not get their field trip slip signed and have to remain at school with another teacher.


V.         School Safety

–Marcus is concerned about the safety issues with the school.  We have 17 exits/entrances.  He is going to have a safety assessment.  Some doors are constantly kept open.

–Michelle said we have so many former students who come on campus.  The security aides cannot always tell them from current students.

–Marcus said we can talk about wearing IDs.

–Susan said we need to let the students know that we need to keep the doors closed.

–Joseph said he thinks we all should wear IDs.  He mentioned seeing students from NYC doing this.

–What if a student does not have their ID?

–Doug asked if there is something that caused the interest in more security.  Marcus said the UBC has been talking about this.  An incident happened in Wellness and the adults were alarmed.


VI.        School Hours

–We are going to have to close the school at a certain time and everyone will have to leave.  We are looking at 6:00pm or 6:30pm.


VII.      Matching Analysis of Student Outcomes

–Marcus discussed the components of matching analysis, instructional time, GPA, (Marcus said the district is discussing matching grading policies across the district),  9th Grade PFT, (physical fitness test), English (big gap with AA students),


–Michelle asked if there is a way to reduce the amount of assessments so that teachers can spend more time teaching.  Marcus said this is being discussed across the district.

–Doug said the CAHSEE does not measure how well a student does—it is just a pass/fail mark.  Marcus said his supervisor says this is “dirty data” and he has hired someone to clean this up.

–Doug would like to know the points of the matching criteria.

–Marcus said that to take the CAHSEE this year students must have 10th grade credits.

–Stephen Jackson asked about having a 9th grade CAHSEE class in the VAPA dept.  He mentioned the benefits.

–David said we have to keep in mind what we are already doing addressing some of the issues.

–Kathleen said some students are in ELD classes because they are low in their reading skills.  She feels there should be some support for 9th graders.

–Joseph likes the idea of the class for 9th graders, but would want to make sure it did not slow the student from making their graduation requirement.


–On Track Graduation—Mr. Emmi said the counseling office is working on this.  He wants the data to be aligned with what our students are actually doing.  Some simple tasks will correct some of these situations.

–Susan asked about JROTC instructors needing PE credentials.  Ethan explained how they are handling this.


IX.        Miscellaneous

–Nancy mentioned that she would be overseeing security and the building and asked for suggestions.

–Ethan said no food should be on the field.  This needs to be enforced.

–David asked for a schedule of where and when the security aides would be.


–Doug told of the process to get furniture from the district warehouse.

–It is not allowed for teachers to walk through the warehouse.  Doug send pictures of what he wanted and they replied that they had the items on hand.


–David said there is a liability issue with couches.  If the school buys it, that is OK, but any thing that is donated could be a liability.


–Joseph requested the administration to put the attendance accounting/reporting procedure for field trips, etc. in writing and discuss this at the next faculty meeting.


–Michelle brought up the college field trips.  She is requesting we get a list of these way ahead of time and it should be published.  She asked if the counseling office could put this information out as soon as the find out.


–Marcus said Doug Pfifer is warning us about Galileo web.  As of right now we are sticking with Galileo web, but we are transiting to School Loop.  The Gmail drive stays.  Word Press is the problem.

–Susan asked the percentage of parents on school loop.  Lisa said 30-35%.  The 9th and 10th grade parents are used to it from middle school.


Meeting adjourned at 10:55am.

Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – October 21, 2014

October 22, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Nancy called the meeting to order at 11:25am.  Lisa said that we would wait for Marcus to return if any items need administrative decisions.



We welcomed Nancy back.



I.          Policy on 5th Year Seniors


–Doug said some of his department members wanted to know if the policy has changed—can seniors stay for a  5th year?


–Stephen Emmi said this is the first year that we have done this.  We have 5 this year.  We will revisit this in the future.


–Doug asked if we were steering students away from Ida B. Wells.  Stephen said some have transferred there.


–Nancy said it was originally the district’s idea for the 5th year when more graduation requirements began.


–Nancy said it is also budget issue from last year.



II.         Newcomer Pathway Cluster Program


–Mat asked for the names of teachers in each department.  Lisa will provide it for him.



III.       Nancy introduced our new dean, Kate Morgan.  Everyone introduced themselves to her.



IV.        Teacher Notification of Classroom Use


–David brought up the classrooms that were used last weekend for the NERT program.  He discussed what had happened in his room.  He asked for warning ahead of time in the future.


–Nancy said the classrooms were selected at the last minute.



V.         Tutoring


–Kathleen talked about the ELD tutoring and she distributed some information.  The students in tutoring are supervised by teachers.  There are slips the students can give to their teachers proving they attended tutoring.  She distributed a tutoring schedule.  She said there may be some forms of independent study for those who need credits to graduate.  Tutoring is in Room 450


–Doug suggested we send an email to parents on SchoolLoop telling about the tutoring.  It can also be posted on the parent page.


–Bai can send it out on the Yahoo group.



VI.        Futurama Intramurals


–Ethan said there are lunchtime groups and after school groups that are not supervised.  This is a liability issue.  Ethan said the break dancers are in the auditorium after school.  All Futurama workers should wear their badges.


–Ethan mentioned that AVID uses the football field on Fridays.



VII.      Synergy


–Joseph said he felt the transition to Synergy has been smooth.  He asked about students on field trips.  He covered both the teacher who has the field trip and the teacher who excuses the students.


–Lisa said if a teacher signs a field trip slip, mark the student present in the grade book and mark them present.  She described an alternative process.  We will make changes, but not until Marcus returns.



–Alicia’ s department mentioned the norm—if a student is not in a classroom, we should say they are absent legally.  She said her department is going to follow what they are legally bound to do and that is to mark them absent if they are not in the classroom.


–We do not have a system for field trip teachers to mark students present in other classes.


–Lauren mentioned the autodialer and the fact that parents would be calling the school if their students are marked absent while they are on a field trip.


–Lisa said everyone should have a paper record which would hold up in court.  Everyone must have a paper record of attendance.



–Joseph mentioned the double-sin classes.  Joseph said Lisa made these into one class, and still has one empty class.  Lisa said anyone who has this situation should let Nancy know and she will submit  a help ticket.



VIII.     Miscellaneous


–Michelle mentioned their blood drive on Friday.  She said the turnout so far is very low.


Sign up in Michelle’ room.  There are height and weight requirements.



–Alicia asked about what information the admin needs from department heads for CTP.



Meeting adjourned at 11:55am.



Leadership Team/Department Head Meeting Minutes – October 7, 2014

October 7, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



I.          Faculty Meeting


–Lisa wanted to remind everyone to attend.  The paraprofessionals are now invited to faculty meetings.  The bulk of the meeting will be to learn how to do online attendance, which will begin on Tuesday, October 14th.  We will have support staff on campus, so let Lisa know who in your departments will need help.


–The other topic at the faculty meeting will be Back to School Night.  ASB will be on hand to direct traffic and help.


–PTSA will have an exciting announcement.


–Joseph is having a Burning Bubble Sheets activity on Friday afternoon as the Blue Angels practice.  He will email everyone.


–Michelle said the changing passwords will affect those who are using laptops on the wireless.  Access online could be a challenge.



II.         A-G Requirements/Newcomers/NELL


–Kathleen said that graduation A-G requirements require 4 years of English and only 1 can be an ESL class.  She is concerned about those students with low skills being put in higher-level class.


–She spoke of the new person the NELL—Newcomer English Language Learner Liaison.  It is now Megan Jessup.  Kathleen is helping her. She worries about teachers giving “mercy” grades and then the students not being able to function in college. 


–She mentioned smaller classes in ELD as we are waiting for the Newcomers.  She also mentioned the Newcomer Pathway meetings on the second Wednesday of each month.  Everyone is welcome.


–Lisa mentioned SIFE—Students Interrupted in Formal Education.


–Marcus mentioned that we need to look at our overall plan for next year.



III.       Song & Yell PA Snafus


–Joseph said he felt bad for the classes who worked so hard on their skits and then the PA system collapsed.  He mentioned the wireless microphone problems and the signals getting cut in and out.  He explained the problems with the antennas.  Blocking the pathway to the antennas is part of the problem.  Everything just died right before the skits were to be performed.  He explained additional problems.



–Joseph would like to make sure this does not happen next year.


–Holding the microphone properly is important.



–Mr. Os-Maun Rasul addressed the group.  He told of his new position in Southern California.  He wished everyone a successful 2014-15 school year.



–Joseph suggested buying a new wireless microphone.  Several other solutions were suggested.


–Stephen Jackson suggested talking to Google about this.  Discussion followed.


–Marcus asked Joseph to look into what a new appropriate sound system would be and what it would cost.  Joseph said the system we have now is for one person speaking.



III.       Song & Yell Bell Schedule


–Mat asked if we could have all the classes closer in minutes.


–Marcus asked if it was really important.


–Lisa passed around a proposal for 3 classes, Song & Yell, lunch then 3 classes in the afternoon.


–We will use this schedule next year.



IV.        Final Weeks Schedule


–Lisa shared a schedule for the last 2 days of each semester with short classes.  We can use up our extra banked time.


–Joseph asked when the grades are due.  1st and 2nd semesters they are due on Friday at 8:00am.



V.         Testing:


–CAHSEE is happening now in the Van Ness Gym.  Math will be there tomorrow.  We will be audited tomorrow.  She apologized for all the interruptions of telephone calls.


–PSAT testing will be next Wednesday.  They will use the Van Ness Gym and some classrooms. All sophomores will take the PSAT.


–SRI—Scholastic Reading Index—this is a 20-minute online assessment and will be done in PE classes.  Thanks were given to Ethan for taking this on.  9th and 10th grade students will take this, along with 11th and 12th graders going for reclassification.  Stephen Jackson asked if Special Ed students could be included. 


–CLA—this is for 9th and 10th graders in English and Algebra.  This is offered online this year.


–Marcus said those courses that do not have a CLA should have a CFA.  The two- week window is 10/14-24/14.



VI.        Data


–Marcus referred to the data sheet distributed at the last Principal’s meeting.  He mentioned there was some frustration about the data and it being correct.  He said that Mr. Sanderson is trying to fix this.


–He said data is the same for the whole district, whether it is accurate or not.  We are being compared with schools that are very much like us.


–He mentioned we would postpone tomorrow’s SSC meeting until next week.



–He asked the group how they felt about where we should begin to focus.  We have agreed to Attendance, EAP and grades.  GPA and Instructional time are areas to look at.


–Should we really focus on CAHSEE for EAP?


–Ethan said attendance in class is related to test scores.  We need to figure out how to get all students to class.


–Marcus mentioned that some students will not go to class if they know no one cares.  We need to work on this.  If the students are failing, they stop attending.


–Instructional time, GPA and CAHSEE will be our 3 focus points.


–Michelle said her department looked at grades and attendance and those who got F’s had terrible attendance.


–Kathleen mentioned the mentally absent students who attend and do nothing.


–Doug mentioned that the students in the halls during class time do not reflect the population.  Some students find ways out of the classroom and these are the students who need the instructional minutes.



–Kate Morgan will replace Mr. Rasul.  She was a dean at Burton before taking time off for parenting.  She speaks Spanish.



VIII.     Miscellaneous


–Marcus is working on a draft for Google—he would like to present something to the SSC—3 area—Teachers, Students and Parents.


–David feels he needs a menu as to what they can offer, etc.  One suggestion was the school Wi-Fi.  Joseph said the students are now on and that makes it more difficult for the teachers to get on.  Others said that is not the cause of the problem.



–He is asking for next Tuesday after school.  Anyone interested is welcome.  Meeting will be in the LT.



–Doug brought up the old tech committee and is working on the goals and objectives for that group.  He spoke about the former committee.  He would like the new committee to be those with tech skills.


–Joseph felt everyone should be represented on this committee.  Some could come as observers.  Ethan felt everyone should be equally represented.


–Doug said the purpose is not to make decisions, but be an advisory group.



–PTSA wish list—let Lisa know right away.


–Admin Observations were done by Lisa and Stephen Emmi last week.  She mentioned what they observed.


–Marcus said let your teachers know that consistent walk thrus will start soon.


–Remind your teachers to sign in.


–School loop needs to be updated every 3 weeks.


–Parking—remind your teachers of parking etiquette.



Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – September 30, 2014

September 30, 2014


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Lisa called the meeting to order at 11:20am.

Leadership Team


I.          QuestBridge

–Doug wondered how many departments were filling out these applications.  He mentioned that 10 students get selected every year but we fill out so many applications.

–Doug said this started about 4-5 years ago.  He mentioned that we should focus on the obvious students who will qualify.  This is a full ride scholarship.

–Bai said this program is for low-income students and really qualified students.  He said he does not tell the students not to apply, but when he talks about grade points, test scores, etc., it becomes clear who should apply.

II.         Office Depot Ordering Policy

–Mat said he was not clear about the policy.  He asked for the procedure.  Everyone told him what to do.  Get the requisition number from Linda after you have loaded your cart.  Then it will go for approval.

III.       Social Students Designation for Distributions

–Mat said that Social Studies is becoming burdened with many distributions—financial aide, PSAT, college prep workshop, course registration, pictures, recruiting for poll workers for the election, etc.  Lisa said they would try to distribute this evenly.

IV.        CAHSEE

–October 7th and 8th will be the days, in the Van Ness Gym.  Mr. Emmi will send out an email to all staff. 200 students will take the English on Tuesday and 120 will take the Math test on Wednesday.  Lisa said we are being audited by the state on Wednesday.

V.         Back to School Night

–Thursday, October 9th is the time.  Stephen Emmi would like to follow the time schedule that was used last year.

–Joseph asked about those parents who go rogue and do not follow their children’s schedule.  Ask them to come at the proper period was the answer.

–Lisa said the administration will move the parents on at the end of the evening.

–Report card distribution will be at the end.

–Registration starts at 5:00pm.  Teachers will be in their classrooms from 5:45pm – 7:15pm.

–Joseph asked about music in the courtyard before hand and the dance students in the auditorium.  The dance class does want to perform and they are an academic class.  They will perform.

–Mat mentioned signs to direct parents to out of the way spaces.  We will ask Yuyang Zhong to do the signs.

–Doug mentioned pull off signs to announce the periods.  Lisa said that is hard, but they can use the intercom.  Signs could be made by the ASB.  10 minute classes, 5 minute passing periods.

–Student schedules will be given at registration.

–Email Mr. Blacksher and Mr. Emmi if any of your teachers cannot attend the event.

–Joseph asked about comp time for attending the event.  Lisa will work on this.

VI.        Admin. Informal Observations/Norming

–Admin will do the informal walk thrus on Thursday to show Stephen Emmi the process.  This will be second period on Thursday.

–Let Lisa know if this is a problem.

VII.      Structuring CPT and Cluster Time

–Lisa distributed some information from Leading Adult Learning by Eleanor Drago-Severeson.  This involves teaming which many of the members are doing now.  This information is helpful for structuring time.
–Identify goals for cluster time or products.

–Lisa distributed some information from Michelle Moffett about how she structured her cluster time.

VIII.     Data Page

–Lisa mentioned our ranking of 196 out of 500 top public high schools in the US who serve under income students by Newsweek magazine,.  Washington is 461on the list.  College readiness, SATs, AP scores, attrition, counselor-to-student ratio are criteria.

–The SF 49ers select a teacher of the year and present an award and they will present this award at the Song and Yell on Friday. Lisa asked that we encourage all the staff to attend.  The award winner is nominated.

–Lisa distributed a Data Page which is a new way that the district is looking at data for schools.  She referred to the All Students area with our students and he “match” areas.  The back page has information to help interpret the data.  She mentioned Special Ed and the fact that it was not split up into categories.  She mentioned discrepancies in scores between different ways of collecting data.  She talked about statistically negative vs statistically positive.

IX.        Principal’s Expectations

–Lisa and Stephen will present this area.

–Please remind your departments about the expectations regarding School Loop updates, signing in at the MO by 7:45am.

–Doug asked if someone has a 1st period prep, can they go to a coffee shop to grade papers.  He asked why everyone has to be here at 7:45am if they have 1st period prep.

–David Barrios said UBC says you must get the OK of an administrator to be off campus during a prep.

–Joseph says the contract says the day starts 15 minutes prior to the first bell and 20 minutes after the last bill.

–It is also a safety issue.  Lisa pointed this out.  Doug said we should have something for after the end of school for teachers who stay late.

–Lisa said this holds teachers accountable who are late to their first period; everyone should be accountable.

–Ethan mentioned the Futurama and After School Programs where kids are all over the place without adult supervision.  This could cause problems.  Lisa asked everyone to remind teachers to not leave students unattended in classrooms.

–CPT Attendance—please make sure your department members are present.  Email Mr. Emmi, Lisa and Marcus.  Coaches should be attending CPT, but perhaps not during their sport’ season.

–Lisa needs sign-in sheets and agenda at times, so please continue to do this.  We will need this for activities like WASC.  Please keep informing Lisa and keep a binder.

–David asked if it is only administrators who can give permission for teachers to miss CPT.  It is only administrators.

X.         Miscellaneous

–Department Heads who attend the district meetings will be paid extended hours.  Documentation must be sent to Lisa.

–Joseph said his teachers are asking about the 7 hours and the 11 hours through Prop A could be explained.  Lisa will discuss this at the Faculty Meeting.

–Please encourage all staff to attend the faculty meeting on October 8th.  There will be online attendance training.  On October 14th, we begin the online attendance reporting; there will be support staff from IT to help.  

–Stephen said the plan is to send out 2 auto-dialers per day—after 3rd period and after 6th period.  Attendance should be reported every period and it will be easy to report.  Synergy will be used for the reporting.

–Stephen said teachers will have a separate section for TA attendance reporting.

–Lisa said we can get more laptops for attendance reporting.

The PTSA will have a surprise.

Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.

Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – September 16, 2014

September 16, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting








Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



Leadership Team Agenda




I.          Department Head Responsibilities


–Michelle said that many of the group are going to district wide department head meetings.  Michelle asked how they were getting compensated for this time.  She said she knows they get 5 extra days, but we do not have compensation specified for this.  These meetings are once a month for 2 hours.  That is the equivalent for 2 days.


–Michelle asked if the time could come off of the 5 days or compensation.


–Marcus will check into extended hours.



II.         Absence Notes/Permits to Leave


–Michelle asked for a follow up on this.  She mentioned calling for a permit to leave and she was told to “just let the student go.”


–Marcus said there will be a para in the Deans’ Office starting Friday at 7:30am.  The para will do this before school and Mrs. Robinson will do lunch and after school.


–G-House TV will publicize.



III.       Wi-Fi Issues


–Mat asked if anyone was having trouble on the 4th floor Polk Building.


–All of the 4th floor has issues.


–Nurse Kitchell has problems.


–Ethan has problems.


–Lisa will check into this as we have district Wi-Fi now.



IV.        Copy Machine in 206


–Rizo is broken there.  Folks have used the copy machine and now we have a huge bill.  It was $2400 for one month.  Ask teachers to use Rizos in 307.



V.         Budget


–Marcus distributed 2 budgets—the preliminary and the fall final.


–Increases include $17,476, largely through WSF.


–We are budgeted at 1988.  With additional students it is 2009.


–We should get $80,000 – $100,000 more.


–We need 3 sections to take care of the newcomers.


–PE gave $7,000 back to the budget as they have the P funds.


–It looks like we will not have to do any cuts.


–Way hire a .6 teacher for English/Social Studies.


–Mention was made of SPROUT funding for a 7th period class.



VI.        Miscellaneous


–Alicia described a big clog of people during the evacuation drill.


–Nurse Kitchell mentioned that some teachers did not read their evacuation directions correctly.


–David said we need a master list of where everyone goes.


–Kathleen said someone was in her space on the football field.


–457, 451, 458, 301, 462 are all missing evacuation directions.


–Michelle asked how department heads are accounted for.  This is by eyesight.  All of those who are free during a drill should go to the command center.  TA’s should go as well.



Meeting adjourned at 11:40am.


Leadership Team-Department Heads Meeting Minutes – September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



I.          Newcomer Pathway


–Kathleen displayed a chart about the Newcomers from last Spring Semester.  This details the amount of time the students have been in our country.  The chart also shows their improvement in learning English.



II.         Newcomer Meeting


–Mr. Bill Sanderson, Jennifer Fong, Christina Wong and Darlene Lim came for the meeting.  The major topic involved defining the term “Newcomer.”  The conclusion was that newcomer is a student who has been in the country 2 years or less—2013, 2014 and 2015 are the entry years.  It is the calendar year, not the school year.


–Marcus mentioned how many we take affects our budget.  Lincoln and Washington do not have as many courses for their students to take.  Their classes are averaging at 34.


–Our live count was 1899 students.  We were budgeted at 1977, with 37 on our wait list.  We are budgeted for 150 newcomers and we did not have that full count. If we take 44, we will get a plus of $40,000 for the budget.


–1977 with no newcomers, we lose $220,000.


–Status quo with 1977 gives us a net of $40,000.


–Rise to 2002 students and get $20,000 and 1.0 FTE—that would be with 175 newcomers.  Now we have 106 newcomers.


–Decision was to stay at 1977, which gives us an additional $40,000.  We are looking at or AP numbers from last year.


–With the addition of 8 additional newcomer students we have 1985 students.



–With the additional 44 students, the effect on our master schedule involves keeping all our ELD sections, even though some of them are low now.  We will have the space for these students and the ELD class sizes will be between 20-25.  We may need another section of some support classes. 


–Marcus said we could take them now or in January.  Lisa explained the options on how to move the students.


–Kathleen discussed the reclassification process.  She said those students who are reclassified would be moved at the semester.


–David mentioned those regular ed. students coming in for regular classes.  Lisa said we purposely took wait list students in the 9th and 10th grades to avoid the larger classes for the upper grades.



–Alicia asked if a newcomer student enters at age 17, do they get the full 4 years and the answer is yes.  The Board of Ed has a new ruling allowing these students the full 4 years.


–Kathleen pointed out if we wait until January to take them, their first year in the country is 2015.


–Michelle pointed out the disadvantages of waiting to make changes until January and then changing students’ classes.


–Alicia said it would be better to set up the structure and then start them in January.


–Lisa said they did not get proposals from all departments.  Those who have not submitted their proposals should do so.



III.       ELD & Sp. Ed. Placements


–Mat mentioned that some of the students who need to be in co-taught classes are being moved to non-co-taught classes.


–Stephen Emmi said some of the case managers have reviewed where the students are and made adjustments based on their assessments.


–Stephen Jackson asked Mat to send him a list of those students.



IV.        Accommodations & Planning for Sp. Ed. Students


–Stephen Jackson hoped that everyone has received the IEPs at a glance documents.  Stephen said he would like to visit each department and present these accommodations.  One suggestion would be at a faculty meeting.  He also suggested this coming Thursday his department branch out and go to each department.


Most members liked the Thursday time, not this week, but the following week, September 18th.



–Lisa mentioned she was surprised at how many people she saw during CPT time that were not engaged in the required CPT activity.  All teachers should attend their department’s CPT activities.


–Joseph said his department was involved independent work last week.


–Lisa needs all of the department BSC’s and their CPT calendar to start working.



V.         Disaster Awareness Lockdown Drill


–Mat asked what time during the period would the drill be?  Marcus said we should try to have it 15 minutes into the period.



VI.        Readmit Slips Feedback


–Michelle said her department wants the slips.  This puts the accountability on the students and also puts the responsibility on the students to present the slip and get the homework.  Teachers need to know how to verify these absences.  Many emails now go back and forth to the counselors.


–Doug said it is a good idea for retests, etc.


–Alicia said several teachers in her department use the slips for make-up work.


–Stephen Jackson—said with all things sped, it follows the regular teachers lead.  He will take a note from the parent, but will follow the school’s expectations.



–Ethan said PE likes them.


–Mat says Social Studies likes them.


–ELD—They allow100% make-up with the readmit slips, 50% without.


–David said his department likes the slips.  He asked about Synergy and online attendance.


–Lisa said the district will do a Synergy attendance training during the October faculty meeting.


–Joseph said his department wants the readmit slips to keep accountability and the lines of communication open.



–Marcus said we will hold students accountable for the readmit slips.


–Marcus said we need to figure out the way to issue the re-admit slips when the student presents the note.


–Lisa said we need to keep those notes and students should not be using them as a pass to get into class.



VII.      Emergency Preparedness Week


–Friday of this week is Lockdown 2nd period,.  Next Monday is Fire 4th period and Wednesday is 3rd period Earthquake and Evacuation.


–Please ask your teachers to turn on G-House TV to review the information about these drills and review evacuation procedures and routes.



VIII.     Miscellaneous


–Michelle asked about lunch forms.


–Michelle said her department will notify the counselor after 3 or more consecutive absences.


–Kathleen said her department calls home after 3 absences.


–Suggestion was made to also notify Bai Zhen.


–Stephen Jackson asked about the SARB process.  Marcus said Stephen Emmi is working on the process.



–Susan asked about the gate on Polk Street and the accessibility issue.  Marcus will check it.


–David asked if anyone had followed up on instructional minutes.  Jonathan did a spreadsheet and we will forward it to the district.


–Doug asked about paper and Marcus said the school pays for paper and water.



–David said his department has a huge need for paper towels and gloves.  He asked if the school would cover these expenses as they did in the past.  This was $500-$800 and their consumables are around $8,000.




Meeting adjourned at 12:10pm.


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:25am.


–Marcus thanked everyone for their efforts on Friday with the assembly, the amount of substitutes, etc.  He mentioned the motivational speaker and how good he was. 



–Marcus introduced John Ignacio, a retired school administrator who will fill in for Nancy while she is on leave.  John discussed his background.


–Marcus mentioned John will support the Deans Office and do Buildings & Grounds work.  He will work on the Emergency Response Team.  Marcus mentioned he would be taking over the budget.  Marcus is now the authorizer for Office Depot.



I.          Enrollment Count


–Marcus said we will be a live site for the enrollment count.  It will happen tomorrow at 10:am.  8-10 district administrators will come to each classroom during the count.   Lisa said they would print new class lists.  Marcus explained the categories.  Marcus said to go with the new class lists.


–Lisa asked that any students not on class lists who show up to class should be sent to the Counseling Office for their new schedule.



II.         Department Budgets


–Marcus distributed the preliminary budget for the year.  He mentioned that the budget is $20,000 above last year.  It is still based on the amount of students and the percentage for each department.


–Discussion followed on College & Career as part of VAPA and Health being part of Science.  Most of the expenditures are for office supplies.


–Lauren asked about Comp. Sci Academy and AOiT and their make-up by department.


–Biotech needs $3,000.


–Marcus said in the past each department has kicked in some $$ to help Science with their consumables.  He asked about the procedure.  David came up with the needs for Science.  That amount came off the top and then the rest of the money was divided between the 9 departments.  The budget Marcus passed out is a draft.


–Marcus said we will keep track of tech purchases from each department budget.


–Marcus will ask each department to pay for furniture needs, unless it is something very serious and large.


–We do not want to throw away good furniture.  Check the district warehouse for any needs you might have.



III.       Emergency Response Team & Emergency Preparedness


–Marcus mentioned a calendar that has been prepared for this topic.  There will be a meeting tomorrow after the SAP meeting.  Next week is Emergency Response Preparedness Week and we will have a drill every day.


–Marcus said for the most part non-classroom personnel are on the ERT.


–Marcus said we would be particular on procedures for the drill.  Teachers on prep periods will have to report to the command center.


–Susan Kitchell said we have to work with the traffic on Bay Street.


–Kathleen said the 4th floor is hard to get out as the staircases are packed.


–Joseph mentioned they use the center staircase to the courtyard and it is very fast.


–Joseph said he is an advocate of teachers holding up their yellow cards for the students to see.



IV.        Lunch Form Logistics


–Michelle asked if we could get information from the district about who has been notified of free lunch and who has done the applications online.  It is difficult to know what the district has.  She explained that there are various ways the district notifies the students.



–Alicia said some teachers are taking points off if students do not turn in the form.  Marcus said he did say an incentive would be extra credit.



V.         School–wide Operational Needs


–Lunch forms, picture days, college & career presentations, grade-level assemblies to disseminate information, Song and Yell (without homeroom), testing, emergency cards and code of conduct, surveys, Youth Vote, voting for school and class officers.


–We will figure out how to get all these issues addressed.



VI.        Student Readmit Slips


–He mentioned that his teachers said that students are no longer getting these slips.  Right now there is no way for a teacher to know if the absences are excused. 


–Stephen Emmi talked about readmit slips from last year that were never picked up.  Some teachers are not requiring them.


–Marcus said we need to realign this process.  Some teachers put the responsibility on the students.  He said when he was teaching he would not accept student work without a readmit slip.


–Marcus asked the group to discuss with their departments the policy of no teacher taking late work without a readmit slip.  We could advertise this on G-House TV.


–Joseph said he felt that those with no readmit slip should have their work marked down, not given no credit.  Marcus amended what he did—lower points for late work.


–David suggested teachers should put their requirements on their syllabus and then make exceptions if they feel inclined.


–The school must have an official record of the absences and which are excused.  We have to keep the parental notes for 7 years.



VII.      Library Update


–Alan talked about the opening of the library this year.  He did have the library open on the first day of school.  He mentioned the Special Ed classes, English classes.


–The condition of the library now is excellent—clean, with computers, etc.


–Schedule with Alan and email him and he will put the schedule on the calendar.


–He sent a survey to all the teachers about what they would like for the library.


–He is working on a few presentations about research and procedures.


–He mentioned he is looking for some good TAs.


–He would like the library to be an integral part of the school, highly used, etc.


–Michelle mentioned Wellness has lots of bookmarks to distribute.



VIII.     Miscellaneous


–Lisa is now in charge of the textbook funds.  She will see each department head.  Textbook orders are due this Thursday.



–Marcus met with Mele Lau-Smith about our After School Programs.  Years ago Margaret Chiu promised that all students who graduated from the Teachers Academy program would be eligible to be paraprofessionals.  He is putting together some information on this program.


–We will start the discussions with the SSC.



–Wellness will do a photo shoot and they need 5-6 administrators to volunteer to be in the brochure.  This will be on October 5th after school.



Meeting adjourned at 12:10pm.



Leadership Team/Department Head Meeting Minutes – August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting








Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



Leadership Team Agenda



I.          Administration Update


–Marcus said we would put time limits on agenda items now to keep the meetings on track.


–Marcus began with a welcome for Nancy Lambert-Campbell.  She told us about her kids.



–Marcus mentioned Mr. Emmi would be full time in the Counseling Office.  Nancy will take over Katie Pringle’s duties.  Nancy and Marcus will work on the budget.  Marcus is going to take over Athletics and some of Buildings & Grounds.  Lisa is going to do Textbooks, and part of the BSC.


–Marcus was trying to get an interim administrator to help with security, safety and emergency procedures.  So far we have not been successful but HR is working on it and hopefully there will be someone in place by the end of the week.


–Nancy said she would probably be back on October 16th.



II.         School Year Calendar


–Lisa distributed the calendar and asked everyone to go over it and see if there are issues, corrections, etc.


–She eliminated the Election Assembly, added the CAHSEE dates.  She will distribute it to everyone at next week’s faculty meeting.


–Michelle mentioned some Wellness activities.


–Kathleen asked about SBAC and Lisa explained we would decide the dates later.


–October 9th is Back to School Night.  Marcus said next year it will have to be in line with the district Back to School Night Week.  That means we will not be able to hand out report cards then.




III.       First Week Bell Schedule


–Joseph suggested not having block schedule the first week of school.  He asked how everyone else felt about this.  He thought all classes should meet every day.  He mentioned students transferring classes and how this affects them.


–Doug felt that made sense but he did like getting right into the semester.



–Lisa asked if everyone liked having CPT the first week.    Everyone said Yes and we could not have that if all classes met each day.  David asked if we could have one day short by an hour and a half. 


–Transportation is an issue.  We could do shortened classes and have all 6 periods but get out early on Wed. and Thur.  The group preferred this option.



IV.        Picture Days


–Marcus gave the history of picture day and what a struggle it has been.  We use these photos for IDs.  We are waiting to hear from Prestige.  9th and 10th graders will be in PE classes and 11th graders will come from US History.  These days are next week.  We will let everyone know the schedule prior to next week.  Some ELL students will be included in their ELL classes.  There will be make-up days.


–Marcus felt it was important to have all students take the photos—they are used in all aspects of the school.



V.         Emergency Response Training


–Marcus said we will have to have an Earthquake Drill this week.  The ERT team will meet next week.  September will include the Emergency Preparedness Week, where we will have all the drills.


–Stephen Jackson asked about students in wheelchairs.


–Joseph said he liked the fact that not everyone can make announcements.  He said that those in the building after school should be able to make announcements.  He mentioned one teacher who was frightened by not being able to communicate with others.


–Marcus said the after school coordinator will have all call access.  There will be procedures on who to talk to after school.



Department Heads Agenda



I.          BSC/CPT


–Lisa mentioned she has items from many of the members.  She would like anything else anyone has and then meet about these items.  Send her items for the calendar.


–Marcus mentioned that time for CPT must be utilized.



II.         Schedule/Balance Concerns


–Stephen Emmi thanked everyone for their patience.  There may be some more balancing next week and then everyone will get updated class lists.


–Lisa mentioned changes in the ELL student schedules.


–Marcus told about the ELL Village over the summer.  He said the district is asking us to take more of these students due to what is happening in Central America.  He said we will take 25 and we will be allocated another FTE.


–Marcus said our numbers say we are full—at 125.  District is asking us to take more.  We are closed for Newcomers.  After our reclassification, some of them will move into the general ed. population.


–Marcus explained the history of “Newcomer” in the district.


–Kathleen explained the “US Entry Date.”  She also discussed the 3 years and how that can affect students.


–Lisa said there is a new Board of Ed Policy that some ELL students can stay until they are 21.


–Stephen Emmi asked about how to handle textbooks when students transfer classes.  Doug said Math does not use textbooks.  Michelle said they designed the first 2 weeks to not use books.  Others said that textbooks should be returned to the teachers.  Discussion followed.




III.       Teacher Phone Log


–Marcus said we do not trust Synergy, etc. for attendance, truancy.  He asked everyone to talk to their teachers about keeping a log of family contacts.  How do we communicate with parents when their students are absent?  Marcus would like to develop a form and then he will take it to the union.


–Kathleen asked if they have factored in those parents who do not speak English.


–Michelle asked if the Auto-dialer will ever come back? She also asked how many parents have signed up on School Loop.



IV.        Department Budget/Supply Orders


–Marcus said Department Budgets will be issued next week.  $100,000 will be split among the departments based on the number of students.


–Marcus explained the Office Depot order procedure.  Department Heads put in the order, it goes to Marcus for approval and then Linda forwards it.


–Marcus told the group they could begin ordering now.  He asked everyone to put their names on the orders.



V.         Miscellaneous


–Joseph asked about all students changing their passwords—how do students change their passwords?  Lisa mentioned an email from Danny Tan, Hank Machtay and Thong Ly.


–Doug expressed his concerns that many people have access to all these passwords.  Joseph mentioned many students take photos of their passwords that also include other passwords.  No one at Galileo had any notice of these password changes.



–Alicia talked about Club Day this Friday.  She asked who is in charge and how to get a table outside to participate.  Mr. Wing sent out an email.



–David mentioned our instructional minutes and why we have so many extra ones.  According to John Holmes of the District Attendance Office our original schedule was 300 instructional minutes short of the required 64,800.



–Michelle will talk with Marcus about the lunch application distribution.



Meeting adjourned at 12:10pm.


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – August 19, 2014

August 19, 2014


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:25am.

Leadership Team Agenda


Mr. Blacksher welcomed Lauren Marshman back.  Marcus welcomed Mark Bayango back and Michelle Fortunado as Wellness Coordinator and Susan Kitchell as UBC representative, and Bai Zhen as the ELL Counselor and Family Liaison.  Lisa mentioned that we would try to include Alan Phelps as the Librarian in the meetings.

I.          Check in & Opening Day Feedback

–Marcus asked for feedback.

–Joseph said he helped out in the courtyard and it went smoothly.  He mentioned several students did not have schedules in the courtyard.  He also mentioned the VAPA classes are a little smaller this year.

–Lisa mentioned some students went to the wrong tables in the courtyard.

–Lauren said there are lots of class changes requests.  She asked everyone to be patient.

–Susan said it was cold in the courtyard.  She mentioned that students do not know how to wait in a line in alphabetical order.  She gave a few examples.  She would recommend this be taught in the curriculum.

–Stephen thanked everyone who helped.  He discussed the parameters of class changes for students.  He also mentioned not wanting to switch students out of JROTC for PE.  Ethan explained JROTC is eligible for PE credit under special 7th period independent study.

–Stephen Jackson said it went well for Special Ed.  They are working out the paraprofessional assignments.  They will balance out sections in regular ed.

–Stephen said the IEPs at a glance should be available by next week.  He explained his plans to make these documents available.

–Lisa said they are working on simple documents with simple accommodations for some of the special ed. students.

–David asked if the IEPs are available in the cum folders.  The answer is “Yes” but it takes a long time to read them from the cums.

–Marcus asked Stephen to prepare a 5-minute presentation for the next faculty on how to read the IEP at a Glance.

–He also said they could email teachers IEP pdf versions.

–Wellness is doing well—quiet so far.  They did attend Freshman Orientation and they are visiting the Health Classes.  There are several new therapists.  She mentioned Sunnydale Violence and there are a group of students who need support.

The Crisis schedule will start next week.  This week see Michelle or Naomi.

–Mat said his department is welcoming Danny Lynch for Vicky Ung.  Danny was a student teacher at Galileo and taught summer school.  Mat suggested signs in the hallways with arrows to answer some of the student questions on locations of rooms, etc.

–One problem was on the schedules not all of the room number printed.

–Doug said, “So far, so good.”  He said they had less information from the students this year.  They still need to test some of the freshmen.  They talked to students on Friday and Monday who they needed to changes their schedules.  They will be pulling students from classes on block days and will have information for the counselors on class changes.  They will use open classrooms and the library.  Most of the testing will be done in the Algebra classes.

–Ethan said things were going well in PE.  He needs to talk about health issues and how to identify who has health issues.  We do not have emergency cards at the school.  Lisa said they hope to be distributed on Thursday.  Susan said some parents are not honest on the emergency cards.

–Susan said it is good to ask the students about health problems.  Ethan said the first day of PE dress is September 2nd.  Ethan also asked about G-House TV and where will the PE students watch the broadcast. Students with PE will be able to see the broadcast on the block day when they do not have PE.

–Susan asked that everyone let Susan know if they have students with health problems.

–Susan talked about Epi-pens.

–Ethan mentioned students in the bleachers, garbage on the field, etc.  He suggested having students help clean.

–Alicia mentioned class sizes.  She thanked the Counseling Office for their help and support.  She asked where to put obsolete books.  Lisa mentioned the process with the forms.  Marcus suggested we put them in the garage.

–Kathleen agreed with Doug.  Some classes are too big and they are balancing them and the support classes are going well.  They are testing all week.  They are doing the best they can without much data.  Lisa said data can be pulled from Synergy.  Departments can sign up to have viewing access to the data.

–Lisa thought the first day went well, kids were in classes, the halls were clear, etc.

–Michelle said her department did not complain yesterday.  Everyone was patient and all were expecting changes during the week.

–David mentioned singleton conflicts.  Lisa said Synergy did a matrix on singleton and doubleton classes.

–He has some teachers who are concerned about juniors and seniors being placed in freshmen classes.  He said these students could be disruptive.  Marcus suggested a warning first and then removing those students.

–David also mentioned copy paper getting restocked.

–Mark mentioned new Academy and Pathway teachers and he has been checking in with them for support.  He is doing web sit updating.

–Danny Tan changed the name AoIT to Computer Science Academy.  He is working on the website.

–Lisa mentioned the PTSA meeting this evening.  It will be from 5:30pm-7:30pm and food will be provided.  The PTSA may fund a web master.

–Bai discussed his new role and the name of the room Connection.  He talked about how the room will function.

–He mentioned the 700 school planners—there are about 300 of them left.  They can pay $1 or receive for free if they get an ASB sticker.  He thanked everyone for their help with orientation.

–Marcus mentioned the staff from Central Office and told the group that they expressed that we have a good feel, welcoming adults, and happy students.  It was amazing and had a great feel.  Marcus said everyone helped.  It was the smoothest beginning he has every participated in.  He thanked everyone.

II.         Weekly Meeting Structure

–Marcus felt we conduct our meetings well.  He felt the administrators should be mindful of their cell phones.

–He said agenda items will be timed.

–Lisa said many items will be sent in an email.

III.       PD Feedback

–Marcus asked for feedback.

–Doug said the ones he went to were the best ones he’s been to.  He mentioned 4 of our teachers who led the PD.

–Lisa asked for feedback on Tuesday and Wednesday and David Barrios commented on how fun it was.  Stephen Jackson discussed the talks in small groups.  Kathleen agreed.

–Alicia mentioned the cultural discussion and suggested closure to it.

IV.        Miscellaneous

–Joseph mentioned tomorrow being the first day that we do not have homeroom.  He asked the administration about what they will do to make sure students do not walk out of the building to get food, drinks, etc.  The G-House TV will be at the end of the second block period.  Teachers should not release students early from G-House TV.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.

Department Heads Meeting – August 8, 2014

August 8, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 9:10am.



I.  Welcome


–Marcus asked everyone to share their summer activities with the group.  Everyone shared their experiences.



II.         Department Head Job Description and Responsibilities


–This document was distributed to the group.  Marcus mentioned that it has not changed since last year.  He asked the group to review the document.


–Marcus said we can choose items each year to focus on.  He asked the group to focus on items 2 and 12, which involve more classroom walk through.


–He mentioned item 8, common formative assessments.  He felt we were about 50% there.


–Item 15—he thanked everyone for working on this over the summer.


–Lisa mentioned 7/8 new certificated hires—one new counselor—Andrea Galdamez—10th grade counselor.  Lauren Marshman will do AVID and other special groups.  Celia Chan will be 12th grade, Barry will be 11th grade, Aracely Sanchez will be 10th grade.


–Lisa told the group who left and who the new hires are.  Lance Cossey, who replaced Alan Phelps when he was on sabbatical leave last year will return.  Alan Phelps will be the new Librarian.  Yvette Huginnie will be with the SOAR program.  Megan Jessup, a student teacher from last year will join our ELD department.  Lauren Marshman will return from leave.  Aron Mizrahi will join us teaching Biotech.  Sara Garcia has left Galileo.  Victor Soberanis will join us teaching Spanish.  And Bai Zhen will be our Family Counselor.


–She explained the SOAR program, which will be in 352 and is a Special Ed transition program.


–Marcus referred to item 18 and asked the department heads to collect the 3-day emergency lesson plans.



–Marcus went to a workshop this summer on meeting protocols.  He asked the group to think about whether or not they want to have protocols.  Lisa mentioned the “norm” of taking turns talking at meetings.



III.       Master Schedule


–Lisa said it has been completed and she sent them to all department heads.  She mentioned room sharing.  Most co-teachers have common preps.  She said she and Stephen Emmi will work to limit student schedule changes this year.


–Math will be doing some testing with the freshmen.  Some changes will be made prior to the start of school.


–Doug talked about the freshmen who will be tested will be given this information at Freshman Orientation.


–ELD will have some changes after testing during the first week.  Lisa mentioned science and social science classes at .8.


–We do have 100 newcomer students.  Marcus said we might get 15 more.


–World Language will do some testing in the native speaker classes.  Alicia explained the changes in Spanish for native speakers.


–Lisa said they have created non-native Chinese classes as well as native Chinese classes.


–Guadalupe Guerrero’s son is a 9th grader here.  His father is second in charge in the school district, Deputy Superintendent.


–David asked if the drop rules are the same as last year.  He asked if there could be some information sent to everyone.  It will still be the 7 steps.


–There will be a set plans for TAs.  Right now there are very few TAs.


–Bilingual TAs will work with Bai Zhen.


–Michelle Fortunado will head Wellness as Jessica Colvin left.


–Let Lisa and Stephen Emmi know if you need TAs.


–Athletics needs TAs.



IV.  PD Days – Tuesday – Thursday


–Friday will be a Teacher Work Day.


–Tuesday includes the whole faculty and staff.  This will include School Wide Direction and Visioning.  Marcus included information and would like to table this until the end of the meeting.



–Lisa mentioned Monday—9am-10: 30am she will give a Co-Teaching PD.  She invited everyone to come.  This will be in room 203.  She explained what the PD will contain.  Some co-teaching pairs will be present.



–Marcus said that everyone will co-teach at one point or another, so please get this message out to students.


–10:30am – noon, Lisa and Stephen will meet with the counselors.


–In the afternoon they will meet with the new teachers.


–Breakfast will happen on Tuesday from 8:00am-8:30am and then everyone will be assigned to specific tables.


9:00am – 10:00 Visioning work.  Then they will talk about nuts and bolts.



Wednesday—Breakfast and then some Culture/Race work.  This will continue throughout the year and everyone will be broken into small groups.  Courageous conversation about race will be one topic.  Cultural Responsibility pedagogy will be another area.  There will be department time in the afternoon.



–Thursday will be a district PD.  Information will be forthcoming.


–Friday is a teacher workday.


–Michelle asked if they can opt out from Thursday’s PD and do something else.  Marcus said he would know after lunch today.


–Joseph said he would like to help with the PA system in the cafeteria.



V.         DH Responsibility at Freshman Orientation


–Lisa referred to the information given to all department heads.


–The orientation is similar to last year.  All department heads must participate from 10:50am – 11:20am—the parent piece in the auditorium.


–Please arrive at 10:45am.  There will be 30 minutes to all present and field questions.  This will be translated through headsets.  The way this works is to say something and then wait for the translations.



–Ethan suggested an information table for those students who have questions.  Marcus suggested Bai Zhen’s College Ambassadors and ASB to man these tables and wear identifying T-Shirts.



–Lisa suggested coming up with questions we think all parents would want answered.


1.  What do I do if my student is absent.


2. How does my student get into an honors or AP class of academy or pathway?


3.  What about the summer reading program?


4.  Free meal program? (we went up 10% last year).  Marcus will ask the English department to work on this again this year.


5.  PE—How do we get uniforms, lockers and what if we cannot afford the PE uniforms?


6.  What standard classes do all 9th graders take?


7.  Why do some students have 2 teachers in some classes?



–Lisa and Joseph will work on a power point for the auditorium.



VI.  Nuts & Bolts for Department Reminders


–Attendance Updates—by mid-October or November we hope to have online attendance posting.  The district is giving every teacher in the district a laptop to make this possible.



–Furniture—Let admin know through Katie if you need furniture or need furniture disposed of.  Get this done by Friday afternoon.



–Clocks—Let Bettie know if your clock is not working.



–Work Orders—let Bettie know.



–Purchasing—tabled until this afternoon.  Lisa said purchasing can happen and then the departments will be given their funds.



–Opening Day—Lisa mentioned the bell schedule for the first day and the particulars.  ASB will do music, club tables will be there and schedules will be passed out.  Lisa asked those with free 1st periods to come help.  Let the administration know if you can help.


–Senior schedules will be passed out next week as well as the freshman schedules.


–On 8/18, they will be done by grade level and alpha.  Students who did not come on time can go to the Counseling Office to learn where to go.



–Bell Schedule (3° & 4° responsibilities)  With the extra time for 4th period on Monday, Tuesday and Friday all teachers must let students hear the announcements the last 5 minutes of 4th period.  On Wednesdays and Thursdays it is mandatory that all teachers turn on G-House TV the last 20 minutes of 3rd and 4th periods.


–All activities that were previously done in homeroom will be done in the extra minutes in 4th period.



–Leadership/Department Heads will meet 4th period on Tuesdays.



–2014/2015 Calendar—Lisa will have this to everyone shortly as soon as it is complete.



VII.      Suggested Reading Assignment



–Michelle brought this topic up from the last department head meeting in June. Michelle presented and distributed information sheets on what the recommendations are from each department.  The reading selections could be displayed in the classrooms.  These can be in various languages.


–Narrative and Expository would cover the first 2 nine-week periods.


–Argument and Research would cover the second semester.



Meeting adjourned.  Lunch will be ready at 11:15 in 214 and we will reconvene at 12;30pm.



The meeting reconvened at 12:30pm.



VIII.  SFUSD Vision 2025—Reimagining Education


–This involves the superintendent’ and the district’s vision of where a student should be in 2025.  This is a 10-year plan.  There are 6 tenants that are described.  Marcus played a video that is on the district website.  Hank Machtay’s students worked on this video.



Marcus referred to the pamphlet that came with the video.  This contains the 6 tenants.  They are:  Content Knowledge; Career and Life Skills; Global, Local and Digital Identity; Leadership, Empathy and Collaboration; Creativity; Sense of Purpose and Self.  The video was paid for by a grant fro the Haas Fund.



Marcus asked for feedback from the group.


–David said it had a feel like the ESLERS and Stephen mentioned the rubric for success.


–Alicia was happy to see there is an emphasis on other items than how to use a computer.  She sees private schools producing the owners and companies and public schools producing the workers.  She likes the creativity aspect.


–Kathleen likes the fact that students are spending time in the real world and she feels the students learn from real life situations.


–Michelle said we have been talking about data so much over the past years.  She thinks this gets away from data is measuring student success, which is good.  How do we hit all of these for all of our students is the biggest challenge.


–Lisa mentioned measuring success in the future with more than just test scores.


–Marcus said WASC mentioned that we do not pat ourselves on the back enough for what we do.


–Attendance, Grades and EAP results were items we looked at last year.


–Joseph feels good about what we are doing in VAPA when he looks the 6 tenants.  He said this year his students would write self-evaluations.  What went well, what didn’t go so well and what could improve.  He wishes the district would include artistic language and musical language, etc.


–Marcus said Joseph should keep pushing this.  Coding is now a language.


–Stephen said all the tenants have so many applications in our city’s industries.  We need to hold these industries accountable for some of our students’ education.  He mentioned leadership, creativity, internships, etc.


–Doug mentioned that many high school students don’t have enough skills to go into companies.  Steven said we should outreach to the companies to see what they can do for our students.


–Discussion followed.


–Lisa mentioned real world challenges in the business world and how we can simulate this with our students.  She mentioned that our students in 10 years may no be able to stay in SF without real world training.


– Marcus mentioned: Simulate the practice of being about to communicate and collaborate.


–Doug mentioned the problem of how students get placed in kindergarten that breaks the issue—many leave SF to go to other areas.


–Alicia mentioned electives and how they are important—students should have more variety of electives.  Students need to know how the world works today.  She suggested redoing the College and Career class to make it much more dynamic and engaging.



–Marcus referred to the Vision for Galileo.  He also mentions the District Priorities, High School Priorities and the Galileo Priorities.  He mentioned the great feelings at Galileo.


–We have the opportunity to come out on top of the Smarter Balance. We need to push for this.


–We must remember our underserved populations—we need to acknowledge that some of our populations are not prepared with the skills they need to succeed.  People need different kinds of things to be successful.


–Marcus will take PD in this direction this year—who we are, where we are and where we want to be.  He mentioned that our Asian population has changed, our Latino population has increased.


–Our biggest challenge is to meet the demands of a continually changing 21st century.  Many have taught here for any years and we have to change to keep up with the students.  We must be flexible.



–Michelle mentioned the semantics of meeting the requirements.  She wants the students to beat the competition.  Joseph likes the term thrive and compete in that order.


–Discussion followed on the word “Traditional.”  David said much is moving away from traditional, and classroom direction is changing.  Focus now is not all on content but what students can do with the content.


–With the vision, Lisa wanted the wording to reflect the students.  Then David mentioned the Galileo Community.  Stephen suggested Galileo students.  We have an awesome climate at our school reflective of the Galileo community.


–Doug suggested removing the word “obligation” and say “we will provide.”


–Michelle mentioned a creative shift by doing electives within the curriculum for the courses.


–David mentioned we need to constantly reassess our curriculum and make it accessible to the students.  This may cause changes in how we teach.



–Marcus we redraft the Vision Statement and will bring it back to the next meeting.


–Marcus mentioned that


 we need to think beyond our district to be the best.


–Marcus is pushing the district to acknowledge the schools with a Newcomer Pathway.


–Lisa mentioned our Special Ed data has drastically improved in the last year.


–Katie said there have been huge changes in the Dean’s Office and sub groups have no changed to a minimum of 20 (down from 100).  Referrals have been cut in half with the Special Ed students.  A large part of this is expectations and the students changing their behavior as they are engaged.


–Steven mentioned the changes with the main-streaming of the SDC students into regular classes, this provides the first real chance for some of these students to go to college.



–Ethan suggested pushing for a cleaner school—controlling liter, spitting, clean bathrooms, etc.


–Katie is pushing to get recycling bins in the hallways, as custodians must recycle in the halls, but not in the classrooms.


–Katie will be talking with the custodians about recycling.



Meeting adjourned at 2:15pm.





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