Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – April 29, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting








Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:25am.



Leadership Team Agenda



I.          Bell Schedule Vote



–Marcus asked Michelle if her department has another proposal for a bell schedule.


–Michelle asked on the longer block days could there be longer passing periods and longer lunch times?


–Doug said having different passing periods on different days would be a nightmare.


–Michelle said on block days there is not enough time for teachers to use the restroom.



English says Proposal A, but would like to keep the schedule that we have now.


Math says Proposal A.


Wellness said A with more time for lunch.


PE didn’t have a preference.  No TVs with PE so 300 kids would not see G-House.  They would have access to G-House TV with homeroom.


Sped. Ed. Old Schedule feeling A was overwhelming.



Soc. Studies favored A, but liked the STAR schedule.  Blocks more often.


World Languages—no one wanted to vote.  They wanted to know what the process is.  Some members felt that more should be involved in the decision, like parents, SSC, etc.  6 of her teachers really liked to block schedule.  Some liked blocks 4 days a week.  4th period prep is 20 minutes longer—an equity issue.


–Someone in the department said it didn’t work last time we eliminated homeroom.


Reluctantly chose A.



Science—could not talk to dept. No vote.


ELL-reluctantly A, but they want to keep the same schedule as now. They wanted an all faculty vote.


–Marcus said we would not change bell schedules for 3 years.  It will be Schedule A and the administration would talk about passing periods.



II.         Master Schedule


–Nancy said we are working on it and thanked everyone for being available.



III.       New 8th Grade Students


–Marcus said he received an email from Jen Fong.  She said they are maxed out for 8th grade newcomers at the middle schools.  They will come to Galileo and spend the month of May here and then be 9th graders in the fall.  Most of these students are behind in Math.  Doug said that we do not have any math content that they will match up with. He feels that there will be disruption in classes with these students coming in.  He felt we do not have the curriculum to keep them engaged.


–David said this is like babysitting.  Nancy said most of the students who have come so far are Latin.  These students have not had consistent schooling anywhere.  Some of them are fleeing from countries with political problems.


Legally we have enroll the students.  She mentioned that many of them are 17.


–We have enrolled 4 so far.



–We have space and there is only a few weeks left in the school year.  This would save the transition from middle school to high school.


–Michelle asked if they would under enroll the middle schools next year.


–Marcus said we have 72 newcomers now and we will max out at 100.  Hopefully then the district will have to open another newcomer pathway at another school.



–Alicia said that we need to make them feel comfortable, safe and welcome.


–Doug talked about educating these students—our classes are beyond their level and this will affect our students.



–Marcus suggested creating a power list for Math and have these students translate this list.  David said this might put a bad taste in their mouths for what school really is.


–Alicia said we need someone to translate what school is, the purpose of them being here for the last 4 weeks of the year, etc.


–Nancy asked about variable credit for newcomers who came for the last 9 weeks and last 6 weeks of the semester.  3 credits for 9 weeks and 2 credits for 6 weeks.


This applies to new high school students.


–Ray said the problem with variable credits is this doesn’t work into our system.  He said that the students have to take the whole class over again.  Ray suggested elective credit and Nancy said we cannot do that.



–David said he sees this as giving them something other than an F.  Students will still have to take the class over.  Jo said they have to be enrolled and take certain classes.  She felt that no credit was not fair as they come to school.


–Nancy said she could give a No Mark.


–Nancy enters the credits in.  She can give the NM after the teachers submit the grades.


–Lisa said for those who have been here for a period of time, some credit and a grade is important and feels better than NM and 0 credit.  This is acknowledgement for the students.


–Marcus asked Nancy to put this in writing and get it back to the group.



–Marcus said we have to make sure we have all the languages to help these newcomers.



IV.        Miscellaneous



Meeting adjourned at 11:55am.





Leadership Team/Department Head Meeting Minutes – April 22, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting








Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:10am.



Marcus discussed what he experienced at the conference he recently attended in New Orleans.  The conference centered around African American and Latino males.



Leadership Team Agenda



I.          Bell Schedule


–Marcus said the vote that was taken by the departments favored eliminating homeroom next year.  He distributed two schedules for members to share with their departments and bring feedback for the next meeting.



Marcus and Lisa discussed the differences in the two schedules.


–Michelle asked if these were the only 2 options or could other alternatives be suggested.  The answer is yes; other proposals can be presented.


–Ray asked about Proposal B and discussed the fact that the bus schedule will be impacted.



II.         Youth Vote


–This is coming up and it is very important.  It will be done in Homeroom.



Department Heads Agenda



I.          Mac Computers from Library


–Doug mentioned that the library got new chrome books and he wanted to know what would happen to the old Macs from the library.  He discussed some of the history of the computer control from years passed.  He felt our technology planning is a little adrift.


–Chrome books are all about browsing.  There is no storage on the machine.  Everything is on Google docs—all this is browser based.


–Lisa said she and Thong have been discussing what to do with the Macs from the library.  The batteries are shot in those computers so they always have to be plugged in.  We could purchase new batteries.  Evan Roth has requested them for a new CAT class he will be teaching.  No formal decisions have been made yet.



–Doug asked how do we make those decisions and who is making them?  He said that with the Common Core coming there will be more need for technology.  He would like to see another laptop cart.


–Marcus said there are SCE funds for more technology.



–Ray suggested getting 3-4 tech-savvy staff and have them figure out what we need and how to put it together.



II.         Technology Budgeting


–Doug has 13 people in his department.  He buys 2-3 new laptops each year.  He uses his budget because he knows what he needs.  If the school would pay for his laptops, he would use his funds for other things.


–Next year Marcus will ask people to fill out a one-page form on how they will use the technology.  


–David said a laptop is an essential item for each teacher.  He felt that these should come from the school budget, not the department budgets.  He is suggesting a tech budget.


–Marcus said Thong told him the life of a laptop and desktop is about 5 years.


–Doug mentioned the computers do not last as long as they used to.  Planned obsolescence.



–Alicia talked about her department and their thoughts.  The iPads were mentioned and there will be some training at a future faculty meeting.


–Michelle said there are not enough chrome books to be a class set.  There are 32 now and Lisa mentioned that we are trying to get 40.



III.       Testing


–Marcus and Katie thanked everyone for all their good work.  Please share this with your department members.



IV.        AP Testing


–Nancy and Lisa will do this together.


–Lisa sent out emails to those teachers who will have to move classrooms.


–Nancy will have pre-administration materials sent to the classrooms.  She needs this information back by next Wednesday, April 30th.



–Alicia said the AP language tests require a cassette player.



V.         Miscellaneous


–Joseph mentioned the email thread about remodeling 260.  He felt that discussion should be part of the technology plan.  Marcus said he would read the thread and administration will discuss this.



–Doug mentioned an email about Popeye’s Chicken and he wondered after inquiry what this was all about.  He said it came from a student.


–This is an entrepreneurship to start a business plan.  Doug felt these emails should come through teachers, not students.



Doug gave the history of policing the emails in the past—Doug, David Barrios, Thong and Ben Chun.  How do we want to handle this now?


–Kathleen suggested the Tech Committee take on this duty.


–Joseph mentioned we have a lot of new teachers each year.  Lisa said she educates them about our email network.



Meeting adjourned at 10:50pm.


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – April 8, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting








Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



Leadership Team Agenda



I.          Homeroom/Bell Schedule Discussion Report


Joseph said VPA wanted to do without homeroom, and wanted to return to the 2011/2012 Bell Schedule.  Homeroom was scheduled just for necessary activities.


Mr. Machtay said it is important to have G-House TV on both days, as PE students would not see it if there was only one weekly broadcast.


Spec. Ed.  Yes on homeroom, no blocks, CPT once a week for 2 hours.


Social Studies—close vote.  Some supported homeroom— as teachers and students can take care of business, mini-break, sense of community.  Most would vote to get rid of homeroom.  Schedule wise would like to end consistently and CPT time in the afternoon.  With morning CPT time students were still late.  Starting homeroom at 8am would mean many would be late.



Science—discussion centered on blocks and the academies and pathways and science classes would be destroyed without the blocks.  To even think about changing it now for next year would be a big problem.  CPT should be in the afternoon.  Homeroom—his department did not want to touch homeroom if the blocks would disappear.  Members were split on homeroom.



World Language—her department wanted to keep homeroom but would like a nutrition break and allow students to eat during homeroom.  Block periods are very long and the homeroom is like a break.  One member suggested 1 homeroom a week.  One of her department members mentioned grade level meetings in past years during homeroom in the auditorium.  Some felt CPT time should be once a week.



ELD—Her department likes homeroom—relationship with kids, break, take care of business.  Why are we talking about changing the schedule at this late date?  She said the year without homeroom it was difficult to locate kids.  They like the blocks.  CPT in the afternoon.



Counseling—they do like homeroom to pass out papers, etc.  They will allow the teachers to make the decision.  Jo suggested not talking about doing away with something, but can we talk about consequences for not attending homeroom? Lisa told of a parent she talked to at the truancy meeting who told of students going to the wrong homeroom to be with friends.  There was also discussion about teachers not knowing their homeroom students.




PE was split—they do not have homeroom right now.  CPT time in the afternoon.



Stan asked if anyone checked with Eugene Wing and the competition between the classes.  How would eliminating homeroom affect his activities?



Lisa said the English department was split and she could get no feedback from Math.


Administration was leaning toward eliminating homeroom.  Lisa said with educational research, homeroom is effective if there is a curriculum.  Alicia said it is effective for giving students a break.


David hears the logic of the break and the logistics of passing out materials, etc.  Are there other ways to make this work?


Ray said it is easy to pull Special Ed students out of homeroom rather than their classes.


Without homeroom, Jo would have to defer to English and History classes to distribute information.  That would be disrupting academic classes.  Then materials would have to be sorted by each class.



Math said no homeroom.  Marcus said the administrators will talk it over.



II.         Final Exam Schedule


–Lisa mentioned that the final exam schedule—first final is 2 hours and 5 minutes in length; second schedule is 1 hour and 55 minutes.  Everyone felt the periods should be even.  The schedule will be readjusted.



III.       Debrief of Truancy Meeting


–Marcus said it was so bad and it was effective in some ways.  Next year when A2A is working, Synergy is working, the meeting will be planned better.  Marcus said the homeroom truancy was quite large.  Marcus told of a parent who was encouraged by the students and she caused a problem in the discussions.



A2A is the system that generates letters to the parents.  These letters are sent out automatically through the district.  The district did not want us to interfere with the letters.  Nancy gave a history from last year.  We have not had an auto dialer this year, so many families are finding out quite late about their children’s absences.


–Joseph asked if this will be better next year.  Nancy said there is hope the attendance will be online next year.  There is nothing certain about this yet.  Nancy said we need the auto dialer, but we will not get it unless we have online attendance.  She said we have 300 students who are absent every day and it is impossible to call all of these students.


Marcus said he would ask teachers next year to call parents if a student has been absent 3 or 4 times.


The counseling office does send out D & F letters.



Jo said there were positives from the meeting—lots of parents attended.  She encouraged teachers to let counselors know which students are not attending class.


Ray asked about phone numbers that are not working.  Jo suggested checking the emergency cards but even these numbers could be incorrect.  Marcus said Mr. Westry should make a home visit to get the contact information.



IV.        After School Study Hall/Homeroom Club


–Alicia said this came out of the truancy meetings.  She talked of activities she did with her students and one of the ideas parallels the Principal’s Book Club.  She mentioned Asian students getting together to get their homework done and it is also a social activity.  She would like to open up her room after school to start this.  She has many Latino students.  This way the students could get their homework done.  She said some students don’t go to class as they are behind.  They don’t understand their books at times.  They could help each other and possibly have food. 


Members agreed that this is a great idea.  David mentioned some schools have a study hall built into the day.


Ray called it a Peer Tutoring Program and said it is a great idea.  Alicia has formed relationships with these students.


Lisa suggested getting the snacks through the Excel After School Program.  The program will deliver the snacks.


Marcus mentioned Loan Ly’s “Slacker’s Club.”  Joseph said there are teachers who are here and are already having homework clubs.  Joseph would like to see these teachers get compensated.  He suggested some of the funds that go to Excel could go to these teacher.  There are rules that govern this.  Certificated Teachers can get paid after school for credit recovery, but not enrichment activities.



Marcus said study halls would require a certificated person and this is a budget issue.  Ray said they are trying to eliminate their Study Skills classes, as the students do not take it seriously.



Department Heads Agenda



I.          Student Teachers


Lisa will send an email about SF State and student teachers.



II.         CPT during STAR


Next week there will be 4 block days.  There also be 4 CPT’s. Monday and Tuesday next week will be Curriculum and Cluster.  Wednesday and Thursday—what was previously planned.  Wednesday will be grading, Thursday, Departments.  Following week Tuesday would be an extra department day, Friday everyone can leave early.


Stan asked about the attendance strips.  Lisa will check on this.



Blocks will be as follows:  Monday—odd periods, Tuesday—even periods,  Friday—odd periods.



III.       Master Schedule


Nancy thanked those who turned in department preferences on Google Spreadsheet.  Nancy asked Ethan to let her know.  Nancy said they will start doing the schedules this week.


Kathleen asked if there will be a Newcomer Pathway.  The answer is Yes.  Nancy said these students do need to be in the general population as well as their own classes.




Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – Marcy 25, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:25am.



I.          Master Schedule


–Nancy thanked everyone for their placement information.  She explained the process of merging the information.


–Concerning the department preferences, she asked everyone to continue to work off the form the Counseling Office provided.


–Lisa can provide a copy for everyone of the document they unshared to merge.  Let us know if there are any changes.


–Lisa asked anyone who is concerned about the Master Schedule to please meet with her.


–Michelle asked if counseling is still checking in with students who are moving from regular classes to AP and all the implications.


–Mat asked if they should specify .8, AVID, etc.  Nancy said they should include these titles in the preferences to teach.


–Joseph asked about students who are requesting an upper level class, but have not gotten the teacher’s signature.  Nancy said to let her know about these situations.



–Nancy said the district put out master schedule abilities for Nancy and Lisa but not the counselors and they have not loaded the students yet.



II.         Electives


–Michelle mentioned that 3 electives might come out of her department.  She asked what right of veto the department would have.  She also asked about protocol for suggesting electives.  One of the electives suggested for her department came from another department.


–Marcus said he did not have an answer for the protocol yet. 


–Journalism, Creative Writing and Public Speaking are the 3 electives.  Journalism and Creative Writing have a history with the English Department.  Public Speaking was thought of for ELD, but general ed. students could sign up.  This would be an elective based on the A – G.


–Nancy mentioned the UBC and the Leadership Team has charged the administration with finding electives so we do not have so many TAs.


–Ray said electives should be content neutral and not pulled from any department.


–Any credits in a department that exceed the requirement for that department are elective credits.


–Marcus suggested we table this until next week after members have time to think about this issue.



III.       Star Schedule?


–Mat asked about which weeks were given to STAR testing.


–Katie said the Week of April 14th and April 21st.  Wed and Thur blocks will always stay the same.  There will never be 2 consecutive days of the same block.


April 18th and 21st will be regular days.  Week of April 14th blocks begin on Monday.  The week of April 21st blocks begin on Tuesday.


–11th graders get tested in English and Math in their classes.


–10th graders get tested on Life Science.



IV.        Riso (Department Allocations)


–Mat asked if every department had their own Riso machine.  The answer is “No.”  Mat asked if next year they could see which departments already have Risos when the allocations are divided up.  Doug agreed with this.  Some departments do not use the Riso machines.


–Suggestion was made for every department to purchase their own Riso machines.


–Science, Math and World Languages have their own Riso machines.


–Katie explained that they gave departments more money as an entire community.  In the future departments may get less, so there are funds for items the entire Galileo community needs and uses.


–Lisa mentioned the Riso supplies are purchased from the general funds.



V.         Senior Homeroom Meeting



There will be a Senior Homeroom Meeting on Thursday, April 10th.  The Panorama Photo will be Wednesday, April 9th.  There will be a speaker coming in to talk to the students about Frisco Day.  Jo asked for understanding of two Senior events in the same week.


–Seniors will be late to 3rd and 4th periods that week.



VI.        BCC Audit


–Lisa gave the group feedback on the audit yesterday.  The visitors were impressed with what they saw.  They visited classes, met with a parent and with the administration.  They wished the district would provide more support to this project.  They also said they would like to hear more students talking in the classrooms.


–Marcus said we do need to work more with the student voices—group work, etc.  There was talk of arranging the classrooms so group work is easier.



VII.      Final Exam Schedule


–Marcus distributed the Final Exam Schedule for the Spring 2014.


–Michelle mentioned difficulties in her department with grading.  She asked about what time grades would be due.  Lisa said Friday at 2:00pm.


–Michelle asked if the exams could start a day early—the previous Friday.  Tuesday and Wednesday would be exams and then Thursday a make-up day and then Friday the last day of school.



–Graduation is on Wednesday afternoon.


–1,2 on Friday, 4,6 on Tuesday and 3.5 on Wednesday.  Question was would this conflict with the Senior Breakfast.  Thursday and Friday will be full days.



VIII.     Bell Schedule


–Doug presented a bell schedule that he and Joseph and Jonathan came up with.  One difference is to move the CPT to before school on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  He discussed the history and the fact that Lowell has later starts.  This schedule banks 5 minutes per week and has no homeroom.  The school day ends at 3:10pm every day.


–With no CPT at the end of school, students can get tutoring and extra help right after school.


–Ray said the morning bus would be a problem.  The busses will have to alter their schedule, but elementary school and middle school busses run then.


–Kathleen said we also have not decided to eliminate homeroom.


–Ethan said this schedule would be a concern with athletics.  Students are missing too much class time.  With CPT at the end of the day, students are not missing as much class time.  There are over 350 students participating in sports.


–Ray also said that first thing in the am is when many of their IEPs are done as parents are working.


–Marcus asked if we are in agreement with eliminating homeroom.  Spec. Ed likes it, ELL likes it, Michelle could not provide an answer, Math said they would like to eliminate it.


–Marcus asked the group to check with their departments on preferences.



IX.        Miscellaneous


–Lisa asked about the Truancy meeting tomorrow.  She mentioned it will affect 3rd period, as it is mandatory for those students summoned to attend.  Nancy said it affects over 380 students.


–Nancy will try to provide everyone with a list of who should be there and who actually signs in to the meeting.  Students and their families are supposed to attend.  Nancy said this is called a Civil Summons.


–Joseph asked if the list could be in an excel document so it could be sorted by grade level.



–Ray talked about thinking of eliminating the block schedule.  Stan said it would destroy the academies.  Ray’s suggestion was to have double periods for the academies.


–Doug suggested a rolling schedule.


–Marcus said that would make it difficult for CPT.



–Lisa said we would have to see what our priorities are and sort out the schedules.



Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – March 18, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



I.          Classroom Announcements


–David said 4th and 6th periods there are many announcements.  These announcements are made by staff other than Bettie.  He asked the group for feedback.  Michelle said they are annoying.  Most of these announcements could be made during 4th period announcements.  Some are also done during CPT, which is also interrupting.


–David said that announcements should go through Bettie or the 4th period announcements.  Once someone else starts announcing then it gives other staff the idea they can also announce.


–Jo said many of the announcements at the end of 4th period are about lunchtime activities.


–Someone suggested having announcements at the end of 4th period.


–Lisa suggested we keep announcements at the same time and if necessary change next year.



II.         WASC


–Lisa reviewed the day with WASC.  The WASC visitors knew that we had a lot of staff and administration changes.  They saw consistency in the classrooms and progress from their last visit.  They did say we are in the discussing and talking about stage of our action plan items. They said that we need to move more in the action plan stage.  They indicated we are fine and we will have another self-study in 3 years.


–Marcus thanked everyone for being prepared and doing what you do.



III.       BCC Audit


–Bilingual Community Council—Lisa explained the composition of the BCC.  Their focus this year is duly identified students—ELL and Spec. Ed.  They will come again this coming Monday.  They will visit classrooms that were visited last week by the district people.  The district liked what they saw last week.  Lisa will email everyone about this.  They will just observe and will not expect a conversation.  Feel free to tell the students who the visitors are.



IV.        Xerox Overage $2100


–Marcus said this is an overage bill.  We need to be mindful of how many copies we are making.  He asked the group to relay this to their teachers.



V.         Homeroom


–Lisa said we talked about this several weeks ago.  She distributed some possible schedules if we eliminate homeroom next year.  M, T and F are the same.  4th period has an additional 5 minutes for announcements, so dismissal would be at 3:10pm.  Wednesday we would eliminate homeroom and add a 5-minute announcement time at the end of 5th period.  On Thursdays 4th period would be 20 minutes longer for G-House TV—either at the end or beginning.  Wednesday we would get out at 1:55pm and Thursday at 2:10pm.


–Ray mentioned the bus schedule and they control our dismissal time.


–Joseph did not like the inconsistency of lunch each day.


–Josephine was not sure having G-House TV once a week that it might not be fair to the kids who are a part of the broadcast.  Lisa said Hank Machtay was OK with once a week.


–Ethan asked about G-House TV for PE students.


–David said once a week for G-House TV might get more faculty members to tune in.


–Joseph suggested 10 minutes on Wed and Thur for G-House TV for more consistency in the bell schedule.


–With this schedule CPT could be longer which could be beneficial.


–Faculty meetings might have to change to Thursdays.


–Joseph would go for consistency of schedule rather than consistency of announcements.



–Marcus asked if the group would like more possibilities.  Doug said he thought we should bring this back to department members.



–Ray would like to see more students in homeroom.  He felt that 2 hours to sit for special ed. students with no breaks is awful.


–Jo talked about the truancy letters and parent conferences.  She found out that students are attending their friends’ homerooms and this causes truancy notices.  She felt teachers should not allow students who are not in their homeroom to stay.


She also said that when teachers turn off the TV the students are seeing a bad role model.  She also mentioned the counselors use homeroom to pass out notices, transcripts, etc.


–David said he does not have much faith in teachers enforcing attendance in homeroom.  Homeroom takes up valuable time.


–Doug mentioned that in many classrooms, students are talking during G-House TV.  Teachers do not enforce attendance or watching the G-House TV.


–Jo said there is a lack of consequence for cutting homeroom.  She talked to counselors at Lincoln and GWHS.  Both of those schools put in a 3 day cut list—if a student is on the truancy list, they cannot play sports, go to dances, attend club meetings, etc.  We have no consequences for our students.


–Kathleen said the “U” should mean something.  She said her teachers like homeroom—for a chance to talk to the kids, have a break on block days, etc.



–Marcus said the deans and security want homeroom removed, as attendance is not being enforced.


–Ray asked if there could be a grade and the answer was no, due to the contract.


–Marcus asked everyone to bring this issue to their teachers.



VI.        Teacher Referral Process


–Ray asked teachers to not turn a student away when they are new by saying the class is full.  When they schedule a student in a class, they select the class with the lowest numbers.  He asked that the problems be settled after school, not turning the student away.


–Kathleen says the same thing happens with newcomers. 


–Nancy said that when students are incarcerated, they are removed from the class rolls.  When they come back, we have to take them in.  Nancy asked that teachers not turn these students away, call the counselors, etc.  We are trying to make these students a part of the community and we do not want them wandering around.


–Michelle said some rooms are smaller and that needs to be taken into consideration along with class size.
–Jo said the counseling office works hard to figure out the schedule for students.  Accept the students, and then email the counselor after class.


–Nancy said this time of year it is challenging scheduling students and finding classes.



Department Head Agenda



I.          Master Schedule


–Nancy said she assumes everyone is working on the Google Docs.  She asked if this is true.


–Nancy asked the group if the March 21st deadline would work.  Michelle, David and Ray had questions.


–Nancy made a form for department preferences for the 3 courses the teachers would like to teach, and the a space for the department heads to enter needs.  Lisa explained the form.


–Administration would like all the information completed by Thursday, March 27th in the am if possible.



II.         Truancy


–Last year we had A2A that generated truancy letters to students.  This year it was not operating until a month or so ago.  The first letter went out after 3 absences (800 letters). The second letter has gone out which is sent after 15 unexcused absences (500 letters).  This is a Summons Meeting with the District Attorney.  This meeting will be on Wednesday, March26th.  The third letter is going out this week (there are 400 of these), and these students should be SARBd and perhaps meet with a judge. There will be 400 families meeting in the auditorium with their students.


–These letters count excused absences and tardies.  The district does not want us to suppress these letters.  Pupil Services is in charge of this.


–Students attending games are supposed to be marked present in classes they miss.  Homeroom absence is the main part of these letters.


–Ray said for special ed. students this can generate lawsuits from the parents.  He has lots of calls from parents and lawyers.


–Jo said if an attendance strip is not turned in, then the student is marked present. She encouraged teachers to turn in the strips for accurate attendance accounting.


–Doug asked if we were moving to online attendance next year.  Nancy said it is supposed to happen, but it was supposed to happen a few years ago.


–Nancy explained the process for correcting the attendance.  The students are involved.



II.         Frisco Day


–Joe said it is on Friday, April 18th.  This is a mandatory field trip by the district.  There is no teacher approval for this field trip.  It is for Seniors and held at CCSF and SF Concourse.



Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – March 11, 2014


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Lisa asked everyone to introduce themselves to start the meeting.

Lisa distributed Section 4 of the WASC report. 

Chairman Felton Owens mentioned the WASC visit 3 years ago and gave an over view of that visit.  He mentioned 8 areas of critical follow-up.  We were granted a 6- year accreditation in 2011.  The purpose for this visit is to take a look back in the areas that were identified and to see how far we have come and what we are using leading to school improvement.

#1 Improve regular review and revision of the School Goals and Balanced Score Card with all Stakeholders.

Felton described the narrative.  He then mentioned evidence—this can be meeting minutes, memos, etc.  He asked the group for feedback.  How is this approached?

Kathleen said we have seen the Balanced Score Card come to life in these last few years.

Doug mentioned that the BSC went to the Department Head level.  He felt this is more appropriate and is effective.

David said we identified goals and priorities for our CPT.

Michelle said the BSC is our school plan.  We were informed by much of what the WASC had to say and the direction the district wants us to go.

Felton asked if there seems to be a lot of buy in to where we are going.

David said it depends on the amount of changes.  There is a sense of interest with new ideas.  Interesting discussions are happening.

Felton asked about the Leadership Team meetings.

#2 Work to support the use of homework and assignments that develop higher order thinking skills rather than basic comprehensive questions.

#3 Train and implement additional differentiation within the classroom to meet the needs of all subgroups.

Stephen Jackson discussed this in terms of what is going on in the classes he co-teaches with Michael Roman.  He talked about the students, the curriculum, and extra support for students who need it.  He talked about activities.  He mentioned more students are attending, proud to be in the general ed. classes, and stepping up.

Felton asked for AVID personnel and wanted to know if what we say about team teaching, is it happening in the other sub groups—ELL, AVID, etc.?

Felton asked if there is a difference now with suspensions than during the past visit.  Stephen said the new changes have made a difference in student involvement.

Donald talked about his work in engaging the smaller sub groups.  Lisa asked him to talk about the BSU.  Donald also mentioned the assembly they just put on.  He talked about working to make the students feel more a part of the school.

Alicia talked about the Latino Club and the desire to have the Latino students recognized.  She would like to make the link even stronger.  Two of the club members are now going to run for ASB Office.

Marcus said we have had a good year athletically and that is a rallying point.

Michelle mentioned a teacher actively building the AP Spanish program who was fusing the academics with the culture.  There are efforts to bring this to the other AP programs.  She mentioned creating pre-AP classes.

Felton visited an Honors English class and was impressed with the curriculum and the discussions.  He mentioned the blending of the various different students.  He mentioned they were all participating in the discussion.

Mr. Wing talked about his CADA honor and told a little bit about the convention.    He talked about why he was selected for the honor.

#7 Strengthen and diversify the student government organization and incorporating more students into the school governance structure.

Jessica talked about activities Wellness does.  Donald talked about the Food Fest Soul Food, the BSU assembly, and the Regional Conference for BSU.  There is also a trip to New Orleans to visit HBC & Us.  They will also go to Mississippi.

Kathleen mentioned the large number of ELL students. There is a leadership pathway for them after school.  She mentioned training them to be mentors to students the following year.

LGBT was also mentioned.  We are sensitive to all the different groups that might be amongst us.  Joseph mentioned the t-shirt and modeled the one he was wearing.

Eugene mentioned the Chinese Culture Club and the karaoke event coming up.

Tami Benau visited 15 classrooms this morning.  She enjoyed the team teaching.  The teachers were in a really nice dialogue.  She asked about time the teachers have to collaborate.  Michelle said our CPT on Thursday is designated, but many teachers use their own prep times as well.  Many times the team teachers do not have the same prep periods.

Lisa mentioned the Prop A funds and each teacher can use 18 hours.

Doug mentioned in the Math Department those from special ed. who are team teaching get included in all the Math Department activities

Tami liked the consistency of technology, graphic organizers, students taking notes, etc.  She liked the level of engagement and guidance by the teacher.  Has there been any discussion on mathematical practices followed by activities in the classroom?

Michelle discussed the process in the English Department.  She mentioned the SFUSD’s directions in this area.

Mat said they use reading as an historian.  David talked about the next generation science standards.

Tami talked about the District BSC, the WASC directives and this visit and that she is very impressed with how we keep all this going.  Useful organizational strategy is.

#8  Maintaining clean bathroom facilities and securing lockers.

Felton said this is important.    He also asked about the security of lockers.

Katie talked about her efforts with graffiti and identifying those who are doing the graffiti.  She mentioned response from the district to get rid of hate graffiti.

She also mentioned security is much better with the lockers, both in the halls and in the locker rooms.

Felton thanked everyone for attending the meeting.  There is no exit meeting for this visit but he asked everyone to thank everyone for this visit.

Marcus talked about the Principal’s Book Club.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.

Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – March 4, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



Leadership Team Agenda



I.          Homeroom


–Os-Maun Rasul came to talk about Homeroom and the concerns about Homeroom.  He will discuss some possible solutions.  He mentioned in previous schools there was a school-wide curriculum students were exposed to in Homeroom.  This helps with classroom management and encourages students to attend homeroom.


–He mentioned that many students treat homeroom as a free period.


–Lisa mentioned submitting grades and not being about to give grades for homeroom.


–Nancy said some teachers have given homeroom grades, which then need to be removed.



–Lisa mentioned that Stephen has suggested doing away with homeroom.  If the main purpose of homeroom is around announcements, grade level groups meetings of students, etc., there might be an alternative.


–Homeroom teachers will still announce the names at graduation.


–Marcus said we have to have a homeroom in place for testing.


–David mentioned the rapport that comes with homeroom for testing which may be different with the new testing process.


–Nancy said we would have to figure something out if we eliminate homeroom.  She also mentioned that counseling might go back to grade level.



–David would like to propose that the 15 minutes be part of a block period.


–Nancy said it would be better to be the last 15 minutes of the period.


–Jessica is curious to know what other SF high schools do.  What do they use homeroom for?


–Kathleen recalled the nutrition break and thought this would be good for the students.



–Lisa discussed tacking the announcements onto a period.  Block Days could have G-House TV and or class assemblies.  She mentioned getting out earlier on Wednesdays.



–Stan asked about G-House TV—answer was it could be at the end of a block period.


–Joseph said we should think about the students and know that they do need a break.


–Homeroom is instructional time; nutrition time does not count as instructional minutes.


–Doug mentioned that many students would leave campus on nutrition breaks and we would have the same hall walking problems as we have with homeroom.



–Marcus suggested we compose several schedules with homeroom included at the end of the period.  He asked them to bring them to the next meeting.


–Several members recalled some schedules Jonathan Ring did in the past.



II.         WASC


–WASC review is next Tuesday, March 11, 2014.  She referred to the report—everyone has seen the first 3 chapters. She will email everyone the entire report.


–The visiting members will be with us during Leadership next Tuesday.


–There will be a check-in during 4th period on Monday in Room 210.



–Marcus asked everyone to read the report by next Monday.


–Please let Lisa know if there should be changes or edits.



III.       Master Schedule


–Nancy said the counselors are finishing registering students today.  Department Heads should have the forms by Monday to look at student placements.


–Placement will be due on March 21st.



–David asked when Nancy would send out the form regarding teacher preferences.  She said she would try to send that out next week.



IV.        Night School


–Mat said this is about the integrity of night school.  He discussed that some of the students feel entitled to a passing grade for showing up.  No one in his department is teaching night school.  He also mentioned our discussions on grading.  He mentioned the scenario that students might think night school is easy, and may run into unintended consequences.  He mentioned some students who take classes in summer school to pass in 5 weeks.



–David said students know that night school is easier.  He said many of them are trying to graduate.  He mentioned the 1 science class offered, and no matter what science class a student needs, this class fits it.



–Alicia mentioned that her son is in night school.  She discussed his history.  She said his teacher bonds with the students.  This class ends at 5:30pm.  These students go for 2 ½ more hours after school.  There is a fine line to walk between judging students and encouraging them to be prepared to move on.


–Stan is a night school teacher.  The teachers are aware that students take the class as the easy way.  He said they try to make the curriculum applicable and helpful for the students.  The entire make up credit, online, summer school, night school all have their drawbacks.



–Jo said there are some students who are trying to play the game—the smart ones. Jo said they try to get the students on the right track.  She mentioned other students who are looking to have a second chance to make up credits and turn it around for college.  She said 9 out of 10 of these students are in that group.  We need to help these students.


–Nancy discussed the orientation for night school and tells the groups that the students will be from all different levels and the content should be a review of the basic curriculums.  She mentioned that classes can be dismissed between 5:00pm and 5:30pm.  She said teachers use resources in the school, like the library, computer labs, etc.



–Marcus said that Mele Lau-Smith, who runs the after school programs said we are spending lots of money having night school here. The largest one is at Washington and perhaps our students should go there.



V.         Students with “Action Plans”


–Mat discussed the students who go part time and how this is decided.


–Nancy said we have a handful of students on a modified schedule where they start out with a shorter day.  For the 504’s there are some students who do not meet the full qualifications for an IEP.  Some of these have health problems, particularly mental health problems, who cannot handle the whole school day.  She mentioned several scenarios.


–Nancy and the counselors oversee the Action Plans.



VI.        AP Test Payments


–Doug mentioned that currently the individual teachers collect the funds.  Some students have to get waivers from the counseling office.  He mentioned some students get waivers from some tests, but not all.


–He also mentioned the scenario of being responsible for the money—what if he gets robbed, he loses the money, etc.  Who is responsible?


–Nancy was thinking that there should be follow through with the students.  We will be giving 990 exams this year.


–David mentioned centralizing it by student, not test.


–Nancy said Judie White works with Nancy on the payments.



VII.      First Aid Supplies


–Doug mentioned an email from Nurse Kitchell to Karen Field that each department is responsible for all their first aid equipment.  He asked for what the rules are and what they each have to stock.


–David says he buys Band-Aids for the classrooms.


–Ray said there are latex gloves in 212 and 214.



Meeting adjourned at 12:05pm.


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – February 25, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



I.          Tech Purchases


–Marcus mentioned he notices lots of iPads and laptops being purchased.  He asked the group to be mindful of what everyone is purchasing.


–Joseph asked about an inventory online.  Katie said that Thong has this and records each item when it is tagged.


–Marcus said at the last SSC meeting the decision was made to order 2 laptop carts.


–He is asking that each group receive training on the new tech items.


–Doug said we should offer training to the groups about the new tech equipment.



–Mat mentioned that at times the labs are full and the Mobil Computer Card would be helpful.


–Lisa reminded everyone of the rules for signing up for the labs.



–Doug reminded the group that the iPad Carts should be reserved for the whole day.  Discussion followed as to how to coordinate moving the cart.


–Marcus asked for information on good things people are doing with the Mobil Carts.



II.         Budget Process Calendar


–Marcus distributed a calendar for the SSC meeting dates about the budget.  This includes February and March.  The SSC will meet every Wednesday about the budget.  He talked about the February 26th PTSA meeting, the SSC Summit on March 1st.  He explained the SSC meeting process.


–We will have $185,000 more than last year.



III.       Electives


–Marcus talked about the meeting with the group yesterday.  He mentioned that he has received information on new electives from some of the group.


–Michelle asked if there was a discussion on the impact on staffing with these new electives.  Michelle mentioned class size and the impact.


–Marcus said for the most part, except for PE, are small.  He is asking for a comparison with GWHS on their class sizes.


–Marcus passed around the class sizes by department.  For the whole school we have a class size of 28.


–Michelle mentioned that we cannot overlook the prep load for courses that have inclusion and other levels.



IV.        Master Schedule – Course Titles


–Please get the course titles to Nancy ASAP.



V.         Risos


–Katie mentioned that we need new machines.  One of them in 307 is dead.  The one in 206 is also on its last legs.  She will ask departments to contribute to the $5,600 for a new one.  She will contact everyone by email.


–Michelle asked if it would be out of this year’s budget and Katie said, “Yes.”



VI.        Miscellaneous


–Michelle asked about the testing schedule.  Katie said the block periods would remain.



–Michelle asked if we could revisit protocols and procedures for field trips and passes out of class for on site and off site activities.


–Katie said they should have field trip forms.  Students can do activities for sports or clubs at lunchtime and after school.  A pass from a coach or Wellness will authorize a student out of class.


–Katie will send out an email to the staff.  Let Katie know if you have a concern and she will reach out to the individuals.



Meeting adjourned at 11:45am.




2/12/14 Meeting Minutes


February 12, 2014

Present: M. Blacksher, B. Grinnell, J. Ring, J.Peters, B. Lee, M. Escobar, L. Ly, J. Fong, N. Lambert-Campbell, A. Shao, V. Van Natta

Jonathan called the meeting to order at 3:40pm.

I. Minutes of Meeting on January 8, 2014
–Jim Fong commented on the Galileo Project and said it is really 2 parts. One part is the history of Galileo Galilei and the other is about the history of the school. He suggests we separate the two ideas.
–Marcus moves to approve the minutes with Jim’s addition. Motion seconded and it passed.

II. SCE (State Compensatory Education)
–We have $65.000 in this budget to spend before the end of this year. Marcus distributed a proposal on how to spend the funds.
–We have to reflect in our meeting notes that we discussed it, it was approved and then Marcus must adjust the BSC. If we approve this, then we will sign off on it today.
–Jackie asked how many Promethean Boards we need to buy. Marcus said 5 and he would like everyone to have the board. He is going department by department.
–Loan asked if the teachers asked for this equipment. She asked what makes Promethean Boards a priority over other equipment. She mentioned that the Social Studies Department does not have a laptop cart. Jackie confirmed the same for English.
–Jackie mentioned that she has all her students’ assignments turned in digitally after Virginia asked about the use of lap tops. Loan also explained what her students do with the laptops. She also said it is nice to be in the classroom rather than the labs, as teachers can use the computers to teach the lessons in the classrooms and this cause less disturbance in the halls.
–Jonathan asked about the original funds on Marcus’ flyer. He explained that they were part of the budget but changes have been made and we need to reflect the changes.
–The proposed change #4 for the Riso Machines is dropped as there is not enough funds to purchase them.

–Jackie asked what the priority would be if we did not get the Promethean Boards.
–Loan mentioned that much of the testing is in the computer labs and wondered if we need more equipment there.
–Virginia mentioned that PCs are less expensive than iPads. Loan added more thoughts on this.
–Marcus said there were more educational apps on the iPad. Discussion followed.
–Brandon said he prefers a regular keyboard rather than a virtual one.
–The students were asked if they were handed a laptop or an iPad, which would they prefer. They said the laptop.
–Nancy said we are behind many other schools. She mentioned textbooks that can be on the iPads so students won’t have to carry textbooks. She said we are behind in the technology training.
–Discussion followed on the advantages of technology and which is best. Loan said the technology should advance what we are teaching, rather than us teaching the technology. She said that she feels that the laptop cart is more beneficial than the iPads.
–Jonathan asked how the equipment is being used now.
–Jackie felt having 3 laptop carts would be beneficial to the school.
–Loan said from her experience the iPad does not do what she needs to do. She said that students do have challenges with technology too and the laptops will fit their needs.
–Jackie proposed that we get 2 laptop carts rather than an iPad cart. This would also mean one less Promethean Board.
–Jim asked if any faculty members are working on programs with the iPads.
–The new proposal is one less Promethean Board and one more laptop cart. The members agreed.

III. Flyer for 2014 School Planning Summit
–Loan tried to do a clearer version of the flyer. She tried to register online, but it did not work.
–Nancy said we have to submit an agenda for our time at the summit. Part of the day will be a presentation by the district. We will get our budget prior to the summit but then we need to discuss how we will construct the budget.

IV. BSC for the School Planning Summit
–Marcus has been asked to submit an agenda prior to the Summit. He shared an agenda from Presidio MS as an example.
–Marcus suggested we review the current BSC and the new template.
–Jonathan requested that this information be emailed to everyone. Marcus said he would ask Janet to email it to us.
–Loan suggested discussion resources for inclusion.
–Discussion followed about the Student Survey. Suggestion was made to do the survey in core classes, as it takes longer than 15 minutes to complete so Homeroom will not work. Core teachers might complain. Virginia suggested it be a voluntary survey and Brandon said that would produce a biased survey. Jonathan suggested it be done on assembly days as part of the 4th period class.
–On the agenda we should look at data.
–Review 13/14 Priorities and review and reflect if this was a useful way of spending the funds. Priorities were mentioned.
–Jonathan suggested we look at previous cuts and talk about how those cuts affected the school.
–Marcus felt Progress Monitoring should be an agenda item. He felt we should look at our commitment to low class size in 9th and 10th grade—is this making a difference? CLAs in Math and English. Discussion followed.
–Marcus said we need to look at Progress Monitoring in CAHSEE, Graduation UC-A-G eligible, Goal 1—access and equity in CST, ELL students re-classified—are we moving students up? Suspension Rate. Data on diversifying academies and pathways.

–Jonathan mentioned the gender inequity between boys and girls—A-G Ready for last year…71% for female and 50% for males.
–Student Survey will include addressing students feeling safe at school, teachers treating students with respect, courses are challenging for students, and more.
–Data Collection—which measures do we use and how will we measure each tool? Loan mentioned the impact of after school activities and sports on students and how do we measure this.

Marcus asked if there was anything we need from the district. Marcus would like to know what the other schools are doing.
–Jackie mentioned the communication between the middle schools and the high schools is lacking.

March 1, 2014 Agenda
1. Review BSC & New Template.
2. Review & Reflect on Budget Decisions for 2013/2014. 2013/2014 cuts—how did this impact us school-wide?
3. Progress Monitoring
a. CLAs Math & English
b. CAHSEE Passing Rate
c. A – G Eligible
d. ELL Reclassified
e. Suspension Rate
f. Academy & Pathway Diversity/Gender
g. Student Survey
4. Data Collection (Extra Curricular & Athletics)
5. Planning
6. What are other schools doing around priorities and what is working?

V. Tabled Items
–Jonathan would like to table these items: Election Process, WASC, Budget, and the March 12th meeting agenda.
–Mele send out the March meeting schedule.

–Marcus said Bettie will email the minutes to everyone tomorrow.
–Marcus will email the changes on the BSC, but is asking everyone to sign off on this tonight.

Jackie made a motion to adjourn. Milagro seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.

1/8/14 Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 3:45pm.

SSC members present: Marcus Blacksher, Mele Lau-Smith, Jim Fong, , Loan Ly, Jonathan Ring, Brandon Lee, Milagro Escobar, Julie Nelson Anna Shao, Bettie Grinnell.

Members of the public present: Marcia Lomneth, Nancy Lambert

1. Review of December 11th minutes: The Dec 11th were reviewed and a correction was made to spell out WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).

B. Grinnell made a motion to approve the Dec 11th minutes. The motion was seconded by J. Ring. No discussion and no objection. Minutes were approved.

2. Review of informational flyer for parents: L.Ly was not able to prepare a draft informational flyer for review as the district has not released an informational flyer on the district website.

3. Follow-up to letter to Myong Leigh. The follow up letter to Myong Leigh was reviewed and one grammatical error was corrected. The letter was approved and M.Blakshur will share the letter and the other budget review documents developed with other high school.

4. Review of SSC election processes:

a. Parent/community representative election process: There was discussion about the current process and a suggestion to have additional ways for parents to vote other than Back to School Night. J. Fong agreed to draft up a more detailed step by step process to add an additional voting mechanism for review at the February meeting. It was suggested to include a discussion of improving communication with parents as a future agenda item.
b. Student representative election process: The student representatives are in the process of writing up the current process to discuss at the February meeting. It was noted that in the past the ASB decided which officers would serve on the SSC. JRing mentioned that he thought it was a good idea to have the ASB president also be a member of the SSC.
c. Classified representative election process: B.Grinnell distributed and reviewed a draft of the process for classified staff. The process was formally approved.
d. Certificated representative election process: S.DeBella was not able to make the SSC meeting so this item was tabled to the February meeting.

5. Review of proposed changes to the by laws: The proposed changes that were approved at the December 11th SSC meeting were reviewed. It was suggested that the number of alternates required be reduced to 1 for each category. J.Nelson made a motion to approve the proposed by law changes from Dec 11th SSC meeting as well as the change to reduce the number of alternates to 1. M.Blackshur seconded the motion. The motion passed.

6. Budget Development Process: The following timeline was agreed on for the budget development process:
• February 21st: Budgets sent to schools sites
• February 25th: Budget distributed to Leadership Team for recommendations and comments by February 28th
• February 26th: Community meeting to hear recommendations and comments from parents and other stakeholders.
• March 1st: District wide school site summit for SSC to begin budget discussions.
• March 5th: SSC meeting to finalize budget recommendations for March 12th SSC meeting for public comments re: budget
• March 12th: SSC and Budget Review public meeting
• March 19th: SSC meeting to finalize budget
• March 26th: Budget due to the district

March 12th: Proposed public meeting process:

1. Proposed budget posted to Galileo website by March 7th.
2. During March 12th public comment meeting:
• SSC chair provides overview of proposed budget
• Public comment period: Those interested in providing public comment, sign up on list when they come into meeting. Each person has 2 minutes for comments/proposals. SSC members may ask questions of speakers for clarification only.
• SSC members will discuss proposals/comments and finalize budget at March 19th SSC meeting.

7. Tabled Items for February meeting:
–Balanced Score Card
–Certificated Process
–Parent Process
–Student Process
–WASC update

8. Other discussions:
• Grant Process: J.Fong about the PTSA and GAA Grant Process. He asked if all grants have to have an educational purpose. Marcus talked about a Wellness Grant.
• Discussion took place regarding the Galileo Observatory. J. Fong suggested an after school Galileo project about Galileo the scientist. He thought we could have something about Galileo all throughout the building.
o The Galileo Project is really 2 parts. One part is the history of Galileo Galilei and the other is about the history of the school. He suggests we separate the two ideas.

M.Blackshur made a motion to adjourn the meeting. M.Lau-Smith seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 5:10 pm.

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