Radiolab Assignment

The Details:

  • Choose an ONE HOUR episode of Radiolab from the list below.
  • Download or listen online to the ENTIRE episode.
  • Answer the following questions on paper and turn in titled:  Radiolab Assignment
  • You will receive 10 points of extra-credit per episode.  Maximum of one episode per grading period.  Points will be given in the grading period you turn it in.
  • Deadline (Friday at the end of the grading period).

Questions: (answers don’t have to be long, but please put some thought into them and not just one word answers, MUST BE HANDWRITTEN)

  1. Write the title of the episode AND give the episode a “new” creative title.  (i.e.  Sperm:  Millions of Swimmers, One winner.)
  2. In what ways does this episode matter to you?
  3. Write 3 answers you got about the topic (things you learned)
  4. Write 3 new questions you now have about the topic, and WHY you want to know the answers to these questions.
  5. How did this episode make you feel?  Opinions?
  6. 300 word MINIMUM for full credit.

Episodes:  Complete Archive



Patient Zero

Famous Tumors

The Good Show (Altruism)

The Bad Show

Lost and Found (Ability to Navigate)




Musical Language

Where am I?




Memory and Forgetting


Life (So-Called)