2012 Educational Games

This is the 4th annual Educational Games project of AOIT (Academy of Information Technology) at Galileo Academy of Science & Technology. This year, we worked in collaboration with Ms. Strickland’s class at Gordon J. Lau Elementary School. Our games are designed to help students learn the 5th grade California Content Standards across a range of different content areas including Mathematics, Science, English Language Arts, and History-Social Science. Our goal: To make learning so much fun you’ll do it outside of school.

This project was featured on the new Edutopia / Teaching Channel series Tech2Learn!
On Edutopia: Teaching Teamwork through Video Game Development
On the Teaching Channel: Real-World Lesson: Designing a Video Game

The Water Game by Dai-Lo Productions
Water? Is it important? YES IT IS. Find the water underground and guide it. Defend the sky by shooting the evil clouds trying to pollute our atmosphere. You think it’s easy to rain? Guess again. Guide your rain drop to the ground to restart the cycle.

Cookie Attack by Cookie Dough
You are the only hero who can save the village! A mad scientist created dangerous monsters that will attack the village any time. The monsters are not afraid of anything except for cookies. Answer fraction problems to bake cookies that will be used to shoot the monsters. If you don’t help, the monsters will destroy the village. Eventually, they will destroy the entire world. What are you waiting for? The world is waiting for your rescue!

Tiny Tales by Sweet&SourProductions
Come help our little hero on his journey to slay his sworn enemy, the demon lord. As you go through the game, you will learn science concepts that are occurring every day around us. Help the hero by gathering materials and defeating multiple bosses and get stronger as you progress. Are you up for the challenge??!!?!!

Legendary BlackSmith by RuleRoy Inc.
Hungry for adventure? Then join us on a voyage of discoveries. From goblins to people, from damsels and distress to medieval kings, our game has it all. Battle through all these challenges as you learn about which metal makes the stronger sword. Just don’t sue us if you’re highly addicted, ok? Have fun and learn. Best of both worlds. Everybody wins!

Mathville by Mathintosh Inc.
Come one, come all to the world of Mathville! Explore the different communities by battling poop (yes, poop!) and beating math concepts. Test your abilities and knowledge on the topics of mean, median, and mode. (Yes, we all dislike math but combined with gaming? Oh dang, hold me back!)

Stars of Stripes by W.A.V.E.
Americans unite! We’ve had enough of the British rule and want to be free! Take the role of a local colonist who gets taxed by the British and join the war for freedom! You will experience how it felt like to be ruled by the British and learn how this event changed the course of history. Take a stand along with other colonists against the British and help free your people!

Liberty Across the Land By Broke On Budget
Have you ever had that feeling that you were destined to be at WAR? I am SURE you do! COME PLAY this to enjoy how it feels to be in the Revolutionary War and fight against your enemies! Not only do you have a choice of playing a role as a AMERICAN but also the role as a BRITISH!

Mr. White by Pho Show
Be ready to play as the amazing Mr.White! Learn the interactions of the White Blood Cell and what they do in this little wall defender game, filled with excitement and fast paced action. Be ready to control the vital defense to your body and stop all the evil that you encounter everyday. MR. WHITE DEFENDS AGAINST ALL EVIL. DO HIM WELL!

Fraction Story by Rollback Money
Fraction Story makes you better at fractions! The game includes bosses, armor, and different types of fractions. You will kill monsters on the top and bottom platforms; The top platform acts as the numerator and the bottom acts as the denominator. Your job is to kill the correct number on top and bottom. The game is really fun and addictive once you start, so give our game a try!

Math Racing by Team Rocket
MathRacing is a fast paced game that adds in math and racing together in one playable game. No longer do you need to look in a boring old textbook to review your fractions. With MathRacing, you can play all you want on your computer and study at the same time! Your fraction skills will improve, but we do not guarantee your driving skills will!

Hangman by Big Smiley, Inc.
Are you going to master the English language? Are you going to be the first one to solve the prefixes and suffixes and escape the depressing world of the hangman? Guess the right letters in order to advance through the levels and avoid being hanged!

Brain Type by LME
Ever wanted to see who was better at spelling? How about an easier word game? Well now you can do both!! This game will test your knowledge against your friends with simple words through spelling. In the end only one will win, but don’t worry. Even if you don’t win, you will still learn words you might not have known before. Join the fun and get ready and enter the world of words!!

Tribal Wars by Chocolate Gods
The sun is rising, and the enemy Native Americans are closing into your tribe. Gather resources to build a sustainable defense and defend your tribe from the waves of the attacking enemy. Train swordsmen, spearmen, and cavalry to counter the enemy units. Thousands of years ago, ancient relics were buried, and now they have re-appeared in your land. Find these long lost relics, and use their powers to protect yourself.