CA 2013

ABOUT the  2013 College Ambassadors, includes their activities, and dreams. Enjoy reading! Feel free to e-mail me: if you want me to connect you with them! 

Advice for Juniors: “Everyone says this but START EARLY!!!! Juniors should be researching colleges NOW and thinking about what they want to write about in their personal statements. Start making drafts of essays! Everyone thinks, “Oh, I have these many months left, I can start later.” The time really flies by and it hits you at the very last minute that the applications are due. Also, there are a number of colleges that I wished I had applied to but I didn’t have time to because I found out about them too late into the application process. Also, I wish I could’ve spent more time on some of my applications because I realized that I really wanted to go to those schools but it was too late. So….START NOOOOOW!!!” –Anonymous CA 

Albert Wu: Extracurricular  Debate Team (Director), Tech Club( Co-Founder), Golf, Bridge Club, San Francisco Chinatown Leos Club (President). Hobbies: Reading (especially fantasy and sci-fi), board games (Stratego, Risk, Chess), Stamp-Collecting. Goals: Become an oncologist, raise & keep freshwater dwarf shrimp.

Albert advice on AP and extra-curricular: I wish I knew…don’t overload yourself with AP classes, do more extracurricular during the summer.

Allison Chan: Hi, my name is Allison. My past 4 years of high school, I have been involved with Swimming/Captain, Dragonboat, Pep Club, Senior Historian, & CA. I am hoping to pursue a career in Nursing. Ironically enough, I hate public speaking, but I do like sharing info/educating others. :)

Allison advice on SAT, ACT, and GPA:  “1) Try really hard to get the SAT/ACT score you want on practice tests. 2) GPA AND Extra curricular activities are very important!”

Amelia Doe:  I like to draw, and am the Treasurer of the Anime/Manga club. I want to be a nurse.

Amy Cai: Hi my name is Amy and I like sharks and pugs. That is all.

Andy Wong: As President of the Tech Club and the Robotics Team (ESM Robotics) here at Galileo, I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with a lot of tech activities, which will be sure to be a first-step into the engineering fields I wish to pursue in college. But I’m not just the tech-guy–as Vice President of the Debate Club, and member of the Social Awareness Club, I’m interested in vigorous discussion of the topics raging around in society today. And that’s really what I want to do with my life: to think critically, and to apply this thinking to our world today, whether with science, math, or simple reasoning. Other tidbits: Titanic, the Beatles, A History of Pi, and Dungeons & Dragons are my favorite movie, band, book, and activity, respectively. Have fun on your college search!

Andy’s advice for Juniors about essays (personal statements): “Start your essays early! Don’t procrastinate – else, you’ll be writing your essays the two days before they were due, like me. Also, don’t be afraid to try for things you’ve never done before, for schools you think you can’t afford or schools you think you can’t get into. Just try it!” 

Angel Lei: I’ve been involved with the Red Cross Youth for Chinese Elderly program and many interesting programs with CYC. I volunteered at many events during my high school life, volunteer was fun and I get to learn and experience a lot. With CYC, I joined different programs such as filming, workshops, jobs, etc. I want to get into a four year college to study Business.

Anna Lei: At school, other than College Ambassador, I’m involved with the GSA, Technology Club, Service Interact Club, and Red Cross Club. Outside of school I’m involved with WritersCorps, DCYF’s Youth Warriors, CPA’s Youth Movement of Justice Organizing, and Summer Search. I love reading fantasy and mystery books.

Benjamin Yin:  (Mechanical Engineering) Your buddy with many passions. Never fret approaching me, I’m almost always open for casual conversation or answering an informational inquiry. As a member of the mechanical engineering department in our school’s FIRST(For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) robotics team, motivated AP Physics AB & Calculus student, as well as an active participant of various physics-oriented activities like ACE Architecture or Wonderfest, I have established a foothold in my path to becoming a freelance engineer. I like being an ambassador because this helps build my social skills in a work setting and mastering the etiquette at email communication. It also feels great to be an anchor for everyone in your grade. I applied to: UCSD, UCI, UCB, UCD, UCLA, CSULA, Cal Poly SLO and Pomona, SF State, and SJSU.

Benjamin’s advice about AP classes+internships+Senior year for Juniors: “You don’t NEED to take many APs in your senior year, but definitely invest in AP classes you think you’ll want credits for in college in order to skip some elementary classes or get ahead for your major. Be wary about the difficulty of the classes you sign up for. I’ve had friends drop out of AP Calculus or do terribly in the classes they signed up purely out of peer pressure. Do what your heart(and Bai + CA) tells you to, not what your friends are taking. If you don’t have the passion for the subject, you will not do well, and thus, risk being rescinded from your college acceptances. It’s OKAY to go undeclared, don’t let your family pressure you into a major as so many have in my grade. Relax about SATs not being good enough, you still have the first half of senior year to do them. Consider a subject SAT (2) NOW and start studying for it with the purchase/borrowing of a prep booklet. The summer after your junior year is super-important, use it to study for the SAT and get some programs/job experience in. JOBS/INTERNSHIPS actually look good on your college app! “

Betty Cheong: I’m in Summer Search and I currently work with SF Rec and Park. I really enjoy biking as a result of my first summer Search trip which was a bike camp in Montana. I like making bracelets and painting too through I’m not really that great at it. I don’t know what I want to pursue when I’m older but I know that I want a job where I can help people.

Betty’s advice for Juniors about Grades, SAT: “KEEP UP YOUR GRADES. Send your free sat score reports when you are given the chance, don’t miss out on them.”  

Carmen Chen:  Hi, i’m Carmen. I want to be a surgeon 😀

Cecilia Chen: (Biochemistry) Hi! My name is Cecilia. I speak English and Chinese. If you want to know more about me, feel free to find me in school… only. I applied to UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Irvine, UCSC, UCSB, UCSD, SF State, SJ State, SD State, and Cal Poly.

Cecilia’s advice for Juniors about Grades, SAT: Do the SAT Practice before you take the actual SAT Test. Get more involved in school. For example, join more clubs, be in ASB. Challenge yourself by taking AP classes, but don’t stress yourself too much.

Cheery Huang: (Communication) I speak Chinese, English, Spanglish. I am a cheery person! If you have any questions, feel free to find me and ask me questions. I love dogs.

Cheery’s advice for Juniors about Grades, SAT: Start your personal statements, now! Make a timeline of yourself. What have you done that made you proud, happy, and have influenced you? It will help you a lot on future essays for private schools and scholarships because all you do is recycle to fit the questions they’re asking.

Christian Arada: I am a dancer, been one since I began at Galileo High School, and people recognize me because of it. I have joined a lot of clubs and became president for some, but one thing that stood out the most is being apart of the hip hop club. This is my passion and I became apart of a dance company outside of school. I love it and Dancing is my passion, nothing can let me give it up. I wish that Galileo will still help influence others like me with an after school program, which enables them to help shape a hobby or dream.

Ching Li: (Biochemistry) Hi, my name is Ching; I fence foil and I run cross country. I want to contribute to medicine but I don’t want to become a doctor because I’m not very good with people :( So I’ll probably be researching a new medicine that will heal something. My motivation is I speak English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Ching’s advice on life: “Observe life very closely; it gives you so much to write about.”

Cindy Mai: (Finance) Hi. I”m Cindy and I love dogs and traveling. But like you all, I”m a procrastinator. If you want to know more, find me in school. :)

Cindy’s advice for Juniors: Don’t let senioritis get you. Start personal statements and scholarships early. Ask teachers/counselors for letter of recommendation early. When doing FAFSA or any financial stuff, make sure your parents are by you and you have all the paperwork.

Cindy Tan: (Nursing) Involved with dragon boat and martial arts. Hobbies are playing on computer and hanging with friends. Dreams is to get into a 4 year university. Goal is to keep up with curriculum.

Cindy’s advice for Juniors:Apply for scholarships, know what schools to apply to, don’t procrastinate.

Daisy Guzman: Intended major: sociology Clubs: Build on, Bowling, 826 Valencia tutoring and writing workshops (for more than eight years now) Scholarmatch, etc.
Daisy’s advice on deadlines: “I wish I would have been a little more aware of the deadlines so I wouldn’t have to freak out all the time about getting things done on time.”

Daisy Ramirez Lopez: :)

Daisy’s advice for Juniors:  I wish that I would’ve known about different private schools. Also, about letters of recommendations and the way to ask teachers.

David Wu: Dream is to be a doctor. I am a 2 year Track, Cross Country, and Raiders (JROTC) Captain.

David advice on Questbridge & SAT: Start looking at colleges. Know the different colleges out there. Learn about the special programs like Questbridge and stuff. TAKE SAT. PRACTICE SAT(don’t let that be one of your weaknesses)

Emily Hoang: I like sleeping, reading, running,, baking, eating, practicing piano, watching TV, and almost anything active. I am involved in Bridge Club, Student Government, and Cross Country. I also used to be in Track and Field. I hope to become a physical therapist, sports doctor, or something related to helping people.

Emily’s advice for Juniors about summer programs: “I wish I knew about all the summer programs that were available.”

Emily Yingling Ma: SUMMERFUNd is a great program that you can find wonderful summer experience from, and I am an active member in this program, it really benefit me a lot! I love going to gym, and staying active. I hate any kind of fish but LOVE other seafood like shrimp, crab, octopus, etc.

Emily’s advice in asking for help:  “PLEASE go out and look for help, there is ALWAYS someone out there that can help you out!”

Eric Chu: I’m an intrinsic writer. For me, writing is life. I am also a technophile, self-titled philosopher, poet, prose… artist? (prosetrist? poet is to poetry as prose is to what?), budding orator, and a proud proponent of universalist humanism. Meaning, I read widely in the literature of all religions, from Christianity to Satanism, and I believe that humanity is of prime importance–not any deity. Loves: People, literature, satire, debate. I can and will talk you to death. ;P. Hayao Miyazaki movies. The Legend of Zelda. Yiruma. Hates: Oily screens. Apathy. Intolerance. Any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual. (Totally stole that from Steinbeck). That feeling where you know you should be doing your work but then again that website is just so entertaining so you’ll spend maybe another a minute on it and then suddenly it’s 1 AM and your eyes are bloodshot and glazed and goddammit where did this jar of dirt come from. Aspirations: To be an English professor. To shape the world with my writing. To accrue enough monstrous arm strength so as to be able to perform ten push-ups.

Eric’s Tip for Juniors: Start researching early. It’s never too early to start thinking about what environment is right for you in a college, and never too early to start thinking of what you want to do with your life. Think. Reflect. Step outside of the boundaries of what your parents and family expect of you. Don’t let anyone come between the way of choosing what is best for your growth. It’s not your responsibility to hold yourself back for the sake of another. Know your options. Be organized. Put all your tax forms and whatnot in one place, digitally if possible. And most importantly, reach out for help! There’s so much free college help and resources out there.

Fu Huang: (Mechanical Engineering) Hello there! My name is Fu Lin Huang, but people call me Fu. Yes, my friends make fun of my name all the time. I enjoy going to the gym and leaving with a sore body. Yes, I do lift. I think exercising is a great way to shape the mind and body. It is also a great way to relieve stress. I am to graduate from college with a B.S. degree. “Age is just a number; you get older when you admit to it.”I speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English.

Fu’s advice for Juniors: Think about your future early. Stop the procrastination. Senior year still matters. Think about the major you like and colleges you want to go to. Have close friends.

Ina Lagat: (Biomedical Engineering) I am in fencing. I want to be a Biomedical engineer someday. I speak Tagalog and English. I applied to UCSD, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UOP, UCSC, UCI, UC Davis, and Cal Poly SLO.

Ina’s advice for Juniors: I wish I knew how stressful senior year is. I took too many heavy classes that the only way to keep up with them is by giving up some of my extra curricular activities. I t hink that they should think about picking classes that is easier than what they have now because as a senior you would want to have time to focus on personal statements, scholarships and spending it with friends.

Irene Lo: (Marketing) Extracurricular activities are Oasis for Girls. I applied to all UCs except UC Merced and SJSU.

Irenes advice for Juniors: If I was a Junior I would have taken the SATS more seriously and my grades if you are thinking of applying to UCs.

Jacky To: (Economics/Philosophy) You can find me with my homies from Drum Corps, JROTC, College Ambassador, and World Affairs Council. I want to do something, something good. Come talk to me! I applied to UCLA, SD, Davis, Irvine, Cal Poly Pomona and SLO, SJSU, Fullerton, Occidental, Pomona, Williams, Santa Clara University, and Pitzer, Colgate. I speak English and Cantonese.

Jacky’s advice on joining programs: I wish I would’ve have participated in more meaningful and adventurous programs where I went outside of my comfort zone and met more diverse people.

Jacqueline Chan: (Biology/Psychology) Hmm… How should I start? Let’s begin with my activities. I am on the girls’ volleyball and basketball team. I am also a member of CSF, Christian Club, and–of course–the College Ambassador Program. My hobbies include watching movies, especially Disney classics. I guess you could call me a Disney movie nerd. I also love shows from BBC, Fox, and ABC. Guitar seems to also be an a strong interest and hobby of mine. As for my dreams, I aspire to become a doctor. I suppose I should divulge in how this came to be: Grey’s Anatomy. This seems to be a romantic, childish interest, so I’m not sure of how valid and ardent this pursuit really is. Finally, something interesting about me is that I have a twin sister. Though, thankfully, she doesn’t attend this school. I speak English. I applied to Northwestern, Emory, USC, Boston College, USF, UOP, UCLA, UCSD, UCB, UCD, UCI.

Jefferson Ling Zhang: (Nursing) I was part of JROTC for 4 years. Hobbies include weight lifting, physical training, and a lot of sleeping. I might seem mean, but approach me and you’ll find out if I really am. I applied to SFSU, SJSU, SDSU, UCSB, UCLA, UCD, UCI, UCR. I speak Mandarin and English.

Jenessa Wu: One thing I love is anime. I think I want to be an engineer.

Jenny Wu: (Business Management) I applied to UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara. I speak Chinese, Spanish, and English.

Jessica Wong: (Biochemistry) I applied to UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UCSD, UC Davis, UOP, SF State, Cal Poly SLO. I speak English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Jiajie Wen: (Engineering) Umm.. I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT XDDDD… She’s the best! Adele is awesome too… I also love motorsports~ I watch Top Gear! Oh yeah.. I’m in the school’s robotics team, designing and building our robot for competitions.

Jiajie’s advice on personal statements: Start writing personal statements during the summer, and get help from Bai (as well as other teachers/counselors, such as Ms. Kornblith) in the beginning of the semester. They are gonna get very busy during the “application season”. And.. apply to summer programs! Don’t waste it! by the way, COSMOS IS AWESOME!!

Jonathan Chang: (Mechanical Engineering)  School is a big part of my life and I try to focus on doing well in it. My favorite subject would be math. As for outside of school, I enjoy martial arts and playing piano and guitar. My goal is to go to a good college and become an engineer. I applied to UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UCSC, UCSD, SF State, SJ State, Cal Poly SLO, USC, Cal Tech.

Jonathan’s advice on AP exams & Personal Statements: As a junior I wish I knew to study earlier for the AP tests. Also start the personal statements in the summer because senior classes should not be underestimated and the teachers won’t give less work because of college apps.

Joyce Huang:  I do have a dreams or goals that I want to pursue. I want to be major in nurse, and my goal is to help out people.

Junlin Chen: Loves dogs and books!

Kathleen Zhen: Hi, my name is Kathleen Zhen. I’m involved in a lot of volunteering activities, most of which are provided by the Service Interact Club or the Red Cross Club. And I really like citrus fruits, like lemons. 😀

Luis Ortiz: Hi,I’m Luis! I like to play music and play sports. I want to major in Theater Arts in college and hopefully do something related to the Arts when I graduate from College. I speak English and Spanish. I applied Notre Dame de Namar, SF State, SJSU, Sonoma State, and Sacramento State.

Luis advice for Juniors on college application process: “I wish I knew more about the whole process of applying to colleges in general.”

Marvin Yan: (Computer Science) Hi! My name is Marvin and I love photography and film-making  I taught myself photography and have since had my photos exhibited in places like the De Young Museum. I also like to fence (you probably don’t know what fencing is) and am the Galileo fencing team. In the future, I hope to be a professor teaching computer science at college somewhere in California. I applied to Cornell, Cornegie Mellon, UCLA, UCSB, UCI, UCSD, Cal Poly SLO, UPenn, University of Pittsburgh, University of Washington, Boston University, Stanford, and MIT.

Marvin advice on personal statements+choosing colleges: I wish I knew to research AND start writing college essays early, like in the summer. If you can finalize the list of schools you are going to apply to in the summer, it saves you a lot of time in the fall and you can just start working on the applications.

Matthew Chen: I’m Matt or Matthew, take your pick. :) I’m involved in cross country, the Social Awareness Club, Youth Movement of Justice Organizing, and formerly dragonboat/swimming. I love reading, eating, and running, but not in any particular order. I enjoy lucid dreaming and cartography, as well as cute things, satire, social justice, and good ol’ fashioned AMERICAN FREEDOM. I aspire to become an environmental engineer, or to work in the field of social sciences/humanities.

Matthew’s advice for Juniors: Research schools! It might not seem like an immediate need but as the college admissions process begins, you’ll find that you have less and less time to actually commit to research – you’ll be too busy completing tough senior assignments in conjunction with your college essays! When you research schools, you’ll expand your knowledge to the schools outside of the traditional CSU/UC system, and open doors to opportunities you’d have never imagined before.

Melissa Li: (Computer Science) I enjoy volunteering in my community. I am involved with student court. I enjoy spending time with my friends and art. I speak Cantonese.

Melissa’s advice for Juniors: Join extracurricular activities and summer programs. Study for ACT and SAT.

Melissa Yow: (Psychology) What do you need to know about me? I’m taller than I look and I LOVE Starbucks. I like MOCHA, not coffee. I need my chocolate. Get it right guys. I love to play sports, however I can be the laziest person ever. I love to read (when I have the time.) Being the president of two clubs and a college ambassador is pretty much all I have time for, with senior year and college stuff, but I always love helping others. That’s what I probably do the most.  I can talk a LOT and in a zillion words a minute and you wouldn’t understand me, but I’ll do it any day, any time to make you smile. :) I applied to UCSB, UC Davis, UCSC, Irvine, Merced. CSU: SR, EB, SD, SJ, CPSLO, Sac. Private: Dominican University of CA, UOP, USF.

Michelle Linh: (Biochemistry) Hey guys! :) I love to read, travel, and drink boba. My goal is to get into UCLA and be an anesthesiologist. If you have any questions, please contact me in anyway possible. I applied to all UCs except Merced and Riverside, SFSU, SJSU, SDSU, Cal Poly SLO, USC, and UOP.

Michelle’s advice: Know your limits and don’t procrastinate! Talk to Bai if you have any questions. :)

Molly Wu: I want to be a gynecologist and I love to draw!

Norman Zhao:  My name is Norman. My favorite TV shows have to be House (even though I really didn’t like the season finale), Lie to Me and How I Met Your Mother. I’ve paddled with Galileo Dragonboat since freshman year. I hope to one day become an immunologist.

Norman’s advice about missing deadlines+programs: I wish I knew about more colleges. Yes–it might sound cliche, but I missed the deadline for programs that I would have liked. I didn’t find out the requirements for certain programs, like for BU. So I’d definitely say “do your research early”

Peter Ruan: I am 17 and I like to play sports. I am energetic and positive. I’ve been a part of JCK since a Junior. I interned at the youth commission through SF Youth Works in the summer. Then after my time was done, I reapplied to be a youth leadership team member. It allowed me to build a stronger relationship with SF Youth Works and gained more skills in presenting in groups and facilitating.

Peter’s advice: Don’t slack off now! You will suffer more senior year.

Polly Zhang: (Nursing) I’m involved with American Red Cross Youth for Chinese Elderly Club. I lead a group of volunteers to visit a senior residence monthly. I speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. I applied to SF State, SJSU, Cal Poly SLO, CSULA, UCB, UCLA, UCI, UCD, UCSD, Stanford, and USF.

Polly’s advice: If you really care about your GPA, be sure to know which class is weighted/not weighted before you sign up for classes. See Bai for resources.

Ricky Ng Po: Hello, my name is Ricky Ng, I am a immigrant that came to the US when I was 9 years old and I have pushed myself to become who I am today. I am currently involved mostly with the break-dancing club but also an active member of the College Ambassador team. My dreams is to actually get an MBA and achieve the money goal of getting a good job and repay my family. I speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. I applied to UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSB, Irvine, Davis, CSULB, CSUSF, SJ, Cal Poly SLO, Stanford, MIT, and UPenn.

Ricky’s advice on being a TA: As a junior, I wish I woulda known Bai earlier so that I could TA for him and ask him for help and advice so that it is less stress for me in the Senior year!

Rosely Villa: I am the Senior Class Activities Chairperson. I try to bring spirit into the Senior class through their participation in school activities. I am mainly involved in activities such as softball and volunteering at St.Patrick’s church. I am a part of the health academy which has had an influence on my future career which is to become an OT. I love to travel! I’ve traveled to two countries in Latin America to do community service (through Summer Search).

Ryan Choy: I transferred to Galileo in my Sophomore year and it was the best decision of my life. I spend most of my time hanging with friends and working out with the Galileo Dragonboat team, which I am captain of. I want to major in Biochem or Public Health Sciences at UC Irvine, and I want to become a nurse or radiation technician.

Ryan’s advice about starting early: “Finishing college application stuff early makes you look like a god among your peers. DO THINGS EARLY! It’s hard, and everyone says it, but I think every single senior wishes they started earlier.”

Shayla Averett:(Business/Communications) I am the president of the Black Student Union (BSU). Through high school, I’ve been on the girl’s basketball team, Drill Team, and Cheerleading Team. My current educational goal is to attend a 4 year university in the Fall 2013. Dreams: I want to travel to South Korea and learn the history and language of my culture. I always want to travel to other parts of the world like Brazil and Australia.

Shayla’s advice: Take the SAT/ACT; upcoming dates. The importance of taking the test. Explain the difference between the two tests. Apply for Questbridge and Summer Fun.

Sidney Lin: Hi I’m Sidney! 😀 i’m involved with the Community Education Engagement at the Exploratorium. Been there for almost 6 years–Two as a student intern and four as a staff/facilitator. I’m currently undecided between what I want to pursue.

Sidney advice on SAT: Start on your SATs as early as you can! It helps to have a lot of time in between tests so you can improve your score better. Take SAT IIs even though they are not required for UCs. Many privates want two so it’s good to take it in the spring while the course information is still fresh inside your head!

Stephanie Chan: (Undecided) I speak English and Cantonese. I applied to SFSU, SJSU, SDSU, CSULB, UCSD, UCI, UCSB, UCSC, Boston University, NYU, Brandeis, Mt. Holyoke, Smith College, Skidmore, Ithaca, University of Portland, Wesleyan.

Tiffany Mach: (Marketing) I applied to UCI, UCSD, UCD, UOP, CSULB, SFSU, SJSU, SDSU, University of Portland, and USF.

Tina Huang: I really like to do craft and work with tools, thus I discovered my future career choice. I want to be a dentist and possibly a dental surgeon.

Tina’s advice on SAT: I wish I started SAT/ACT preparation earlier, so that I could of known which test fits me.

Willie Zuniga: My name is Willie Zuniga. I am a Co-Founder of the Galileo Technology Club and Galileo Debate Association as well as a leading member in the Galileo Social Awareness Club. I enjoy fiddling and tinkering with things; taking them apart to see how they work, and inspect what makes them tick. I am an avid fan of Legos – primarily their technic series. I like to work on computer hardware components and generally tinker with electronics. I am a huge listener of music – I do it all the time. I play the Violin and Guitar, and I am planning on learning the Piano very soon. Music is a huge part of my life. I am a big reader – I love reading; for multiple hours on end. I love thinking about literature, discussing literature, and everything about literature. I enjoy swimming – I am a certified Lifeguard. I want to pursue the study of Physics – I want to tinker with the Universe. I want to see how it works, why it works, and be witness to the fundamental properties and theorems that make our reality possible.

Willie’s advice about stress for Juniors: “I wish I would have known how stressful college apps were. I was told; but It didn’t really shock me into starting my apps early. Especially since I ended up writing 10+ essays for 12 private colleges.”

WingIn Ng: My name is actually WingIn Ng but Bai usually misses the “In”. Anyways, I am glad that I am a college ambassador. I like badminton. I am not yet sure about my future career.

Yilei Chen: Hi, I’m Yilei. I love animals & anime!

Yilei advice for Juniors:  “More details about the processes of applying college before senior year.”

Yongtong Lao: I’m Yongtong. I worked as an actor in the past few years. I was involved in many theatre programs and community services. I enjoy entertaining others. My goal of my life is provisionally unknown; however, I believe i will find it someday!!!

Zejian Chen: I like video games, reading books and volunteering. I would like to do community service to help people.


Full List of CA 2013
Albert Wu
Allison Chan
Amelia Doe
Amy Yu
Angel Lei
Annie Wu
Bethany Chen
Carmen Chen
Carmen Chen
cecelia chen
Cen Wang
Cheery Huang
Christian Arada
Christopher Tse
Cindy Mai
Cindy Tan
Daisy Guzman
Eddy Chen
Elliott Yim
Emily Fong (Zi shan Peng)
Emily Hoang
Emily Perez
Eric T. Chu
Erika Ramos
Eyrusalem Yohannes
Fu Huang
Giovanni Sampedro
Hanh Quach
Ian Eigl
Ina Lagat
Irene Lo
Iris Cheung
Jacob Glasov
Jasmine Qi Ping Wu
Jenessa Wu
Justin Lee
Jenny Liao
Jessica Suen
Jessica Wong
Jessie Ren (Zhaoqi)
Jiajie Wen
Jiaying Ou
Jimmy Wu
Jonathan Chang
Josephine Lee
Joyce Huang
Julie Tan
Junlin Chen
Kacy Lu
Karen Chen
Karina Li
Kathleen Zhen
Katie Lai
Grace Onouma
Jefferson Ling Zhang
Lauren Lai
Leslie Cervantes
lindsay miller
Livia Zhang
Luis Ortiz
lushi zeng
Melissa Li
Michelle Linh
Min-Yi Zhen
Mohammed Al-nuzaili
Molly Wu
Nemneet Dhather
Panda Kreidler
Peter Ruan
Polly Zhang
Bella Ale
Connie Wong
Priscilla Yu
Rosa Zhou Lei
Rosely Villa
Samuel Yu
Shayla Averett
Shelby Wong
Stephanie Chan
Tiffany Mach
Tiffany Tang
Tiffany Zheng
Tina Huang Zhixin
Wingin Ng
Xiwei Dong (Kobe)
Yilei Chen
Yingling Emily Ma
yongtong lao
Yue Kar Chan (Karey)
Zechen Chen (Rax)

CA Team Leaders: 
Andy Wong
Jacky To
Melissa Yow
Willie Zuniga
Amy Sharie Cai
Corinna Wong
Elaine Cho
Mariel Cardenas
Matthew Chen
Ryan Choy
Betty Cheong
Jenny Wu
Marvin Yan
Norman Zhao
Sidney Lin
Anna Lei
Benjamin Yin
Ching Li
David Wu
Jacqueline Chan
Daisy Ramirez Lopez
Esther Batarse
Po Ng(Ricky)
Wai Yan Wong