California State University (CSU)

FAQ for CSU Application:

These are the most frequently asked questions I noticed in your CSU applications. Before you ask me to read it, make sure you answer all of these correctly:

* Changes to your CSU apps: Work on only ONE application first, once you are done with that application THEN start a new one and the information will transfer over. If you start multiple applications, the information does not transfers over.

* Graduation date:

* CA SSID: leave it blank, it is optional.

* FEE-Waiver: make sure you apply correctly, you can only do it ONCE.

* SPRING classes for Senior: Always put down as Planned. For Fall, put them down as In Progress (even for Cyber High/Night School)

* HONOR/AP: For classes that are not weighted, please remove the Honors/AP label.

These classes are NOT weighted: source:

NOT WEIGHTED: Modern World Honors, US History Honors (it is only honors for class of 2013 and on), 9th Eng Honors, 10th Eng Honors, Eng Lit Honors, Algebra Honors, Geometry Honors, Adv. Algebra Honors, Chinese 3,4 Honors

* HEALTH ACADEMY: Enter Units: 3, Semester, Resident, Degree: None & the dates you attended there

* ECON/GOVT: If you are taking American Democracy now, and Econ next semester enter it this way: For American Democracy enter for Fall: IP and for Spring: leave it blank. For Econ (enter it under college-prep), and for Fall: leave blank and Spring: PL.

* NO PE/College Career/Health Ed.


Requirements for Admission:

  • Meet minimum A-G requirements with a “C” or better each semester
  • Have a minimum 2.0 GPA in A-G courses
  • ACT or SAT Reasoning test
  • Apply Oct 1- Nov 30 every year

Choosing the Right Campus:


  • Calculating your CSU GPA
  • ACT Test
  • SAT Test
  • A – G Courses:
    A. History – 2 years

    B. English – 4 years
    C. Math – 3 years (4 is highly recommended)
    D. Lab Science – 2 years (3 is highly recommended) Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc., 1 biological & 1 physical
    E. Foreign Language – 2 years (3 is highly recommended) Must be the same language
    F. Visual/Performing Arts – 1 yr Must be a year long course (ex. Art 1 & 2)
    G. College Prep Electives -1 yr (e.g. Journalism, Computer, Psychology, etc. Does not include PE, ROTC, Driver’s and Health Ed.)