College Apps FEE-WAIVERS:

CSU: Apply online, you may only apply ONCE in Screen 12. If you don’t qualify, you’ll need to pay $55/campus.

Private colleges: You get 4 fee-waivers, come ask me for a college-board fee-waiver

             Private Note: Once you get the college-board fee-waiver, you’ll need to mail in the form to the college’s admission office.

Please include your receipt of payment for the college so that they can properly credit you.

UC: Apply for it online, if you don’t qualify, ask me for a college-board fee-waiver, it’ll waive up to 4 schools, if you are applying for more schools, it’ll be $70/campus.

UC Note: Send your college-board fee-waiver by mail to this address after you submit your UC application. When you submit your application indicate that you’ll pay by MAIL. INCLUDE:

(1) Include your UC receipt/acknowledgement letter

(2) College board fee-waiver & send it to this address with your name, UC application ID , Date of Birth and mail the form to:

UC Application Center

P.O. Box 1432

Bakersfield, CA 93302

 IF YOU APPLY more than 4 UC:

The check should be made out to “The Regents of the University of California” for $70 per additional campus (e.g. 2 campuses, 6 total, the fee is $140).



SAT/ACT fee-waivers: Come ask about it in the college center. In total, you may get two fee-waivers for each exam.