College Fly-In

Many private colleges around the country offers fly-in or transportation support or multicultural events on their campus for current high school juniors or seniors.  The purpose of this type of program is to provide financial support for transportation cost, room and board for low income and first generation college students to visit these college campuses for FREE.  By staying on campus for 2-3 days, students get a better idea on what type of community this is, and if they would feel comfortable enough to apply to these colleges.

The fly-in application often is like a mini college application. Fall is a popular season for this activity. If you have any questions about any college fly-in’s application, talk to an advisor or the College & Career Counselor and we will be happy to support you.

Click to download a list of college fly-in programs: 5-31-19 College Fly-In Bulletin

Please look at this website for a list of fly-in programs.