Common App & EOP How to invite your teachers & counselors

Letter of Recommendation

How to invite your teachers & counselors in 3 steps: 

Remember to give your teaches/counselors at least 3-4 weeks ahead of time before the deadline. In addition, prepare them a package of information after they you ask them. Include in the package: your resume, appraisal form, and any personal essays that will provide more background info. about you. You’ll usually need two teachers, and one counselor to help you write it.

(1) Go to

(2) Enter all your information about your school and counselor (the one you asking to write counselor letter of rec) under EDUCATION.

(3) Go to “SCHOOL FORMS” and check YES on the boxes to waive your right (this give the letter of rec more credibility since you waive your rights to see it afterwards). Then invite your counselor and teachers, and “saved” your teachers to the right box.

EOP: How to invite your teachers/counselors/person in 2 steps

(1) Start your EOP application once you submit the CSU application, and then go here:

(2) Finish your application and invite your teachers/counselors/person through the website.

You NEED to submit your application before you can officially invite the person to write your letter of recommendation.

More details:


Who do you ask? CHOOSE a teacher who:

  • you’ve had recently, preferably junior year, or if you had a teacher in 9th or 10th grade and have them again as a senior
  • knows you and your abilities as a …more


Letters of Recommendation:  What You Need To Do

1:  Register for an account with the Common App

2:  “My Colleges” – Add the colleges/universities that you are planning to apply to

3:  “Future Plans” – Enter your Term and Decision Plan for EACH individual school

4:  “Applicant” – Fill in personal data, address, phone, and email information

5:   “Education” – Complete page

  • CEEB Code is 052945
  • School – Galileo
  • Type of School – Public
  • Date of Entry –
  • Graduation Date –
  • Address – 1150 Francisco Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
  • Counselor Information
Name Email Phone Extension Fax
(415) 759 -3430 (415) 759-3571

Step 6: “Academics” – Complete as much as possible (required fields before inviting school official for letter of recommendation are below)

  • Rank:  Indicate Weighted GPA
  • Graduating Class Size –
  • Cumulative GPA – All courses
  • GPA Scale – 5
  • GPA Weighting – Weighted
First Semester Second Semester
American Democracy – 5 credits Economics- 5 credits
AP Chinese – 5 credits AP Chinese – 5 credits
AP Psychology – 5 credits AP Psychology – 5 credits
AP Calculus BC 1- 5 credits AP Calculus BC 2- 5 credits
Physiology 1- 5 credits Physiology 2- 5 credits
AP English Literature Comp- 5 credits AP English Literature Comp- 5 credits
Art 1 – 5 credits Art 2  – 5 credits

Step 7:  “School Forms” – Fill out completely

  • Release Authorization – check box
  • Privacy Notice – You MUST waive your right to access to your letter (if you do not waive your right, we will NOT send your letter)
  • Signature – type in your full name and date

    Your Recommenders – Invite Officials

  • School Official Type – Click on Counselor (information will auto fill) and Send Invitation
  • School Official Type – Click on Teacher (fill in contact info and subject area) and Send Invitation

    Parent/Legal Guardian (Only if you are applying Early Decision to a college) – Invite

  • Personal Data – Fill in parent’s contact info and Save
  • Early Decision School will be listed – select parent and SAVE
  • Your parent will receive an email link to your Common App account – they must sign in and electronically sign your Early Decision Agreement in order for your Counselor to submit your transcript and letter of recommendation

If you have completed the above steps, you will have successfully invited your Counselor, Teachers, and Parent (if needed) to submit letters of rec, transcripts, and information on your behalf.

NOTE:This DOES NOT mean your application is complete.  You must fill out all Common App pages (Demographics, Family, Activities, Writing, Signature, Supplements, Payments, etc.) in order to submit your applications for each school.