A-G Requirements

Graduation & A-G Requirements

High School

Subject Area

SFUSD High School

Graduation Requirements

University of California (UC)

California State University (CSU)

a-g Requirements

Social Science 3 years a. 2 years / 3 years recommended
English 4 years b. 4 years
Mathematics 3 years c. 3 years / 4 years recommended

  • Geometry required to be one of the three years
Science 2 years

  • one year of biological
  • one year of physical
d. 2 years / 3 years recommended

  • one year of biological
  • one year of physical
World Language 2 years

  • must be the same language
e. 2 years / 3 years recommended

  • must be the same language
Visual &Performing Arts 1 year f. 1 year

  • must be the same VAPA
Electives Physical Education

  • 2 years

College and Career & Health Education

  • one semester of each
g. 1 year

  • elective course that meets g requirement


  • any additional a-f course
Testing California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) CSU: SAT Reasoning or ACT
UC: SAT Reasoning or ACT plus Writing*Recommended: SAT Subject test – 2 different subjects

Students Must Have a Minimum of 230 Credits to Graduate

Each semester students should earn at least 30 credits to be on track for graduation

5 credits earned for each class passed

 Note: The above format and information is adapted from Lowell HS’s college website