Galileo Teacher/Staff College List

Are you interested in finding out what college some of the Galileo teachers attended?
If yes, click the below link and talk to your teachers about the different colleges that they have attended:
DOWNLOAD LIST: Faculty Alma Maters
Not all teachers are listed, if you don’t see your teacher’s information, kindly ask them about it.
TIPS regarding asking teachers/staff about college:

Here are some tips for conversing and getting answers to important questions. It’s a good idea to write out a list of things that are important to you before you go.

  • Start off with “Hello, how are you?” or “Hi, my name is…” for a relaxed beginning to your conversation. Ask them if it is a good time to talk to them in regards to college and if it is necessary to setup an appointment.
  • Try not to ask a vague question like “Tell me about your college,” since teachers will have no idea where to start. That can be frustrating because the conversation will have no direction. Don’t ask your teachers about the college admission requirements, SAT, but instead ask your college counselor for that or go to this website for information:
  • Be specific with questions by saying things like “Can you give me examples of some campus traditions,” or “Why did you chose to attend this college? instead. Those types of questions will give you a sense of the atmosphere and something specific to talk about.
  • Be respectful and be polite when you ask them questions.