Summer Search Program [only for 10th graders]

Want to travel the world, pursue your dreams and aspirations? Well, this is the club for you! 😀 Summerfund will help you find fascinating summer programs and will even help you with college! INTERESTED?? Come by room 458A and fill out a simple form! THANKS!! Talk to Ms. K, summerfund director for FREE summer programs and opportunities in room 458 on Tues/Friday!


Summer Search website:

Welcome Back Sophomores!

This is your 1oth grade year and you have a lot to look forward to. A couple things to think about this year:

  • Review your transcript/academic record and which classes you’re enrolled in this year – Make up any D’s or F’s because having these on your record will prohibit you from applying to college.
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities: sports, clubs, organizations, student government, etc.  *It’s the quality of extracurricular activities that matters to colleges, not the quantity.  So pick activities that are meaningful and interesting to you.
  • SF Promise has generously donated the money for all 10th grade students to take the PSAT.  This will prepare you for taking the SAT in your Junior and Senior years.
  • Register and create a profile for Fast Web at  You will receive emails for scholarships that match you and your interests.
  • Start researching colleges that you may want to apply to.  Go visit the campus, attend an information session, or simply check out the website.

If you have questions about which colleges you should be looking at or are not quite sure what you want your career to be, make an appointment with your college counselor to discuss your options and choices.