How High Can You Suck Water?

Posted: January 27, 2013

How High Can You Suck Water Laboratory



Water in a pipe can only travel to a certain height before its own weight will cause the formation of a vacuum, will stop its progress. Today we will find out how high you can suck water.

Hypothesis: How high will your group be able to suck water? (answer in centimeters)


1)      Fill the disposable cup with tap water.

2)      Take several straws. Connect the straws end to end by inserting one straw about ½ inch into the previous straw.

3)      Starting with three straws together, measure the total length of the straws and then use them to suck water up into your mouth. DON’T SPIT THE WATER BACK!!

4)      Record the height, number of straws and weather you were successful or not in the data table.

5)      Stop after you cannot draw the water up any higher.

6)      Compare your groups results with the other groups and determine the maximum height attained in the class.

7)      Dispose of the used straws in the garbage and return the cups to the front of the class.



Data table:

Number of Straws used Height in centimeters Could you draw up the water (Y or N)

(Table may need to be longer)




Was your hypothesis confirmed or denied?

Why is there a limit to the height that water can rise?

What affect will this height have in nature?

How could nature make this process more efficient?

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