Mouse trap Car Contest April 22

Cars will be judged on distance and speed criteria for prizes.

Mousetrap Car Building Pack

Mousetrap Car Contest Rules

  1. Mousetrap vehicles must be wheeled and capable of moving at least 10 inches under their own power.
  2. Vehicles must be self powered and all energy must be provided by one Victor four inch mousetrap. Any other energy storage devices (springs, rubber bands, etc.) must be unloaded at the start of each event. No pyrotechnics may be used!
  3. . Events will be held in the hall or in the gym at the race committee’s whim. The area around the race may be cleaned, but no residue may be left on the racing surface.
  4. The vehicles must be a single unit. No parts may be added or left behind during the run. No connection to the floor may be made.