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Top 12 Strategies with explanation

Top 12 Strategies with explanation


It is the mission of the ELD Department to provide language support to all English Language Learners by teaching them to listen, speak, read, and write the English language and to graduate students who are truly bilingual. We hope to provide support to students by focusing on their individual needs through small-group instruction, project-based learning, and authentic learning tasks.


Golata, Kathleen: Department Chair, American Literature, Advanced ELD, SIFE/ golatak@sfusd.edu/ room 450

Fanning,Kevin: American Literature, Advanced ELD, Advanced Speaking Lab/ Fanningk@sfusd.edu/room 305

Jessup, Megan: 9/10 grade English, Expanding ELD, Advanced Writing Lab/ jessupm@sfusd.edu/room 359

Kapchan, Cheryl: Communication 150 for LTELs, Junior and Senior AOHT, Kapchanc@sfusd.edu/room 364

Lu, Lourdes: 9/10 grade English, Emerging ELD, Advanced Writing Lab/ lul@sfusd.edu/ room 254

Wong, Carmen: paraprofessional support, translation ( Cantonese and Mandarin), mentorship program, WongC7@sfusd.edu/