It is the mission of Galileo’s English Department to provide students with the access to rich literary texts that will help foster their critical thinking, listening, speaking and writing skills. We want to help students develop their voices and enter the world as life long learners.

2017-2018 English Teachers

Mr. Ayala: ayalar@sfusd.edu/ Room 201

Ms. Barrett: barrettj@sfusd.edu/ Room 460

Ms. Gates: gatesc@sfusd.edu/ Room 203

Ms. Giles: gilesl@sfusd.edu/ Room 107

Ms. Green: greenm@sfusd.edu/ Room 455

Ms. Harris: harrism@sfusd.edu/ Room 315

Mr. Kyle: kylem@sfusd.edu/ Room 306

Mr. Lee: leej1@sfusd.edu/ Room 354

Ms. Maroun: marounm@sfusd.edu/ Room 462

Ms. Moffett: moffettm@sfusd.edu/ Room 413—Department Chair

Ms. Morrison: morrisonk@sfusd.edu/ Room 462

Ms. Peters: petersj@sfusd.edu/ Room 303

Mr. Roman: romanm@sfusd.edu/ Room 256

Ms. Wagner: wagnera@sfusd.edu/ Room 360

Mr. Yoder: yoderk@sfusd.edu/ Room 304