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Pathway students have opportunities to

  • Engage in weekly field trips
  • Participate in internships
  • Receive training in the use of state of the art scientific equipment and techniques
  • Collaborate with professional scientists
  • Design and present scientific research projects
  • Acquire practical experience with environmental careers

I. Hands On Curriculum

II. Program Goals

  1. To teach students the fundamentals of environmental science and ecology.
  2. To develop stewardship.
  3. To understand interconnections between humans and the environment.
  4. To expose students to environmental careers.
  5. To train students in the use of modern field skills and technology:

Global Positioning System

Chemical Test Kits

Electronic Monitoring Probes

Plant Identification

Habitat Assessment

Computer Graphing

Computer Data Analysis

III.   Pathway Schedule Requirements

  • 9th grade – Biology
  • 11th grade – Marine Science
  • 12th grade – Environmental Internship/ Advanced Placement Environmental Science

 IV.   Students enrolled in Environmental Science Pathway receive:

  • 5 extra high school science credits
  • 1-2 college credits through CCSF
  • Opportunities to apply for Internships

To learn more about the Environmental Science Pathway please contact:

Lisa Franzen

AP Environmental Science Pathway Lead Teacher

Room 108

(415) 749-3430 x3108



Denise Kwan

AP Environmental Science Pathway Teacher

Room 357

(415) 749-3430 x3357