Jose Carrasco



Position:Program Manager

Education:Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Minor in Psychology- Loyola Marymount University.

Bio: Welcome to Futurama! My name is Jose and I am the Program Manager for Galileo’s after school program. I am passionate about education and traveling and have worked in the educational field since I was in high school. I am bilingual and work with many first generation college bound students. We are excited to provide a wide range of programs from academics to sports and student-led clubs. Feel free to come to room 119 to check us out. Our programs are free and catered to our students. Can’t wait to meet you!



Marcus Blacksher Jr.




Position:  Assistant Program Manager

Education: Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy (Currently Enrolled in San Mateo City College).

Bio: What’s up Galileo, I am going on my fourth year with Futurama and this year I will be overseeing all Recreation clubs and programs. I am also the Lead person for SAC, Student-Athlete Club, so come through to 119 and check us out.





Marisol Medina



Position: Program Leader

Education: Film & Digital Media, UC Santa Cruz.

Bio: Hi, this is my first year at Galileo. I am involved with the on-campus Latino club and Moving Pictures Club (our film & media club that meets after-school.) If you want to chat about all things film/tv/music/art, I am your person or if you need assistance with writing essays, personal statements for college, scholarship essays, please stop by. My job is to support you.

Itzel Ventura


Position: Group Leader / Tutor

Education: Mathematics, San Francisco State University and currently working on Web/Mobile developer certificate.

Bio: Hello, this is my first year at Futurama. I am currently leading the DREAMers club, we meet every Thursday after school (see program schedule for more details). I help students with their homework and projects, both in English and Spanish. If you are struggling with math, come by after school and I will be more than happy to help you.





Peter Gi


Position: Teen Programs Specialist

Education: City Build (Currently Enrolled)

Bio: What’s good, Galileo! My name is Peter Gi and I’ve been working with Futurama for over 4 years now. I’m very familiar with the students here and the upcoming freshman. The programs that I will lead and help with are Hip Hop, DJ Club, K – Pop, Fa’a Samoan Club, Intramural, and Fitness Lab. If you have any questions about program, tutoring, or need somewhere to kick it after school. You’re more than welcome to come by. 




Asia Chap


Position: Academic Tutor

Education: Currently attending San Francisco State University, majoring in Business Management with a minor in Africana Studies

Bio: I’m originally from San Jose, CA but have found that I love the fast-paced city life. I’ve worked with kids previously but recently started working with young adolescents this past summer with the Summer and Youth Academic and Employment Program established by Youth Community Developers. As a first-generation college student myself, my vision is to influence and mentor young students by giving them a platform to succeed with the hopes pursuing higher education. I am also starting a Girl’s Group that essentially is a safe space for girls to come and discuss the importance of self-care, body positivity, building healthy relationships, and other life skills that they can implement during this stage of their life and onward. If you would like to reach out to me, the best way to get in contact is via email at