Galileo offers its gifted and talented students challenging, rigorous educational opportunities in a variety of scientific and technological areas as well as in the general education classes. GATE students will join a cluster of students and faculty that will provide support, continuity and guidance throughout their four years in a school that promotes both academic challenge and scholastic achievement. In the 9th and 10th grades, students will receive a firm foundation in academic subjects. And starting in the 10th grade, students have the options to choose a CAREER PATH that will serve to focus their choices of course work on a specific area of interest or the option to expand on their rigorous coursework in the Honors and AP course offerings.

    1. Statistics GATE population-56 in 2002, 717 in 2011/2012 85 sections of Honors and AP classes 2. SFUSD Web Site at www.sfusd.edu >SFUSD Home>Departments>Gifted and Talented Program 3. Galileo Web Site at www.galileoweb.org >Programs>GATE 4. GATE Advisory Council (GAC) (Galileo seeks one parent to serve on the GAC for the school year. If interested, please email me.) 5. Neighborhood Community Meetings (go to the Galileo link) 6. Tutoring Programs *FUTURAMA After School Program Mondays to Thursdays after school in Room 119 *English Language Department Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays from 3:10-4:40 pm in Room 450 7. Frequently Asked Questions about the GATE Program (go to the SFUSD link) 8. Extra-Curricular Activities-a. Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth's Talent Search; b. College Admissions Support; c. Reading Partners Program-a volunteering opportunity

    Applied Science & Tech Grade 12 Computer Programming AP English Grade 10 10th Grade English Honors Grade 11 American Literature Honors English Language AP Grade 12 English/European Literature Honors English Literature AP Mathematics Grades 9-12 Algebra Honors Geometry Honors Advanced Algebra Honors Pre-Calculus Honors Statistics AP Calculus AP Calculus AP – BC Performing Arts Grades 10-12 Music AP Social Studies Grade 10 Modern World Honors World History AP Grade 11 U.S. History Honors U.S. History AP Grade 12 American Democracy Honors Economics Honors U.S. Government/Politics AP Science Grades 10-12 Chemistry Honors Physics Honors Environmental Science AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Physics AP World Languages Grades 10-12 Spanish Honors French Honors Chinese Honors Spanish AP Chinese AP