Media Literacy Lessons: Alcohol Industry Marketing Techniques, Research and Awareness. Part 1(Due 2-17)

“The goal of the alcohol-specific media literacy intervention is to equip youth with heightened awareness and critical analysis skills in the face of alcohol media messaging. Research has indicated that increased critical awareness of alcohol industry intentions and strategies foster elevated resistance to marketers’ messages. Further, alcohol-specific media literacy interventions have demonstrated to decrease ‘expectancies’ of positive consequences from drinking alcohol and influence decision making around alcohol use.” –Maria Porter

Today we worked with Maria Porter. Maria Porter has a graduate degree in public health and is researching the efficiency of a classroom-based alcohol media literacy curriculum.

 Take Home Quiz                                                            Due Tuesday February 10th 2009

(please write the following questions and your answers in your lab book).

  1. Where can you find Ms. Porter if you need to talk with her?
  2. Using a description provided by a college catalogue, write a brief description of what a public health degree focuses on. Many colleges have descriptions of public health degrees in their catalogue on the web.
  3. What do you think the term “expectancies” refers to? Think of the lessons Maria brought to us.
  4. What are the critical analysis skills Maria introduced to us?
  5. What is meant by “media literacy intervention?”
  6. How can we use our increased understanding of marketing to promote healthy eating and a more active lifestyle?