Blood Study Guide #1

Blood Quiz Study Guide #1

Know the Following:

The five functions of blood. (be complete)

The Composition of blood

What % of blood is water?

Why is water important in blood?

What % of blood is Plasma?

What are interstitial fluids?

What is the difference between plasma and interstitial fluid?

What prevents plasma proteins from entering the interstitial fluid?

What are the three primary classes of plasma proteins?

What is the function of the three types of plasma proteins? Be sure you can integrate the following terms into your answers: Antibodies, transport proteins, fibrin and serum.

What is a Formed element?

I am not going to test you on how formed elements are produced

What is hematocrit?

Know the importance of RBC’s

What is hemoglobin?

What binds to hem?

What binds to globin?

What is anemia?