Product Life Cycle (Due 2-13-2009)

Product Life Cycle:

Use the graph below to write out the life cycle of 10 ingredients found in your food product. You can use the wrapping or packaging.

What is the point? There are many and I am sure you can come up with more than a few of your own. A few we would like you to think about are as follows: How have your food choices have an impact on your health and the health of the environment? Where does our waste end up? Waste can be defined many different ways – the ingredients that are actually in the food we eat or the materials in the packaging. Just because you buy a food product in a store, it is not necessarily safe or healthy. It is up to consumer to learn about the products they consume.

Reflection Questions for your lab book:

1. Did you realize anything after doing the product life cycel?

2. Name one specific change you can make to your diet or daily habits?


Where does it end up?

Does it become something else?