Project Outline

Project Outline




To Promote Healthy Eating Choices and/or a Higher Level of Physical Activity to Your Peers or Other Communities You Belong To


Part 1.            Creating an event or activity



Student led bike trip – near by locations – Crissy Field, Ft. Mason or neighborhood walk,

Student led walk

Food Showcase

Cooking Instruction

Informative Video that is played on G-House and 119

Habitat Restoration

Promote existing programs at Gal

            After school programs

            Self Defense


            School Dance


Part 2. Use of media to promote activity or event


Promote/Advertise in a way that reaches your intended audience



                        You Tube video

                        Text Message

                        Face Book

                        My Space

                        Word of Mouth


How do you know if you are successful?


1. # of people that participate or attend

2. Quality of event

3. Self evaluation by team with documentation: pictures and possible video.

4. Project Portfolio (information you collected to support or understand your project.