GHA/AHA Partnership Summarization

Our first lessons focused on developing media literacy. Much of what we did was a reiteration of media literacy lessons Mr. O’Brien covered earlier in the year. We also were lucky to have Maria Porter present a two-day seminar on media literacy and alcohol. Many of the concepts were similar. She brought a DVD with several alcohol commercials new and old. It was a great opportunity to help the students develop a critical eye.

As we moved towards learning about nutrition we had the pleasure of having Dr. Collin Quock in to talk about heart health.

This year, Olivia was able to draw on her connections and bring four nutrition students from UC Berkeley into the classroom one day a week for several weeks. They help my students and I develop an understanding of what good nutrition is, as well as an understanding of some other nutrition related themes. They have been great. Some of the lessons theme were: Understanding the food pyramid, how to monitor your diet, macro and micro nutrients, how to read a food labels, health effects of being heavy as well as undernourished, body image, how a bill becomes a law and others. They have been great.

We also worked with an educator from the Environmental Service Learning Initiative (ESLI) one day a week. This is a Mayoral driven program intended to integrate environmental issues into SF schools. Together we covered a number of food/environmental issues. We are also facilitating 5 healthy eating/physical activity campaigns per class. During Galileo’s Earth Day celebration three of the campaign teams demonstrated how to make healthy smoothies. A stationary bike connected to a generator powered one of the blenders. Other teams are facilitating walks to Crissy Field, Group bike rides, after school badminton and dodge ball games and instructional videos. Yesterday after school one of the teams filmed a video on how to make spegetti and a “sauce” that has a food from every food group. The debate on weather a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable was fierce. It was decided that it is actually a fruit.

We will finish our nutrition/media literacy/action unit with our trip to Sacramento on Lobby day.  Let’s change the laws of the land in a way that give our citizens the tools needed to protect themselves and the assurances that our government has our citizens best interests at heart.