Mini Medical School

We received a grant that allow us to give 15 complimentary passes to Mini Medical School and 1o for  half price at $15. I need to send the names in tomorrow. The following names were selected randomly for the complimentary passes and the discounted price.  Either way, it is a total deal at $15.

Complimentary (Free):

Diane Han

Pearl Tan

Milagro Escobar

Carmen Lee

Donna Dong

Kiet Huynh

Denise Aung

Carmen Ma

Huimin Kuang

Sandon Tran

Beatriz Vargas

Minyu Chen

Alice Huang

Mahnoor Sheikh

Baoxian Yang

Discounted from $30 to $15

Mabel Chan

Connie Pan

Serena Choi

Alessandra Tsai

Justin Wong

Raymond Wong

Fiona Duong

Ivy Wang

Daniel Bronshtyn

Jerrald Miranda

If anybody else wants the discounted price, let me know 1st thing in the morning.