Internship Instruction for June 10th

Please meet at the CPMC Foundation Building at 8:30am to 12:30pm

2019 Steiner St.

The cross is Pine

Bring completed health forms, work permit and parental consent. (three forms)

Try to leave afternoon open if you can so you can go get your security badge. If you have something planned, you can do it later.

Please call your intern colleagues to make sure everybody got this message.

When you get this message, email me at and put your name and the word GOT IT in the subject line. Otherwise I will be calling your house. Please do this so I don’t have to worry and so I can manage my blood pressure. I need a vacation free of worrying. See you all out at the hospital.


Richard McDowell

How to Obtain a Work Permit

Steps for a work permit

Downloadable Work Permit Procedures and Instructions

1. Completed application with parent’s/guardian’s signature at the bottom, employer signature in the employer section completed.

Click here to download CPMC Work Permit

2. Social Security Card (photo copy acceptable) or verification letter from Social Security Office Administration.

3. Proof of age via birth certificate, passport, California ID, or Driver’s License

4. Proof of school attendance with class schedule or last report card.

After the steps above are completed, please follow instructions below:

Mr. Barbour in the counseling office (room 258) will complete the bottom portion of the application. After that, you will take the application to:

Work Permit Office

727 Golden Gate Ave (between Gough & Franklin)

Bungalow 1

San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 241-3030 x13052

Open M-F 8:30-4:30

CPMC will receive the application in the end before you begin your summer internship.



Internship Meeting (Mandatory)

There is a mandatory meeting for interns this Wednesday after school. The managers from the three CPMC hospitals will interview you with the intent of getting  to know you and to place you for the summer. You have been selected as an intern, however they need to meet you. So, wear professional attire and be at your best. They are great people – nothing to worry about.

It takes 40 minutes to get there by buss. This means you will have to go as soon as the bell rings. Perhaps I can get you released from school a few minutes early

When: Wednesday May 21st

Time: 3:00pm

Location: Davis Campus in the Gazebo Room

Please confirm by sending me an email with your name and the word Gazebo in the subject box.



GHA Internship Selected Applicants

Please Read Carefully

Hello CPMC Internship Applicants. I want to let you all know that I received great reviews from your interviewers. All the interviewers said you did an awesome job in answering the questions thoughtfully, presenting yourselves professionally and coming across as warm-hearted individuals. They were particularly impressed by how many of you volunteer your time to make this world a better place for others. Volunteerism is a value that most people identify with and hold in high regard. Congratulations!

** It is important to note that CPMC requires their interns to live up to their commitment. This means, you are expected to come on time everyday. There is no skipping or missing a day unless it is an emergency. You and your parents will be expected to sign a contract and to live up to that contract.

The following students have been selected to participate in the GHA/CPMC Internship this summer.

I will continue to seek out opportunities for those students that were not selected.

1. Jeanie Gee.

2. Lena Ho.

3. Anthony Lin Liang.

4. Anthony Amaya-Lopez.

5. Danielle Munoz.

6. Fiona Duong.

7. Carmen Ma.

8. Eileen Ho.

9. Laurie Chen.

10. Leonora Huynh.

11. Erika Kan.

12. Raymond Wong.

13. Di Zhong.

14. Suzhen Zhou.

15.Donna Dong.

16. Vivan Zhu

17. Jerrald Miranda.

18. Gabriella Ochoa.

19. Denise Aung (Tentative)

Med Term Final Terms (1st Period)




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1.      Know these terms as well as the roots, pre and sufix.


2.      Enterocentesis

3.      Gastrocolic

4.      Enteropexy

5.      Gastrocolitis

6.      Gastrohepatic

7.      Enterology

8.      Enterocele

9.      Gastrolith

10.  Hepatoid

11.  Hepatorrhea

12.  Gastropexy

13.  Gastroplegia

14.  Gastromegaly

15.  Gastrolithiasis

16.  Cholangioma

17.  Choledochoplasty

18.  Cholemesis

19.  Cholecystolithiasis

20.  Cholecyst

21.  Choledochal

22.  Hepatoma

23.  Hepatomegaly

24.  Hepatopathy

25.  Hepatologist

26.  Esophagocele

27.  Esophagomalacia

28.  Esophagotomy

29.  Esophagostenosis

30.  Esophagomycosis

31.  Cirrhosis

32.  Cholangioma

33.  Endoscopy

34.  Cachexia

35.  Viscera

36.  Dysphagia

37.  Bulimia

38.  Endocrine

39.  Dentoid

40.  Laparotomy

41.  Biopsy

42.  Glossal

43.  Fistula

44.  Peristalsis

45.  Gingivectomy

46.  Stomatoplasty

47.  Anastomosis

48.  Jejunostomy

49.  Hernioplasty

50.  Cholecystectomy



1.      Dyspnea

2.      Ventricles

3.      Diaphoresis

4.      Stenosis

5.      Embolo

6.      Capillaries

7.      Epicardium

8.      Angio

9.      Arteries

10.  Septum

11.  Atria

12.  Veins

13.  Aorta

14.  Phlebo

15.  Pericardium

16.  Platelets

17.  Varicose veins

18.  Fibrillation

19.  Occlusion

20.  Palpitations

21.  Infarction

22.  Pacemaker

23.  Hypertension

24.  Arteriorrhaphy

25.  Cardiotomy

26.  Cardiocentesis

27.  Embolectomy

28.  Angiogram

29.  Epicardiotomy

30.  Aneurysmectomy

31.  Arterial anastomosis

32.  Cardiorrhaphy

33.  Phlebotomy

34.  Angiomegaly

35.  Angiitis

36.  Angioma

37.  Angioplasty

38.  Phlebitis

39.  Phelboid

40.  Venostenosis

41.  Phlebolith

42.  Phlebothrombosis

43.  Phlebopexy

44.  Venous