Expository Paper

Write a paper (one or two paragraphs) that describes how Actin an Myosin work together to make muscle contraction occur.

Be sure to mention the role of Ca++, Mg++, ATP, ADP, Troponin, Tropomyosin, Actin and Myosin.

Due Friday.

Muscle/Skeletal Homework Assignment

Create a table that has four columns. The first column will represent the name of a muscle. You will be selecting 6 different muscles. One muscle from the arm. One muscle from the leg. One muscle from the back. One from the abdomen. One muscle from the face and one muscle of your choice. Fill in the fields in the first column with the muscle names. One name per field. Fill in the second column fields with the muscle point of origin on the bone. Fill in the third column fields with the muscle point of insertion and in the last column fill in the action.

Your Table Should Look Like This


 Name of Muscle Point of Origin Point of Insertion Action
 .  .


Using the blue text book fill in the pertinent information in the fields on the table.
Be prepared to show where on the bone is the “point of origin” and where on the bone is the “point of insertion.” This need to be done with confidence and certainty.  Also, be prepared to demonstrate the action. To complete this assignment you will be using chapter 6 (Skeletal System) and chapter 7 (Muscular System). Pg. 160 has the information you will need to understand the action column requirements.

** Note: If you copy a table and are unable to point at the exact location of the point of origin, insertion or the action, you will receive no credit for the assignment.