Sacramento Script

Every student needs to be able to successfully function in all four positions. The following is an example of what needs to be communicated.


I. Greeter

The greeter interacts with the secretary/administrative assistant and is the initial greater to the legislator.


Interaction with the secretary:

Hello. We represent the American Heart Association we have a ________o’clock  appointment with Senator _________________.


Interaction with the legislator:

Thank you for seeing us. My name is____________ (always use your first and last name). We are from Galileo Academy high school school in San Francisco and  _____________ high school in Sacramento. We are here to talk with you about SB 912. These are my colleagues (they need to introduce themselves with a handshake).


II. Knowledge Bringer A

SB912 maintains the current nutritional standards for food and beverages sold in vending machines in state buildings. The current guidelines are about to expire and SB912 keeps that from happening. SB 912 makes no other changes to existing law. SB912 offers the over 2.4 million state employees healthy choices.


III. Knowledge Bringer B

We are in the middle of an obesity epidemic and more than half adults and teens in the state are either overweight or obese. The cost of obesity is great. In California we spend an estimated 41.2 billion dollars on health related costs. Taxpayers bear much of that cost.

There are about 2.4 million government employees working for the state of California. CalPERS spends approximately $4 billion annually on health care costs – almost 300 million on cardiovascular disease and over 100 million on diabetes.  SB912 offers healthy choices to state employees.



(the conclusion includes a summary, ask for questions, ask for support and thank you)


SB912 keep the current nutritional guidelines from expiring. We want to offer state employees the ability to stay health while working for the state of California. It makes sense for both health reasons and economic reasons.


Senator ________ do you have any questions?

Senator ________ can we count on your support?


Thank you very much for your time