Health Career Assignment #1

Assignment  #1

To complete this assignment you would need at least three pieces of paper, a pen or pencil, computer and quiet, quiet, quiet.

Step 1

Go to the “Explore Health Careers. Org” website.

Step 2

Using the column on the website furthest to your left select and write down (on a half piece of paper with your name on it) 15 health careers using the bulleted guideline below.

  • Two careers that you are most familiar with
  • Four careers that you learned about during your hospital visits
  • Four careers that, if you had to pick a career today these would be my top four.
  • Two careers you find odd or have never heard of.
  • Two careers you would never ever, ever, ever, ever, select
  • One career that you find very interesting but you feel you would never pursue it.


Step 3

Using the careers you selected in bullet point three (above), write an “info card” for each on a half piece of paper. Each info card needs to contain the following in bullet pointed format:

  • Your name and period
  • The name of the career
  • Which category on the website’s left most column you found it under
  • What the yearly salary range is
  • Write a paragraph about what a person with the career title does
  • If “working conditions” is part of the article write a paragraph on it
  • Write a paragraph about what kind of training/education is needed for that career

Hint: Plagiarism is unacceptable.  Your paragraphs need to be in your words. Try the “magnate word” summary technique you have been practicing all year.

Step 4

Using the career you selected in bullet point six write a paragraph with no less that 9 sentences telling me why you selected this career and why you don’t feel you would pursue it.