Hormone Quiz 2 and Homework

  1. Your next quiz will be very difficult. It will be on the female reproductive system. Specifically it will be on the follicular cycle, the hormones of the luteal phase, the uterine cycle and hormones and body temperature (pgs. 597-600). You will be able to use reading notes, a diagram you make of the regulation of ovarian activity (pgs. 598) and a diagram you make of the hormonal regulation of the female reproductive cycle.
  2. Today you are to quietly take reading notes on pgs. 597 – 600 and on a separate piece of paper create the two above mentioned diagrams. Feel free to use colored pencils


I would like you to create two resumes. One resume that is current. Be sure to include your CCSF course work either completed or in progress. Second, I would like you to create a second futuristic resume that reflects what you would have accomplished after finishing up your Galileo Health Academy experience.

You can include the following.

1. Summer Internship Experience at CPMC.

2. Your trip to Sacramento advocating for health legislation for the American Heart Association.

3. Your CCSF Med Term and EMT course.

4. The blood drive you will conduct with the Blood Bank of the Pacific your senior year.

5. Remember, you would also have graduated from Galileo so put that.

6. Any Volunteer experience or extra curricular program or opportunity you participated in.

Printed copies will be due Monday morning.

The following web site is a resource you can use to create a proper resume.