CPMC Internship Program

Dear Galileo Health Academy/CPMC Internship Applicants,

I am pleased to inform you that the following students have been selected to participate in the Galileo Health Academy(GHA)/CPMC Internship Program. All applicants were considered and all applicants did a wonderful job. A few students were not selected because of a summer schedule conflict. If your name is not on the list I will be happy to help you explore other options.

As an intern in the GHA/CPMC Summer Internship program you will be expected to:

– Abide by the schedule (Dates) of the internship

– Make the GHA/CPMC Internship daily schedule (the hours you are scheduled to be at the hospital) your top priority

– Abide by and follow all CPMC rules of conduct

– Work to maintain and develop a positive productive GHA community during your senior year. For example, if you have a free T.A. period you should give priority to the GHA – we sure can use your help and you can put it on a resume.

– Represent your name and the GHA to the best of your ability.


  1. Derrick Choi
  2. David Yu
  3. Harmony Huang
  4. Adan Meza
  5. Tina Xie
  6. Alice Ho
  7. Byron Flores
  8. Angelina Wu
  9. Daphney Xiao Yan Yu
  10. Danny Guan
  11. Denise Chen
  12. Tony Mai
  13. Anita Woo
  14. Wendy Guan
  15. Jia Jie Li
  16. Katy Wong
  17. Cheryl Liu
  18. Alice Wen
  19. Solangel Rostran
  20. Brandon Do

We have several thing you have to take care of over the next two weeks. More to come.

Richard McDowell