Muscle Anatomy I

Myology – Skeletal Muscle Contraction
By Armando Hasudungan

Important : For now, think of an action potential as a small electrical impulse
Before you watch the video define the following in a way that you understand it.
1. Skeletal muscle
2. Epimysium
3. Muscle Fascicle
4. Muscle Fiber
5. Sarcolema
6. Sacoplasmic Reticulum
7. Transverse Tubules (T Tubules)
8. Cisternae
9. Actin
10. Myocin

11. Sarcomere (Pictured Below)

1. From the video create a written step-by-step explanation of muscle contraction.
2. From the video create 5 questions that can be used on a quiz.
3. Recreate a drawing of the muscle with fascicles, fibers and myofibrils as shown in the video.
4. Recreate a drawing of the sarcomere as shown on the video.
5. Create an ongoing list of terms and their definition.

We will next explore Cross Bridging (When actin and myocin interact with each other to move (contract). Please enjoy the following video. It offers a wonderful visual.