Interview Information

The following students will be interviewed on Monday. Also bring a cover letter, example found here. Please double check your resume and if at all possible print it on nicer paper.

Don’t forget to dress professionally. Eat something ahead of time. Be yourself – your professional self, and you will do great.


1st Period
Canales Leo M.
Rashid Nadin
Rong Linore
Lau James
Barreras Abrianne
Liu Wendy
Sebiaa Yousra
Yee Benton
Michelle Alvarez
Joe Yu
Rachel Su-Ang
Joanne Huang
Corina Kuang
Milly Wong
Connie Li
Maria Brena Millan
Allison Cai
Elaine Chen
Laithe Suleiman
Maria Valenzuela
Hattie Lark-Issac
2nd Period
Huang Zhimei (Melody)
Dong Aaron
Lui Nancy
Gao Yating
Yu Daping
Lei Tiffany
Liu Jenny
Fong Leanna
Zhao Connie
Li Selena
Zazi Ali
Kwong Krystal
Blanco Kennia
Precaido Nolan
Gomez de Leon Angela
Zepada Solis Shereen
Karen Guerrero
Darlene Somarriba
Tivvi Ng
John Yabut
Barry Chiu