CPMC Internship List (2016)

Hello CPMC Internship Applicants,

The hospital provided me with a list of this Year’s Summer interns (2016). They said they were very very impressed by all of the applicants and if they had more positions available, they would have selected all of you.

If you were not selected, please know that Andy and I are committed to working with you on trying to finding an internship somewhere in the city. Please consider yourself an alternate in case someone on this list cannot participate.

If you are on this list and you cannot participate, let me know immediately so I can work with the hospital on selecting an alternate. It is the hospital’s choice on selecting the alternate.

Lastly, I am proud of all of the applicants for many reasons. Great work to all of you. I will be counting on the interns to do a variety of activities and to provide support next school year.

Stay tuned for our first internship meeting.

If you  are an intern, and you have a free period next school year I expect your support.


Mr. McDowell

I need to know by Monday if you are committed to this position. McDowellR@sfusd.edu




Abrianne Barreras

James Lau

Wendy Liu

Leo Maldonado

Nadin Rashid

Kennia Blanco

Ya Ting Gao

Angela Gomez De Leon

Melody Huang

Tiffany Lei

Jenny Liu

Nancy Lui

Daping Yu

Ali Zazi

Connie Zhao

Selena Li

Shereen Zepeda Solis

Nolan Preciado

Linore Rong

Yousra Sebiaa