Note to EMT students

This is an important notification. Please tell your colleagues to read this announcement so they get the entire message.


One of you (elsba) asked if I would call Frank and request an extension on the due date for the packets that are due today. Normally, I would not do this but I have been so pleased with the progress you have all made on gaining mastery of the “Patient Assessment” that I called Frank anyways. Frank said he will extend the due date by one week – “but the packets need to be flawless” when he receives them on November 8th and November 9th.


What do I want in return?


  1. You have all been encouraging your classmates and friends to donate blood next Wednesday November 8th. I am asking that you really turn up the effort. There is nothing worse than having a blood drive and nobody gives.  There is always a shortage of blood. Remember, statistically each donation saves THREE LIVES Let’s make this years GHA Blood Drive a meaningful success.
  2. Be ready for next Tuesday’s “Detailed Physical Examination Test.” “No assistance page” will accompany the test.
  3. Continue to be the awesome group of student/ incredible human beings that you are.


Other information that you might find important:

The link to the Bone break story is below. There will be questions from our “Knowledge Sink” activity on Tuesday’s test.