The ABCs Of Hepatitis: What Do The Letters Mean?


Hello Students,

Please do the “Magnet Word” exercise on this article. Don’t know what the “Magnet Word” exercise is. Then follow the directions below. Learning how to do this will make writing much easier when you go to college – so put a real effort into it. It will pay off.
1. Copy the assigned article onto a word document.
2. Slowly read the article for understanding. Take your time and really try to understand what is being conveyed.
3. Reread the article, but this time use the “highlight” feature highlight your magnet words.
      *What are magnet words? Magnet words are words that you believe the author is selecting to use to convey meaning. It is subjective. Words like “but, then, the, and” are certainly not magnet words. Look for words you believe the author is selecting when trying to get the message across. Everybody is different so expect to have several different magnet words that your classmates.
4. Aggregate all the magnet words in a list below the article that contains the highlighted words.
5. Now, rewrite the article in your own words. As you rewrite the article, integrate all of the magnet words. You will find this makes rewriting the article in your own words much much easier. Remember, you must use all magnet words. Also, and this is important… Do not plagiarize.
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Good luck;) Have fun:)