Cardiovascular Prep Assignment for 3/22 2nd period

You will be working in the library today. There is testing going on at the same time so there can be NO TALKING TODAY – NOT EVEN A LITTLE. If you have a question, ask Mr. Phelps our great librarian.

Gladys is out with the flu today. When she returns, you will be starting the cardiovascular system unit. In preparation for this unit we will be doing the following activities.

  1. Watch the “Anatomy and Physiology of the Circulatory System (Heart)” video and take copious notes. I would like to see diagrams in your notes as well. I will give you an open note test on Friday. You must use your earbuds or the headsets provided by the librarian – because there are people taking a test and they need quiet.
  2. Using the handout and the color markers provided draw arrows to indicate the direction of the flow of blood through each of the chambers and through the various arteries and veins. Use one color for oxygenated blood and another color for deoxygenated blood.
  3. When you are done, check your knowledge. Amongst other other things you should know:
    1. The function of the cardiovascular system.
    2. The flow of blood through the cardiovascular system (direction and color).
    3. The difference between arteries and veins
    4. The names of the blood vessels entering and leaving the heart.
    5. The names of the chambers and valves of the heart.
    6. The names of the layers of the heart tissue.
    7. What causes a myocardial infarction (MI).
  4. By the way, you all did an outstanding job in Sacramento and I think we need to come up with an idea to celebrate our success. The good people at the Heart Association said you guys were the best group ever – not just saying that. Thank you for being wonderful caring human beings.  – Mr. McDowell
  5. Please make today as easy as possible for Mr. Phelps our librarian. Push in chairs, put away computers and headsets, thank him, etc. 


Cook Off 2018

Hello Cookers,

Next Monday is an important day for four reasons.

  1. Chef Kevin and Chef Shane will be joining us.
  2. The Culinary Director of Williams and Sonoma will also be joining us. S/He will be one of the judges.
  3. There will most likely be a few other people that will also be judges.
  4. Keep this on “The Low Down.” There will also be a funder joining us. Our objective, other than beating Burton is to help raise money for the great organization “The American Heart Association.”

We need to be professional. That means:

  1. Be on time.
  2. Come with a growth mindset
  3. Professional cooks don’t even get this opportunity so we have to represent. Keep the play and volume to a minimum.
  4. Ask lots of question.
  5. Enjoy the attention you are getting from some very heavy hitter (important people).

You were selected because I believe in you and we enjoy your company as learners. Lets Do this.

***** One last thing. We need your ingredient list by Thursday.