An Explanation of the Patient Assessment Wall and your Current Grade

An Explanation of the Assessment Wall 

(Important Date Friday January 25th)

You need to demonstrate competence in each assessment in sequence order from yellow through to pink. There is one exception. You can take the Detailed Physical Examination Assessment (Red) at any time through the written test. If you get 100% on the written test you still cannot proceed to the Ongoing Assessment (Pink) before proving competence in all previous levels (Yellow, Turquoise, Purple, and Blue). If you look at those that are at the red level you will see they have a post-it note indicating they need to prove competence in one of the lower levels before moving on.


Each color on our back wall represents one of the six assessments you need to know.

Yellow (Y)                – Scene Size-Up                                   (10 points)

Turquoise (T)           – Initial Assessment                             (10 points)

Purple (P)                – Focused History                                 (10 points)

Blue (B)                   – Focused Physical Examination             (10 points)

Red (R)                    – Detailed Physical Examination            (25 points)                                                                                               (Written Test 144 Points)

Pink (P)                    – Ongoing Assessment                         (10 points)

Total   (75 points for wall completion) + (144 points for written test completion ) = 219

Due Date:

To pass this grading period everybody should be at the pink level by Friday January 25th. Those that do will receive their full 144 point.

Point Recovery:

Next week I will open my class at lunch three times for anybody that needs to retake or make up the Detailed Physical Examination Test. 100% is required to pass. There are 48 questions. Each question is worth 3 point for a total of 144 points. If you scored 138 points on the last test, you only missed 2 questions. You need to score 144 to pass the test and to make it through the red level. Please check the results of your first test on Synergy.

** Competence of all six assessments is required to deliver appropriate patient care and to pass the first grading period.

There are eight people who have demonstrated competence in Detailed Physical Examination by scoring 100% Gabbi, Derrick, Jessie, Sophia, Caroline, Emily and Amy.