Hospital Med Term for Tues Oct. 1st

Hello Hospital Group. Here are the medical terminology word parts for Tuesday Oct. 1st

Gingiv/o         =          Gum (as in the gum around your teeth)

-globin            =          Protein

Gloss/o           =          Tongue

Gluc/o             =          Sugar

-glute              =          Buttocks

Gonad/o         =          Sex gland

Gon/o             =          Seed

-gram              =          Record

-graphia         =          Write

-gravida          =          Pregnancy

Extra Credit Words

gyn/o              =          Women

Helminth-       =          Worm

Hemat/o         =          Blood

Hepat/o          =          Liver

Med Term GI Video

Here is Part 1  and  Part 2  of the GI Video that all Med Term Students are required to watch. There will be a quiz on that include the following terms and concepts.

Where it is and what is does:

Oral Cavity


Stomach and names of anatomical features



Small Intestine and names of anatomical features.

Large Intestine and name of anatomical features.


Pancreas and names of anatomical features

Liver and names of anatomical features

Mechanical and Chemical Digestion