Initial Assessment Test – Friday 11-15

The Initial Assessment is very important. It is when you interact with your patient for the first time. You have to keep him/her alive.

As you approach your patient you need to quickly determine if they have circulation, airway, and breathing (CAB)

  1. C – Circulation
  2. A – Airway
  3. B – Breathing


4. You can say, “I need to get an impression of my patient. Is s/he mild, moderate, or severe.”

or you can say – “I need to determine if my patient is Big Sick or Little Sick.”

5. I need to find out his “chief complaint.” This is why s/he called an ambulance

6. I need to determine the  “Responsiveness and Mental status of my patient. for responsiveness I use the AVPU acronym

  1. A = Alert – My patient is alert
  2. V = Verbal – My patient is verbal
  3. P = Pain – If my patient is not alert or verbal l my patient responds to pain.
  4. U = Unresponsive – If my patient is not alert, verbal and does not respond to pain they are unresponsive.                                       Lastly, I need to check my patients mental status. This is done by asking simple questions like what day of the week it is. Who is the president, what is your name.

**** Do not make the mistake of saying Responsiveness and forgetting the AVPU. Also don’t forget Mental Status (this is the most common mistake).