Weekly Blog: My Students are HEROES

Dear students and stakeholders. Take a moment to think about our successful blood drive last Friday. We collected over 50 donations of blood. Each donation saves the lives of three people. Over 150 families will not be mourning the loss of a loved one due to a lack of blood. Our efforts as a GHA community did that! I find it strange that over 150 lives can be saved, and it doesn’t make the news? Well, we do what we do as ambassadors of health for many reasons. It might be that you were empowered by your training or you have a strong sense of community. You might have participated because of the allure of extra-credit or  because it is the right thing to do – I feel pretty confident that none of us participated for the “thanks,” and that most of us feel pretty darn good about stepping up.  So, for what it’s worth THANK YOU.

Just imagine how many lives Frank, our EMT instructor has saved in his 32 years of service as a paramedic.  Think of the relief ER doctors, nurses and other health care professionals bring every single day – every year. Imagine getting paid to do something kind. What an incredible thing it is to have the opportunity to do something kind. Friday, you joined the ranks of health heroes. I am proud of you. May your successes be many. Congratulations.

And… Thanks Again,

Mr. McDowell